Mouth had come to rest gently on hers

mouth had come to rest gently on hers

It had been going on for three years when she had met Lucienne, a widow like her, whom she met many times in the cemetery; the latter also coming to rest on the grave of her husband. Two years younger, Lucienne, by his gaiety and good humor had won his sympathy. During their meetings, they had become friends. With his natural joviality, Lucienne had advised him. She had first given up her mourning clothes for more classic and even more sexy outfits. Subjugated by the charisma of her new friend, she had obeyed him in everything.

Thus, Lucienne had forced him to go out more often, taking him to the cinema, the theater or the museum? So that in the space of a few weeks she had been completely transformed, and it had been like a rebirth. Happy with this new friendship, she was far from this moment to suspect how far this relationship would lead her.

The two women had become accustomed to receiving more and more often, either to spend an afternoon having tea or for a lunch at the restaurant. But it was during one of these invitations that his sex life was going to be completely metamorphosed.
That had happened a few months earlier: for the third anniversary of the disappearance of her husband?

That day, as soon as she woke up, Monique felt overwhelmed by a distressing nostalgia that had disturbed her all morning. Wishing to fight this depression which undermined her, she had decided to appeal to the only person who could understand and comfort her, her friend Lucienne?
Immediately understanding her affliction, at the sound of her voice on the telephone, Lucienne had immediately invited her to join her, to spend the afternoon with her?

When she showed up at her friend’s house, she received him with a lot of kindness. Easily understanding her pain for having herself undergone at one time, Lucienne had been extremely attentive, surrounding her with affection and tenderness. Wrapping around her waist she had accompanied him to the living room, where she had invited him to settle in the deep fabric sofa. Feeling that friendly hand resting on her hip had already comforted Monique, while giving her a strange pleasure.

Comfortably installed, they had done honor to the treats, momentarily forgetting their usual diets. The bottle did not resist a long time to their gluttony?
Reassured and cheerful by this agape, Monique had let go against the soft back of the sofa.
– It’s better ? Lucienne had asked, hugging him with his right arm and carelessly putting his left hand against his stomach.

– Yes, thank you?
– I’m glad you feel better, then approved Lucienne by drawing him against his shoulder? You know that I’m always there, when you have trouble.
– Yes, I know, Monique had mumbled the heart suddenly filled with emotion.

To feel so surrounded by tenderness and affection, all that she had missed so much for three years, Monique had experienced an immense feeling of tenderness towards her friend. So when she had begun to cover her face with light kisses, she had accepted him, amused and delighted by this mark of friendship. Bewitched by the warmth with which Lucienne surrounded her, she did not immediately notice that the hand of the latter had landed on his knee widely discovered by his sitting position.

The kisses more and more supported by Lucienne kept her in a languorous well-being. Pleasant chills ran through him even the epidermis. So when Lucienne’s mouth had come to rest gently on hers, she had accepted with a small moan of happiness. It had been so long since his lips had received the homage of a kiss? A kind of drunkenness had pushed him to accept this contact.

At the same time that the language of Lucienne tried to force the dam of her teeth, Monique had perceived a prying graze on the inside of her thighs. At first surprised by this bold initiative on the part of the one she considered her friend, Monique had not yet tried to escape this touch.

It had been so long since a hand had come to explore the outskirts of her sex. Certainly, she would certainly have had to revolt, refuse this caress out of nature. But the sensual torpor in which she bathed was so agreeable, that she did not have the will to reject the indecent touch of her friend. On the contrary, his senses suddenly in turmoil demanded more daring on the part of the latter.

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