She looks at me bites her lip

She looks at me bites her lip

Emilie fills papers about our work, I wander a little on the other units and then I come back half an hour later. It’s eleven o’clock when I come back to the unit and do not see Emilie. I question some residents but they tell me not to have seen. I look on the desk and seeing the keys I understand that Emilie is not in the bathroom maybe she went to see other staff members.

I go to take the keys and head for the toilets of our unit when a small whine coming from a room supposed empty empowers me. Curious as I am, I walk discreetly and there I am dumbfounded: Emilie lying on the bed of a resident, shutters of the room closed, small light on, masturbating in silence.

From what I can distinguish apparently, the stockings she wore had a special hole and she had not put on either string or shorty or anything.
I watched her completely taped, telling me she was perverse and crazy enough because everyone could spot it. By wanting to change a discreet angle of view, she stops suddenly and sees me.
– Marc whore but what are you doing there? Come in and close the door.
– Sorry … I thought …

I go in, closing the door very red embarrassed, but excited.
– Yeah that’s it I know you had me good, and if you approached closer to see how it is small virgin huh? She told me smiling, masturbating in front of me.
– But are not you crazy here? And your guy then?
– It’s been six years that I take the same tail every night, I have the right to change no? And then I’m not married, well not yet, come on.
– You’re a slut, I said smiling.

I come place between her legs and began to lick her vagina up and down, the latter is already wet so much that I enter two fingers and fingers then.
– Oh damn yes it’s good, it’s true that you know how to do with the pussies, gasps Emilie, without shouting but we can hear the pleasure in his voice.
– I see you wet well, it comes alone, I say licking the clit slowly.

– Oh yes, oh damn, go ahead Marc take me there, I can not, I fuck.
– Well no I’m a virgin you said, you must teach me, I said smiling continuing to lick, my fingers come and go very quickly in it, we even hear the flock come and go.
– Oh damn I’m going to explode, get out of it quickly, she said shouting a little hard then.
– Shhhhhhhhh … Join me in the bathroom in 5 minutes, otherwise we can not leave the guys alone.
– Your interest to come …

I’m leaving on the unit seeing if everyone is fine, then seeing the time 11:15, I go to the toilet which I close the door, but not locked. I hear Emilie answer a question then nothing, I sit on the toilet bowl sex very hard. Decidedly in my head, I tell myself that I work with sluts. Emilie enters and locks the door, then rushes on my penis she begins to suck. But after 5 minutes she gets up and positions herself on it and starts impaling on it.
– Oh damn, oh yesii Marc as she is good your tail, she whispers in my ear.
– You see I’m not a virgin, I said smiling kissing him in a torrid way.

My cock returns fully in her pussy and Emilie starts to go up and down quickly. I moan with pleasure in his ear then.
– Ahh yesii Emilie you excite me too much, I’ll soon enjoy if you continue.
– Go ahead, fill me pussy, I love to feel full of cum …
– Do not you prefer in the mouth?

– Do not worry I take the pill … And then I feel that you will fill me well …
She continues to go faster on my cock see even very quickly, I start to push a “Ohhh” sign of my enjoyment but Emilie eat my mouth and accelerates even more. I start to explode in it abundantly, but still continues to get screwed vagina by my cock. I watch her do it, she knows how to do it, I do not even debauch.

– Who told you that I did not want a double dose and in addition I feel you’re still hard said to me warmly.
– But stop everyone will pick us up …
Suddenly his phone rings in the pocket of his mini skirt. While continuing to jump on my cock, she answers:
– Hello … Yes my heart … Yes always at work you know well.
I am red with shame but excited, she smiles at me.
– Ah yes very hard this morning, yes … My headache? it goes up, it goes down.

She smiled and continued to jump on my cock.
– Yeah, it’s clear that you were not sure yesterday, you’re lucky, I’m not going to see other cocks.
I then smiled, slowly feeling a second orgasm approach, not knowing that I could enjoy twice in a row. It accelerates back and forth on my cock, it makes noise itself.
– It’s nothing, a resident who likes to hit the wall.
She looks at me bites her lip.

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