His penis made particularly sensitive because of the excitement

His penis made particularly sensitive because of the excitement

Perceiving this well-known wet heat, wrap his member like a hot sheath, Julien experienced an incredible pleasure. His penis and the vagina of his wife fit precisely, as if the two organs had been molded relative to each other. The elastic walls of Germaine’s vulva intimately married the smallest contours of her tail, even pressing them.

Suddenly a wave of pleasure ran through her lower abdomen. Germaine had just started one of his caresses which she had the secret, in fact her erotic specialty. At each of their sexual intercourse, it was always the same process. He should have been used to it, however, he still had the same pleasure.

Deeply impaled on her tense cock, Germaine completely motionless, he massaged the penis with the help of the muscles of her vagina … After a long training where he had served as guinea pig, his sensual wife had managed to contract and relax his intimate muscles at will. Under this special and unusual cajolery, Julien had the impression that the sex of his wife pumped him like a greedy mouth. Feeling the vulva hot and terribly wet suck his penis by pressing it, to release it at once gave Julien an extraordinary pleasure.

Germaine had confessed to having learned this process of a Moroccan cons, with whom she had befriended, at a seminar of lawyers:
During an evening when they came to talk about sex and practices that differentiated their country, Amina had told her about that particular caress she had learned from her grandmother herself. In fact according to Amina it was quite simple, it was enough to compress the muscles of her vagina, as to stop urination, and then release them to continue to urinate?

Amina had advised her to train each time she went to urinate so that the walls of her vagina were muscled. The same evening, Germaine had tried, in the secrecy of her hotel room, to put into practice the method of her Moroccan mind. During her intimate toilet, squatting over the bidet, she had pushed his middle finger inside her vulva, and had forced the muscles of her vagina to contract. She felt a slight pressure around her finger, proof that Amina’s words were correct.

Desiring to achieve a result as soon as possible, Germaine had forced herself to train as much as possible and that in the most varied places. Sitting at her desk to consult files or during long meetings in the law office, she forced herself to actuate her intimate muscles; in the public transport also, whether sitting or standing, during the whole journey, she forced the muscles of her vagina to excessive gymnastics?

By dint of regular training, she had managed, one day when she was alone at home, to maintain a banana stuck in her sex by the sole force of her internal muscles. Delighted by the enormous progress she had made for a few minutes with the fruit stuck in her vulva without it falling down? After a few weeks, feeling particularly fit, she had reiterated the experience, but this time peeling the banana.

Strongly pressed by his intimate flesh, the fruit had been crushed, a real marmalade; at that moment, she had regretted the absence of her husband. It would have had the first taste of a new nectar: ​​its vaginal liquor with banana flavor. She was so proud that she immediately informed Amina by email ‘

Since each sexual relationship he had with his wife, Julien was truly blissful. In those moments, he realized that no other woman could have brought him so much pleasure.
But this evening strangely, his wife was particularly expert in his art. Never had his rod been so frenetically kneaded by the burning walls of a vulva abundantly liquefied.

His penis made particularly sensitive because of the excitement, echoed in his lower abdomen and throughout his body, the heat torrid vaginal secretions that enveloped him. The pleasure due to this vaginal furnace was of such intensity, that Julien had to make enormous efforts of concentration in order to resist the enjoyment he felt pointing … But after a few minutes of this maddening treatment, he had to go to the obvious; he might not be able to stop long orgasm that he felt born at the level of his balls.
“Stop,” he growled at last.

– Why ? Minauda Germaine maliciously, still stopping all contractions of her vagina ‘You do not like?
– You know very well that it is not that, defended Julien, persuaded that his wife had understood his emotion? If you continue like this, you are likely to end prematurely our little game ‘
– Ha, that’s not a question!

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