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it changed into august. we spent the morning packing the auto. our son, mike modified into leaving for college. it have become morning however already it became 90 ranges outside. mike and husband, and i have been getting pretty sweaty loading up the auto. the trunk became already complete and the returned seat could not suit masses more. mike went back within the residence to get the ultimate of his matters.

i heard him come out of the residence. i grew to become spherical and noticed him wearing his forty inch flat screen television.

“in that are you going to put the television?” i heard his father ask.

“i do not know, however i do not need to go away it. perhaps we are capable of bypass a few stuff around within the returned seat.”

i regarded within the returned seat. “i do not suppose so, son.” mike regarded inside the automobile. “we can placed it in the middle of the the front seat.”

“right sufficient, college guy,” i said. “then wherein is your mother going to sit down?”

i must see on his face he became looking to give you an answer. “i had been given an idea,” he stated. he opened the passenger facet door. he positioned the tv in the center. he then were given in and sat down. “see masses of room. right here mother sit down down next to me.” i tried to sit down down next to my son. i may additionally want to take a seat within the seat, however the door might not near. now, i am no longer a massive lady. i stand approximately five toes tall and i simplest weight hundred kilos. it modified into my son taking up all the room. he turned into already over six toes tall and weighed round hundred kilos. “it is not me it is taking up all of the room, it’s far you. this isn’t always going to artwork. inform you what, depart the television and when we come to visit you we will deliver it with us.”

“no manner,” he spoke back as i got out of the auto and stood via the door.

“make up your thoughts, mike, it’s far warm out here.”

“ok,” mike checked out me. “suitable enough, you may sit down on my lap.”

“mike, it’s a 5 hour strain for your university,” his father stated.

“i understand, however mother might no longer weigh much. what do you are saying, mother. could you mind sitting on my lap?”

‘properly sufficient, i will take a seat in your lap. however if it receives too uncomfortable i need to stop at a relaxation stop.” i stated searching at steve my husband. he agreed. “excellent sufficient, allow’s get our showers so we can get on the street.”

my shower failed to take prolonged. considering that i’d be sitting on my sons lap for five hours, i favored to wear a few component real comfortable. my denims might be too tight. plus it became too warm to wear them. i regarded in my closet. as i was going although my clothes i discovered a summer time get dressed i brought. it become the short type with sleeveless palms. it buttoned up in the the the front. i unbuttoned it and placed it on. when I finished buttoning it up, i found it confirmed my bra to a amazing deal. i took it off another time. i removed my bra and placed the dress again on. i seemed within the reflect. i really failed to need a bra. even at thirty seven my knockers were still perky. the dress changed into quick. it handiest got here to the middle of my thighs. i slipped on a pear of white panties. i took one final appearance within the replicate. i perception to myself. “for a mom of an eighteen year vintage son, i nonetheless appeared precise. i understand my husband though likes what i seem like. he attempts to fuck me as a minimum 5 times a week.” i heard the car horn.

i ran downstairs, closed and locked the the front door and headed for the auto. my son became already within the seat. i sat down on his lap and swung my legs into the car. i regarded down and word my dress barely protected my thighs. it rode up pretty immoderate. my son end up sporting dishevelled shorts and a t-shirt. i closed the automobile door.

i was happy i was sporting this get dressed. i should sense the again of my naked legs on my son’s bare legs. “how are you doing?” i asked my son.

“super, mom, you virtually don’t weigh whatever. no hassle.”

i appeared over the tv at my husband. “do you have enough room to force?” i requested him.

“certain,” he answered. i need to best see his head. “are you capable of even see me?” i laughed.

“simplest your head, highly-priced.” are you at ease?”

i wiggled round on my son’s lap. “yea, i do no longer mind this at all.”

i turned on the radio. as i used to be taking note of the track. i started out to enjoy some factor tough. i reposition my ass, but it did not leave. i moreover found my son were given actual quiet. “it wasn’t there when I first sat down.” i concept to myself. then i found out what i used to be feeling. my son was getting a hard on. i truly did not remember giving him a tough on with the aid of sitting on his lap. i should enjoy it nonetheless developing. “my god,” i belief to myself. “how huge is it going to get.” i at a loss for words what he come to be thinking. does he suppose i can’t sense it between the crack of my ass? i seemed down at my legs. my dress had rose up a touch extra. i have to nearly see my panties. my son’s fingers become at the seat on every issue of me. i wondered if he need to see how excessive my dress had ridden up. i found out i similar to the concept of my dress being up so high. it gave me a piece thrill understanding i ought to supply my son a hard on. we best been on the street for about an hour. there was though 4 hours to move. i knew my husband couldn’t see how excessive my get dressed was or he could be looking at my legs. the tv block everything from his view. i felt my son shift his frame round. while he did his dick ended up at the decrease again of my ass. i kinda needed he should strive something.

“how you doing again there, son,” i requested him.

“i’m true sufficient, mother, how are you feeling?”

“i actually like what i’m feeling,” i answered him. “are your fingers getting tired in which you’ve got them?”

“yea, it is a chunk uncomfortable,”

“here do this to look if it feels better,” i said as i took a preserve of every of his palms and located them on my bare thighs. “is that higher?”

“yea, it definitely is lots better.”

i appeared down. when I placed his arms excessive on my thighs, i positioned them palms down. his thumbs were resting at the internal of my thighs, very near my panties. i liked what it appeared like. i wished he’d flow them up and speak to my pussy. i knew he would not. the greater i felt his arms on me, the greater i wanted him to sense me. i rested my palms on his. this appeared very innocence. i commenced rubbing the top of his hands. much like any mother should, but i had some thing different in mind. i seemed over at my husband. i preferred the idea of my son’s arms on me with my husband right there. as i rubbed his fingers i attempted to move them up my thighs just a little. he did not supply me any resistance. now his arms were on my skirt along along with his hands although on my bare thighs. i rose up a chunk so i could pull my skirt up a bit. his arms moved with my skirt. i regarded down and will see my panties. his palms had been so near touching them. i raised his right hand and placed it on my panties. he left his hand there. i unfold my legs a touch. once I did, his hand fell among my legs. i took a maintain of his hand and pressed it closer to my panties. my sons hand have become now on my pantie included pussy. i should experience myself getting wet. i wanted greater. as soon as i removed my hand, he left his hand on me. he wasn’t moving it around or whatever. he have become definitely letting his arms relaxation on my pussy. i waited for him to begin transferring his fingers. not anything. possibly he became afraid to. i knew a manner to restore that.

i took a hold of his hand and moved it as a great deal because the top of my panties. after I knew his fingers had been above my panties, i pressed his hand in the direction of my frame and slowly slid his palms among my panties and naked pores and skin. i kept shifting his hand down until i should experience his finger recommendations just slightly contact the top of my pussy lips. i pushed his hand down further. i couldn’t get his hand all the manner among my legs underneath my panties so he need to sense my pussy. my panties were too tight for both of our fingers. in the end i felt him try and bypass his hand further down so he should find my front. once I took my hand out from beneath my panties, my son left his hand on my pussy. i rose up my hips, hooked my thumbs on each facet of my panties and pulled them all of the way all the way down to my knees. as fast as i did this i felt mike drift his hand so he have to get his palms in me. my panties saved me from spreading my legs out for him to in reality get to sense me. in advance than i might also want to pass my hand to take my panties off, mike used his different hand and started out out pulling them down round my ankles. i lifted up my leg so he may want to take them all of the manner off. i spread my legs as huge as i ought to. this changed into all he needed. i was so wet he sunk hands in me right now. i let loose a low moan.

“are you good enough?” my husband asked me. he changed into searching at me. i smiled and said,” i am adequate; i concept it would be a trouble sitting on my sons lap, however it certainly isn’t. this isn’t always going to be so awful of a revel in.”

right here i was speakme to my husband with my son’s fingers in me. “how lots farther until we prevent?”

“i do no longer need to prevent till i am going a bit similarly,”

“how about you mike, are you able to cross a chunk bit similarly?”

“yea, mom. i can go lots similarly,”

“pinnacle,” i spoke back. “the similarly we go, the better i certainly love it.”

it truly is ok with you, isn’t it honey?” i asked my husband.

“yea, i similar to the idea of not stopping.” he responded.

i became and checked out my son,” me to. i do not want you to stop.”

“mike?” my husband requested my son,” how are you doing together with your mother in your lap?”

“no trouble dad, mom keeps moving spherical so one function would not get uncomfortable. she raises up every once in even as to comfort the stress.” as my son became speakme to his dad, he changed into sinking his palms even deeper in my pussy.

mike turned into starting to transport his hands internal and out of me. i needed to bite my tongue to maintain from moaning. i pressed my hand towards his. i pushed his hand tough into my pussy. i wanted him to recognize i wanted him to move deeper in me. he have been given the concept and sank his arms in me as deep as he should. i started out transferring my hips to the rhythm of his fingers. i looked over at my husband. it was an first rate issue the tv became blocking his view. if he should see his son together with his hands deep in his mom’s pussy, i do not honestly apprehend what he would possibly do. my whole body became beginning to reply to his arms. with out caution he pulled his palms out of me. i felt disappointed. that did not remaining lengthy. my son began out unbuttoning my get dressed. he began at the top button and emerge as working his way right right down to the bottom button. as he became unbuttoning my dress i may want to sense the cool air from the automobile’s air conditioner. it made my nipples even more difficult. i felt him unbutton the last button. he opened my get dressed.

the the front of me modified into sincerely bare for my son to do what ever he preferred to do to me. he started running his fingers up and down my body. he started fondling both of my titties. he kept cupping them alongside together with his fingers. i struck my chest out so he need to press toward my tits even tougher.

i raised my hips up and pulled my dress out from under my ass. my son understood why.

he diminished his fingers to unzip his shorts. i needed to upward thrust up so he must get to his zipper. i heard him unzip his shorts. i nevertheless had his dick trapped beneath my ass. i raised my hips even extra.

“everything appropriate enough, honey?” my husband asked me. “are you getting uncomfortable on our sons lap? do you want me to prevent so you can get more cozy?”

as mike knocking down his underclothes, i felt his trapped dick launch itself. i sat back down on him. his dick changed into urgent in competition to the returned of my naked ass.

“no, that is all right, steeply-priced. ” if i flow into round just right, i assume i’m going to get real cozy. what approximately you mike. is there some thing you want to do to get more secure? is there anything you need me to do?”

mike positioned his palms on each side of my hips.” if you would mother, raise up some so i’m able to feature myself better.” i understood what my son modified into announcing.

i raised my ass inside the air as immoderate as i may additionally need to. i felt taken into consideration one among his palms come off of my hip. i knew what he changed into doing with it. i started reducing myself backtrack on mike. i felt the pinnacle of his dick at my front. i lowered myself more. his dick with out trouble slid in my pussy. as i was decreasing myself on my son’s dick, his dick end up starting off my pussy partitions huge. i moaned. i could not help myself.

my husband checked out me. “are you sure you do no longer want me to prevent?”

as i decreased myself until i felt my son’s dick bottom out in my pussy. “no, no, do now not stop, i need you to preserve going. i’m suitable for the subsequent 1/2 hour or so. what about you mike, are you right for the subsequent half of hour?”

“yea mother, while you sat go into reverse on me, i positioned myself so i would don’t have any hassle. i need to rise up for handiest a minute. is that ok?”

“do you need me to upward thrust up with you?”

“no. just live on my lap and i will enhance you with me.” pronouncing that, my son raised his hips driving his dick deeper in me. i nearly came right then.

“here, permit me get a hint more comfy.” i wiggled my ass lower back and in advance inflicting his dick to transport around internal me greater. as i used to be using my son’s dick, i regarded over at my husband. mike become although pushing his dick in me as difficult as he may also want to. “if handiest he knew. proper right here i’m bare, fucking my son with my husband right next to me. “how soon do you observed we are able to go to mike after he settles in his dorm?”

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“properly with my paintings load it’ll be tough to interrupt out, but it isn’t always that long of a pressure, you can go to him without me.”

speakme to my husband with my son’s dick in me, made me even hornier. “i understand, do no longer revel in horrible not coming on every occasion i do. i will come as masses as i can. is that adequate with you mike?”

“mom, you can come as a extraordinary deal as you want to. in truth, the extra you come, the better i can discover it irresistible.” as he finished announcing that he driven tough in me. “how soon do you believe you studied you may come?” he asked me.

“soon, mike real quickly, invite escort services

i started out moving my ass to and fro on his dick. the best part of me shifting was my ass. i saved my head despite the fact that so my husband did not capture directly to what we have been doing.

i felt an orgasm coming. i took mike’s arms off my hips and pressed them to my tits. my son’s dick in me his fingers on my titties were too much. i felt wave after wave hit me. all i may need to do became hectic my body. it lasted a great thirty seconds. it became the longest orgasm i ever had. exhausted i laid returned on my son. he wasn’t finished with me however. he saved thrusting his dick in me. his legs went directly out. my son started out capturing his cum in me. i ought to feel it filling me up. it felt especially heat. i stayed however until he emptied his dick in me. every folks had been spent time on fetsih porn.

“there is a signal putting forward there an area to devour approximately ten miles up the street. are you man’s hungry? “

“yea dad, i may also need to consume some thing,” mike stated. i became round and looked at mike. he was smiling at me. “what approximately you mom? suppose you can consume some component?”

“i’m quite full, but i assume i have to eat a warm dog or some thing.”

i bent over to pick out up my panties that ended up on the ground mat of the auto. when I bent over to pick them up, i felt my son’s dick fall out of me. i positioned my feet even though the pantie legs and pulled them up. right earlier than i pulled them over my pussy. my son reached over and struck his finger in me once more. i gave him a playful slap on his hand. he took his finger out of me and that i pulled my panties up. i commenced buttoning up my get dressed. i felt my son stick his dick lower again in his pants and zip up.

“when we consume, how long of a force will we have left?” i asked my husband.

“approximately hours. do you believe you studied you guys can manage that for any other two hours.’?

“i recognize i do now not thoughts,” i knowledgeable my husband. “if mike can take it, i am capable of take a seat on his lap for some other two hours. what approximately you mike. do you thoughts your mom sitting in your lap for every other hours?”

“properly, the primary two hours went pretty rapid. i believe the next hours will pass as speedy or perhaps faster.”

“i idea as a minimum one of you will be complaining with the resource of now.”

“i have not any court docket cases, do you son?”

“mom i might now not complain although the ride lasted longer.”

thanks son, i will try to make the subsequent two hours wonderful for you.

She looks happy for the answer

She looks happy for the answer

My mother attended the stage through the window, she asks me when I come back:
-Why are you not going to the office to pee?
I look at her, not knowing what to say. She looks at me, waiting for an answer. I end up stammering:
-Ben in the morning I can not mom.

Mouth open, she stares at me, in front of her obvious incomprehension I add:
-Finally mom, you know? And then did you see it? ……. If I’m pissing in the bathroom in the morning, I’m going to water everything.
She opened her mouth as if to retort something and then changed her mind, began to smile, then got up to prepare my breakfast.
I ate in silence in a slightly embarrassed silence when she asked me.
-What are you doing today ?
I answered that I did not know anything about it. She told me she was going shopping in the big city next door this afternoon. Probably buy new sexy business I thought.

The breakfast swallowed I cleaned up quickly and headed to the house of Rene and Nadine. As usual, I open the door that opens on a small courtyard and knocks on the door of the house. Rene comes to open me, he beckons me to enter. Nadine greets me with a nice smile. We discuss gently so as not to wake their sleeping father.
Nadine asks us what we are doing today. We answer that we do not know anything about it. In the conversation she informs us that she has invited Irene for dinner tonight and then she will spend the night there.
After some hesitation she also invites me for dinner.
I hasten to accept.

She looks happy for the answer.
-If you want you can sleep there too, you know, there is the place.
I am too happy and accept too. I add:
-But I have to ask my mother before.
Nadine understands, she agrees.
We’re leaving Rene and me. I ask :
-She often comes to sleep there his girlfriend?
-Yes, quite often.

It leaves me dreamy. I think back to what he said to me about the curtain and I can not wait for tonight.
All day we’re hanging out. At noon during the meal I inform my mother of the invitation and not to prepare a meal for tonight. She is very happy for me.
After a little apprehension I ask him if I can also sleep at home.
She agrees there too, I breathe a sigh of relief.
-As long as I know where you are, no problem Serge.

It is very beautiful today I want to tan. There is a garden behind the house, well before my father’s time. At present it is rather fallow.
I inform my mother of my intention and look for a large blanket that serves only that and leads me to a corner away from the eyes of neighbors
I spread the blanket on the floor, undress completely and I lie down, savoring the rays of the sun on my body completely naked.
I almost fall asleep and am awakened by my mother who comes to warn me that she is absent. She is right behind me and has every opportunity to observe me. She hesitates then says:
-Well ben I go, beware the sun burns today.
I thank her. Definitely, it’s the second time today, good the third time at least with the last time in the night. In addition he is each time erect as by chance. At worst she will be proud of me, I say to myself.
I smile and let myself be gilded.

Time goes by and once again, I am awake by my mother who has just returned.
It is not far from 17 hours, I get up, get dressed and head to the house. My mother was in the back kitchen which also served as bathroom. The door between this room and the common room was open. She was wearing bra and mini underwear putting on makeup in the mirror hanging on the wall, the chest facing the room and I had the opportunity to admire her beautiful chest. Only the lower breasts were covered by the cups, the top and especially the nipples were clearly visible. It shocked me instantly, it’s the first time I can admire them. I feel my cock trying to stand up, caught in my shorts.
I stay there, admiring the beautiful spectacle of this almost naked chest. My mother is well aware of the show she gives me but does not move, continuing her makeup.
Naturally, she asks me ingenuously:
“How do you find me Serge?

My throat is tight, do not know what to say. She gives me a big smile, rests the tube of lipstick, enters the room and goes to his room on the right. She walks past me and enters the room, turning her back to me. His buttocks are very beautiful I think, the underpants do not hide, it highlights.
My mother disappeared from my sight, I get up and put my cock in a good position, I get back.
She does not take long to come out, dressed beautifully, makes me a big smile and wishes me a good evening and a good night.
I watch her cross the big courtyard, open the door.

The breasts were gradually revealed

the breasts were gradually revealed

My mother had a very close friend, Marie who had also been in the same case a few years earlier. To survive Marie had first taken a small refreshment bar, a simple room with a bar in a small house, located in the center of the village. Retirees came there to take their coffee sprinkled with rum, a bistouille as it was said at the time, read the newspaper and tell their life.

Gradually younger ones came, not really attracted by the bistouille but by the charm of the new boss.
Marie could listen. Pretty big, beautiful shapes, buxom we will say and always smiling. Her outfits, wise in the beginning were more and more suggestive, the dress was shortened, the breasts were gradually revealed. The more the breasts were revealed and the more the turnover increased.

Very often, after the closing, her evenings ended with a man who had known how to charm her and especially who had spent well at the bar. These men left a small amount when they left.

It was at this time that my mother found herself a widow. Hardly the condolences I had made and my father buried, Marie suggested to my mother to come and help her to hold the bar, she explained all that that implied, this one did not hesitate a long time.

And from this moment the turnover of the bar “chez Marie et d’Henriette” –
Henriette is the name of my mother-has really exploded. It was not a bar but a real bar for men looking to have a good time.
As Marie was no longer alone, one of them could slip away at any time with a client in need in a small room specially designed as an intimate boudoir. Against payment of course.

But the establishment was rather small and located in the village, people – especially women – began to point to it. One day Marie found a bar for sale a little away from the village, at the Orée du Bois-that was her name because it was on the edge of the wood- she jumped at the chance.
She had amassed a small nest egg in two years and the deal was quickly concluded.
I was 15 years old at that time and I had discovered foranism for a long time. I had a friend, Rene, a little older, 16 years old, and we masturbated in concert in front of so-called “charming books” at home, at home or in the woods that was not very far from where we lived.

Although younger than René, I was rather proud to find that my sex was much bigger and longer than his. My testicles were also bigger and when challenges to the one who ejaculated the farthest, I always won.

Rene had a sister, Nadine, 18 years old. Their mother having died of cancer the year before, Nadine acted as mistress of the house. Their father, a team leader in mine maintenance worked at night throughout the year.

Nadine had a reputation as a light girl, not usurped. One day René informed me that his sister had a new lover who came looking for her sometimes in the afternoon. He had followed them one day as they were going to the woods one day but Nadine had seen him and he had turned back. He suggested I follow them at the first opportunity, I agreed.

Some time later we were hanging out and we saw Nadine’s lover walking on foot. He was in his thirties. Nadine still had married and older lovers. He passed and passed several times in front of the windows, Nadine went out and after a brief meeting, she returned. The man went alone to the woods and a few minutes later we saw Nadine go out. She had changed and she went in the same direction.

After leaving him a moment in advance, we followed him.
The small road was winding and lined with trees and it was very easy to go unnoticed. The wood was rather dense, little paths made by thousands of steps were outlined in the grass.

This wood was crossed by a small river and many nooks were found here and there along its course. Nadine was walking fast enough, no doubt in a hurry to find her lover. We saw her heading for a huge weeping willow and disappearing behind the foliage that went down to the ground.
We waited a moment, very excited and then we approached, making the last meters crawling on the ground. I remember my heart was beating fast, it must have been the same for René.

Finally we saw them, entwined on the grassy ground. Nadine already had her bodice, her bra was removed too. The man had his mouth on one breast, one hand triturating the other. Nadine could be heard moaning under the caresses, a hand clutching her lover’s head.
Soon the hand of the man abandoned the trained breast to disappear under the skirt of Nadine.
The sighs increased in intensity, his head moving from right to left, his mouth wide open.

His thumb caressed my clit

His thumb caressed my clit

Then she laid me down by continuing to kiss me more and more eagerly, wildly. I no longer opened my eyes, I appreciated. I was not wearing a bra, she was putting up my shirt and took my breast in the mouth, a strange feeling but more enjoyable ran through me, and with all my being I wanted it to continue.

Suddenly my father arrived in my room, I did not understand what was happening so much I liked what Amber was doing to me. I do not even know what he said, he left by closing the door look bad mood but no matter because at the time I thought only pleasure! She grabbed my other breast with her hand and after going around the nipple several times with her fingers, she pinched my nipple. I loved it, it was too good! With her mouth she sucked my other nipple.

I let myself go, I do not even know if I moaned or not, I thought only of his tongue and our two bodies. In my turn I took off her t-shirt under which there was no other clothes, and after tickling it while waiting while I felt full of desire, I decided to eat her nipple, hard and delicious. I nibbled it lightly and just like her I pinched the other nipple after playing a finger with it. She did not hesitate to show me that she liked it. As for me, I dreamed of sucking her nipples forever.

While I asked again she slid his hand to my panties. How did I hang my shorts? That I do not know. She was also completely naked and I dreamed that she will stay forever.

Soon she took off my panties, bent down at my crotch and brutally spread my thighs, leaving a breathtaking view of my privacy. I was filled with an uncontrollable desire, I was afraid of what she was going to do to me but I wanted her to do it, she and no one else. She and her naked and hot body, her and her lips, her and her tongue. Suddenly I felt licking her clit, greedily as if she needed more than anything. I will always remember the feeling that I felt: a desire to go even further but especially a fucking pleasure.

I started to really moan a lot. I did not understand how she could do to be so good. Her tongue made me crazy, she sucked my clit and I enjoyed. I asked him, “but how can your tongue be so divine? Or else I begged her “I like it continues pity! “. She liked to answer me “I’ve never tasted such a wet you’re delicious! “.

Suddenly she ordered me to get up, I obeyed. She pressed me against the wall, back to her, arched me so that my buttocks to her and put two fingers directly in me. I had a jolt, it was exquisite.

She made gentle come and go, soft and tender and once I got used to having it in me she went much faster, and faster and faster, I do not know how she could go so fast. I had pussy on fire and yet I always asked for more. She understood that I loved it and without warning, shoved a third finger without slowing down the pace which gave me a new jolt. I could not stand it anymore, my legs were barely holding me. His thumb caressed my clit.

Seeing that I was no longer standing, she pushed me on the bed and came to me with all four fingers at once, always playing with my clit with her thumb and playing with my breasts with her mouth. My screams did not stop, my pleasure and my desire for more and more grew.

I was going to cum but she put her thumb and all his hand inside me. I screamed, my body shook, I screamed with pleasure again and again, his tongue was back on my clit. She was going so fast! I was not going to sit for a moment. I enjoy a blow, wetting everything and sprinkling it with pleasure. Who would have thought that a first time would be so enjoyable?

Once I moved I was happy to go lick to clean my orgasm. After a brief passage on her breasts and nipples, I quickly went down to his crotch and tried to give him as much pleasure as me, she guided me and began to moan. Then without warning I stuck a finger in its small opening by going very fast from the start.

I had only one desire: to smash her pussy as she did with mine. After a few minutes I put one and two others, she had four fingers in her pussy and howled with pleasure. As for me, nothing made me more proud than to give him so much pleasure.

I finally put all the hand and she took my arm and made me go faster. I licked at the same time and I liked to come back from time to time suck his delicious tits! I took off at the same time she had an orgasm that I tasted.

This person sticks against me

this person sticks against me

One summer night, my cousin had come home with her children to spend a weekend there. We lived at the time in a 3-room apartment in the suburbs. I shared one of the rooms with my brother, a bunk bed.

In the evening, my parents asked us to leave the room to my cousin and her children and that we slept with my brother in the living room on the sofa bed because the room was cool in the summer and more pleasant. I was with my brother in the room playing at the console and the two little children were already sleeping in the bed at the top.

I was getting sleepy and I decided to go to sleep around 23:30. I go into the living room, I unfold the sofa and fall asleep, my parents and my cousin were in the kitchen to discuss everything and nothing at that time. I remember that at that time my cousin drank alcohol but discreetly with my father.
My cousin that night had borrowed a nightgown from my father and one of my old joggings.

At around 1:35, someone joins me in the bed, and puts under the sheet. Thinking it was my brother I fell asleep very quickly, I did not pay attention at all. I slept facing the wall. But 30 minutes later, this person sticks against me, I do not dream I feel a chest stick against me.

I could clearly feel through the fabric a bra leaning against my back. And I smell the smell of my cousin, her sweet scent, there was no doubt it was my cousin who was sleeping next to me! I kept pretending to sleep, back to her. I did not understand why she came to sleep with me but to be honest with you it did not bother me at all!

At the time, I was already fantasizing about her, I searched when I could in the dirty laundry to discover her lingerie and tasks on her panties and I often wanked me thinking about her. I was a virgin in high school and I had a girlfriend but we had been together for 2 weeks so nothing had happened yet.

Suddenly, my cousin sticks even more against me, this time she runs her hand over me and begins to caress my hand, gently, I start to chill because it was really exciting but both disturbing because I did not know how to react. From time to time I could feel his breath in my neck and also feel his legs rubbing against mine. Now that her hand down to my chest and my belly, she still continues her caresses sometimes with only one finger … and this time she tucked her hand under my shirt and put only his hand on my belly but without moving.

That’s when I decided to move, I turned to lie on my back to see what she was going to do. My cousin had the reflex, or not, to withdraw a little, to my greatest sadness. I blamed myself for having moved on the spot and then in the wake my cousin went to the bathroom, these minutes of absence seemed an eternity … A few minutes later I see her back. I always pretend to sleep, she always lies near me under the sheet.

After a good half hour, I go to action I pretend to stick against it, as reflex in my sleep. No reaction. Later she finally decides to stick against me. And there surprise! I feel his chest under his shirt leaning against me again, this slut removed her bra when she went to the bathroom. I could clearly feel her nipples rubbing against my left arm!

I started having a cudgel, I felt my cock swollen and I had only one desire was to jerk me on the spot. This time she puts her hand directly on my chest, she continues her delicate caresses, she continues to lower his hand, and put it under my shirt, she recaresse my chest, lingers on my nipples, plays with then she puts her hand down in my underpants. She passes gently over my cock through my boxers she clearly feels that I band like crazy.

She stops dead and drops a kiss on my cheek and says: “are you sleeping?” what I do not answer. I always pretend to sleep. She does not do anything for a little while. Then she decides to grab my cock through my underpants and begins to masturbate gently and then she decides to put his hand under the underpants to go see the gear. She passes her left hand in and begins to caress my cock all the way and then with her finger she touches the tip of the glans which causes up shivers .

She understands that I do not sleep, she drops me a kiss on the cheek then two. A few good minutes later, she removes her hand from the underpants, then she unbuttons her shirt and for the first time I see thanks to the light of the moon to work.

I’m about to enter the shower

I’m about to enter the shower

I had taken my plane ticket for August, I had to leave a little order in my papers and the house. Fifteen days after the start of the holidays this Saturday, I was hanging out in shorts at home, after a weight training, I was going to take a shower when the bell made me out of my dreams.

I opened the door and there in front of me, Valentine! I was very surprised! So much so that I ended up asking him what he was doing there and how he knew where I lived ?! There he explained to me that this is one of the students whom I have as a neighbor who had sold the wick and that he was passing by … He wanted to say hello!

“Well, my faith, come in! You want something to drink?
– Yes, I want a beer if you have that?
– Yes I have that, install yourself, put yourself at ease and pity stop to show me! I’m not your teacher anymore!

He put his bag in the entrance, hung his hooded polo on a paterne and headed for the living room. He chose one of the two chairs in front of the sofa … I went to the kitchen to get a beer while asking me if I was not dreaming. But what is he doing here ?! Well, we do not care, it’s the holidays we play cool!

I wallow with the two beers on the sofa, I put one in front of him on the coffee table and I tend mine to toast! Yours, tell me what’s new since then? At the same time he replies I take the opportunity to look at it again, he looks tired but still attractive, he drinks in small sips and each puff of beer makes the yo-yo to his glottis!

His shirt canvas and barely closed, I see the bleeding of his torso completely hairless, I notice his attachment to the sternum “It must have beautiful pectorals” I thought. I get up to fetch something to eat, I propose peanuts or ham from Parma! He chose the ham so I have to cut it.

While I’m going out the cutting board he gets up from the chair and joins me, he stays on the threshold of the kitchen one shoulder leaning at the entrance, his nonchalance gives it a charm. Do you want another beer? go to the fridge! … He will serve while I cut the ham I see that he looks at me too, I’m still shirtless, I must feel the fennec! and I told him that I was about to take a shower, that I’m sorry if it smells a little “male” .. He laughs, his beautiful smile.

Do not worry, I can cut the ham while you take a shower!
Here is a good idea! Go ok, here’s the knife, be careful it’s not those high school that there, it cuts! And stop thinking, fuck!

I go to the bathroom, I turn my shorts, I open the water I’m about to enter the shower when he knocks at the door of the bathroom! By reflex I grab my shorts and I hide behind this ridiculous ball of cloth saying: Come in! – “but what a pity I say at the same time, but it’s too late, the door opens and there is shock! He has blood on his shirt and he holds his index finger with his left hand! -I cut myself!!

He is pissing the blood on the bathroom tile, I panic a little, without releasing my shorts I open the water from the sink, he puts his hand underneath! I turn to open the medicine cabinet, I have gauze, a disinfectant … I loose my shorts! We will already start with that!

Here I am completely haired, but I do not care! I take his hand, he lets himself go without saying a word, his eyes finally leave my cock! I try to see if the cut is deep, it is a beautiful cut along the length of its index, deep enough to bleed profusely but not enough to touch a nerve. It is white as the sink! You will not fall in the apples I tell him! No no, I’m fine, I’m fine!

I rinse the blood with a little gauze, I apply disinfectant, while I’m wrapping his finger with the rest of the gauze, I turn the look to the medicine cabinet, let it on your I’m going to look for plaster! I let go, I come back with the plaster and I tear a good piece with the teeth .. He looks back to my crotch and lingers a little .. Much!

I put the plaster and I said to him: This is good man you repaired! can I take a shower now? Yes sorry, he answers me, sorry, I’m going out! – Uh .. No wait, leave me your shirt, I’ll spend a shot of fleet on it! He runs and removes his shirt as if it was a T-shirt, I see His abs waving a little trickle of dark down that goes from his navel to his boxer, he has sublime pecs and huge nipples, d a beautiful light brown …

Fuck he is really gaule like a Greek statue! He finally handed me his shirt and I stay there a little like a bitch planted in front of him with a fucking start of erection! I do not control anything.

Big eyelashes of a girl

Big eyelashes of a girl

The heteroclite classes succeeded each other and in September, I discovered with sincere interest all his new faces! And the first and hard work of any teacher who respects himself was to remember as soon as possible the first names of each of these new faces.

Curiously, it was Valentin’s that I retained the fastest, probably an old remnant of the “plating” in order of my ex-darling who had found nothing more charming than throwing me like shit the night of the Valentine’s day … What a bitch, it really marked me!

I had no experience of men, my attraction was for them aesthetic and I learned to look at the beautiful faces, guess the musculature, gestures, movements. Hours spent redrawing a curve or curving, studying the bodies and their movements in space had made me an unconditional human plastic beauty .. (Which rarely goes with the intelligence, I am well placed to know it!) And so, the face of this young guy had “jostled” me.

His neck at first, long and muscular, marked with a prominent glottis denounced in him a body dry and powerful, beautiful hands with fingers of incredible finesse and that face! Damn it was beautiful this con! The blonde hair in battle could not hide the two emeralds clear of his eyes, an exceptional green that stood out on a perfect skin and very hauled! Big eyelashes of a girl, a mouth beautifully drawn with thick lips and full of sensuality, a beautiful nose with wings of nostril of an exquisite grace and a totally brilliant smile ..

In short, he had everything to please! Or almost…!

After the first weeks of classes, I had to admit that his results were not up to its beauty, far from it! The main teacher had been alarmed long before me and had given me the delicate task of discovering its origin. – Look, she said to me, no, but look a little work he makes me! Indeed, his technical drawings were appalling, not a clean line drawn, a goret writing, erasures to no end!

It felt like he had done his job sitting on a horse running at full gallop! So I held the incapable one evening after the last class to cook a little on its disturbing incompetence!

After asking him what a pleasure it was to botch his work and putting under his pretty nose copies he had returned to the main teacher, the beautiful Valentines mumbled some incomprehensible words before melting into tears, a real big sorrow with big tears! I was expecting everything, but not that!

The door of my class was still open and the geo teacher who passed in the corridor stopped in the corner and then leaned on the doorpost looking at me with a round and inquiring eye. – What’s happening, she asked me?

I was very embarrassed about the situation even though I had nothing to reproach myself with. I found myself there, totally disconcerted in front of this big kid of one meter ninety shaking like a bamboo leaf in front of a hungry panda. The heavy sobs hiccupped eventually fade a little, with a gesture of the forearm he wiped his face and straightened vaguely …

He apologized and then let out a sad smile that turned into a sulky pout. Murielle (Geo’s teacher) squatted at the height of my desk and put a hand on his shoulder to calm him and reassure him.

We were finally going to know that she was the reason for this sorrow. Valentin explained to us that he did not do his job on purpose, he simply could not see anything! He was not blind but his left eye was working badly he was unable to distinguish the depths of fields.

Her parents had done her orthoptic sessions without success and her classmates, knowing her disability had dubbed him “the chameleon” because the famous left eye failed did not always follow the maneuver and sometimes avoided the opposite of the right eye.

The cruelty had done its work and ended up undermining the morale of the beautiful blonde with green eyes. This coquetry did not detract from such a beautiful face.

From then on, I had taken with Murielle the habit of supervising her homework and helping her as much as possible. The months passed and Valentin seemed to not only get better, but his grades were growing! He was attentive and applied with great effort, he finished second quarter with a nice average and a recognition to me that seemed limitless.

Sometimes he was hanging out for a few minutes in the classroom with me, he was talking to me about what he would like to do after graduating. I often met him in town and he always gave me a big smile and a wave of the hand I was answering. The Christmas holidays passed, then the cell.

A great excitement in her voice

a great excitement in her voice

And then one evening, in an outburst of uncontrollable excitement, she opened to me. She was hot, moaning as I licked her relentlessly as her cock dripped literally on my tongue. She had interrupted me, had pulled my head up to his level pulling me by the hair, and in an almost plaintive voice had said to me: “I want your huge cock in me”. My erection was then increased tenfold, and while I pushed very slowly the first few centimeters, she began to moan. She whispered to me not to stop, to cry or to beg. I felt her narrow vagina tighten on me, the penetration was more and more difficult, and while Iris tightened and contracted, I began at the end of the interminable penetration – without being able to push more than half of my sex in it – a slow movement back and forth. Whenever my chuck was slowly withdrawing from her, I read in her eyes and in her wild and languorous screams a mixture of relief and frustration, and when he came back painfully into her, a mixture of pain and pleasure. Little by little, she relaxed, and I was able to speed up my movement reasonably. I felt beating around me, wrap my titanic sex as best as it was, while it began to pound gently.
It goes without saying that a titanic sex is not the assurance of a quality report: it was for me very trying to remember my ejaculation after a few minutes, especially since that night, it was a about a year ago that I had not achieved penetration worthy of the name. But due to major efforts and strategic slowdowns, I knew that night, at almost 19 years old and for the first time, the ecstasy of simultaneous orgasm. Iris’s wild screaming accompanied the annihilation of all my frustration, and as I poured a frightening amount of cum into her, my mind freed herself from considerable weight. It was possible for me, humanly, to make love. This sentence may seem stupid and innocuous, but for me it was a huge victory.

Of course, the beautiful Iris had not always been as willing as that night, and some of our attempts ended in bitter failures. But despite all this, and even at the end of our relationship when the parts of legs in the air were out of breath, I saw the spark that lit the sight of my huge naked sex in his eyes.

She had told me herself, a great excitement in her voice: she could not believe she had received such a monstrosity in her – and she would remember it all her life. She had also contributed much to my reputation, mainly with the fairer sex, who soon became fascinated by the interest in the trunk dragging between my legs. The qualifiers at the time were annoying for me: “horse cock”, “forearm”, “beam” … And of course, Marsupilami.

So it was my sister who gave me this nickname, the summer of my 15 years, while my penis reached alarming proportions and I sometimes even attracted the eye of naturists. We are talking here about resting size – or at most half-softness – which, in spite of my young age, ridiculed all the men around me, and earned me an incalculable number of cheesy jokes of the type “Ah it does not take from his father “- my father has more sex that is placed in a good average higher according to me.

At that time I did not draw any kind of feeling of superiority over anyone, and this attitude, doubtless borrowed from a hint of jealousy, seemed to me unworthy of that thought in which I grew up. I would lie, however, if I said I had not learned to appreciate this jealousy among my fellows: I learned to derive some sexual pleasure from the exhibition, first before the hallucinated gaze of women necessarily intrigued, then in front of their companions in sex. a considerably reduced size, if you compare it to mine.

I especially took a crazy egocentric pleasure in my adolescence during my many hours of pornographic content, when I realized that my sex rest was almost the average sex erection, a kind of absurd feeling to be a alpha male. Despite this, and outside of sexual arousal, I was rather humble or even shy about the terrifying size of my sex, which has quickly become a fact of public notoriety, at least in my circle of close acquaintances. In any case, it is very difficult for me to hide anything, even with loose pants.

Do not misunderstand me, I do not really complain: it definitely allowed me to fuck everything that moved at a time in my life, including some friends, who for the most part had bigger eyes than The belly.

I present my cock to Sylvie

I present my cock to Sylvie

I decide, I present my cock to Sylvie so that it smeared with saliva and introduced me into this hairless vulva, I just pushes that it takes for my ram penetrates far enough to tear the hymen, she his mouth wide open. There it’s done…

-That you are big! You’re back … I’m no longer a virgin … Fuck me now, let me discover the sex …
I put my hands on her thighs, and removed my bloody sword before sliding it as far as possible in this narrow sheath, the end of the cervix and then began to slow down.

– Yesiiii !!!! It’s bon !!! A, go not so far !!!!! Sylvie, I can not believe to have such a big thing in the pussy, I was afraid it does not fit, it’s weird but it’s so n! You’ll see when it will be your turn, it’s great! Oh that’s good!!!! Oo … I’m running !!!
Sylvie does not lose a drop, eyes bulging.

– Yes, I see his cock, she comes in and out and your pussy is the movement so it is huge!
I accelerate the pace and the work for a few minutes but Sylvie shakes me, no longer holding:

-Arrête Patrick, it’s my turn, I do not want you to empty yourself, keep your strength for me too !!!
Slowly I retreat in a sucking sound, the big lips take their places, her hair is soaked wet, attesting its enjoyment to repeat.

– Go Sylvie, yours !!!!!!
She settles on the edge of the billiard table, her torso bent over the camera, showing me from behind her Mount of Venus.


I do not lead off but do not want to withdraw me in front of Margot, my head in my arms, I recoil my behind legs slightly apart to project my apricot, I want him to strip like a bull!
Patrick slides two fingers in my slot and removes them while noticing:

-You wet less than your girlfriend is your pussy is tighter, I’ll have to go carefully. You tell me if you feel ready, always decided? You are likely to suffer a little at first!

He fucks me for a long time before his mouth takes over to make me wet a little more before presenting the head of his penis in the center of my pussy. He puts his hands on my hips and pulls me towards him. I feel the impregnated glans that enters into my vulva and stops when it bumps on my virgin membrane.
Margot comments on the show:

– It’s impressive to see her sex, it is as big as my wrist, your pussy is really elastic to fit such a diameter.
He stopped at the crucial point and asked me:

I open my mouth to answer but it does not leave me the time taking me by surprise and gives a big blow of kidney exploding my membrane which yields under the impact of its ram.
I do not react for a few seconds mouth still wide open, stunned by what he has just done.
His sleeve is surely tearing my vagina along its length, pushing in front of me my intimate walls. The sensation is extraordinary!
He is now continuing his penetration, going further and further and noticing:

-Putain you’re tight!
– A … h! You’re too fat! It’s bn, aaahhh … I feel your thing that pushes my flesh inside! Push yourself in again … .you, you touch deep within me …
He works so well for a few minutes that I feel rising in me like an electric shock, his balls hit my mound stronger and stronger when he is deep inside me, I do not try to hold me back when I feel up in me a feeling of well-being that I have never felt.

My body is shaking, I unintentionally eject his cock and yells in wolf expelled from my body jets of amber liquid.
What is happening to me? I can not control myself and literally piss by jerks of long transparent jets that flood the floor and billiards.
Patrick laughs while exclaiming:

-Name of God, a pisser! I had already known women fountains, but like you, never!
Margot also goes for his comment!
-I had heard about it but I did not know it could be so strong, did you know, Sylvie?
-No, this is the first time I happen to have so much fun and I thought something was giving in me. I did not know we could get to feel something so intense, I’m literally emptied!

-Good, girls, now that you have become real women, I will disgorge you a little. Sylvie, you go to bed on your back, Margot, you put your head on it and you fuck you pussy. I will position myself so that my tail can be licked by one while I put the other.
This is the first time my tongue explores a pussy and Margot must feel the same pleasure as me, who acquits me with application to lapping her crust oozing moisture.

My mouth was just up to her breasts

My mouth was just up to her breasts

I was only 15 years old, but because of my precocious puberty, I had a nice breast and provocative nipples.
This, incidentally, sometimes made me worry about the boys, they wanted to touch them all.
Having a fleece enough provided, I often made the jersey because at the pool gritty jokes were fired.

Nicole lived in her new house in a nearby village.
She was nice and also, I went home when I wanted, there was about 2km from home to my home
It gave me an opportunity to ride a bike.
One day, arriving at her house, earlier than the other times, I found a closed door, which was not her usual, I passed by the back door which overlooked the garden

Entering discreetly, to surprise him, from the corridor where I was I heard curious noises coming from the room. The door was open, I glimpsed Nicole.
She was standing in profile and could not see me.
Her dress was rolled up and wedged between her chin and her chest.
His hands were busy on his lower abdomen at the height of his tuft that I distinguished quite clearly.

I stayed there planted like a jellyfish and, on tiptoe, I went out into the garden and closed the door as gently as possible to not be noticed … ..

I was very disturbed by what I had seen.

Once again, I was standing in front of the front door and this time, I was ringing what was not customary.
Nicole came to open me.
She did not show anything that could have implied her previous activities.
I found it just a little more exuberant than usual.
She had red cheeks and breathing a little oppressed.

As if nothing had happened, we put them on the couch and we started talking about things and other things.
Soon, under a futile pretext, she got up to grab something on the shelf right behind me.
In this position. or she was facing me, she was almost on me and leaning on my shoulders; I had a bird’s eye view of the indentation of her dress.
An effusion of cologne came to my nostrils.
My mouth was just up to her breasts.
I just wanted to bury my head and bite them.
I did not dare to do it not knowing how the thing could have been taken, I wanted his friendship.

She resumed her place and her leg touched repeatedly insistently mine, she passed an arm behind my neck in a harmless way.

Her left hand rested on my chest, and she faced me.
She put her head to mine, her look was strange, her lips were open and her tongue was slightly out of her mouth, in an equivocal way.
We were just a few inches apart and she applied her lips to mine. What I was hoping for secretly.
Had she guessed my intentions?
His tongue explored my mouth and I lent a good grace to his will being a little exhilarated by the sight I had just seen, I was satisfied that things take this turn.
Our tongues mingled our saliva became more abundant.

The pressure of her hand became more precise, now she was groping me.
She unhooked my bodice and made appear, my bra that made me a dank throat.
Her fingers snuck under the bonnets, she managed to get my breasts out of their nest; they asked only that because under the caress they had hardened and were cramped in my bra.
For my part, I opened the top of her dress and I was able to contemplate at his chest that was beautiful and much bigger than mine.

My fingers slipped into the cleavage, they worked their way up to the nipples
I was not in my hand, so I was looking for the clip that was behind and managed to open it … … ..not always easy to do …
The, it was the apotheosis, the bra fell and I was able to freely stroke his wonderful globes ..
I hastened to lick them and gently knead them without forgetting to nibble the nipples that harden in my mouth.
She returned the favor, we were excited
She had an expert tongue, I never kissed by putting the tongue … ..ouces very new sensations!
It was good for me, my lower stomach was flaming.

She paused for a moment, got up and went to lock the front door.

“Come to the room, we will be more comfortable”

After taking care to lock the back door, we found ourselves in the room
It was spacious and tastefully furnished.
Nicole finished undressing, my bra found her dress.
She pulled off my blouse and skirt, but kept my panties.
She did likewise her transparent panties hiding nothing of her black tuft.

When she was completely, she made me lie on the bed and taking a step back, she was watching me with her.