After a while we notice that the sauna is empty

After a while we notice that the sauna is empty

Helen is not very enthusiastic, it embarrasses to find herself completely naked in public. Against this and on my insistence she agrees to try the experiment.
So we go through the locker room and then we go to the room of rest and relaxation. The decor is very nice, we settle in very comfortable chairs and despite the tropical heat we stay wrapped in our bathrobes. We take some time to get used to the situation and observe how things are going. There are few people and the few members move from one place to another without looking at us and shamelessly.

After a long time, Helene and I decided to join the hammam. As soon as we enter we are enveloped by the steam. We vaguely see other silhouettes but impossible to see other people. Gradually we feel more and more comfortable and forget our nakedness. After ten minutes the atmosphere becomes more and more difficult to breathe, and after a good shower we return to the rest and relaxation area.

After a while we notice that the sauna is empty. We go there immediately. Helen lies on the second level while I sit at his side. After a few minutes we are joined by an older couple and then by a single man. I see very quickly that the two men have their eyes riveted on the body of Helen who closed her eyes. They devour her and mate her without restraint.

This is the first time that I find myself in this situation where my wife offers herself completely naked in the eyes of other men. On the beach or in the street I had already noticed that men are turning on her, but this time I have conflicting feelings. I feel jealous, having no desire that others can admire it. But on the other hand my pride feels valued to have for me a woman that other men desire.

After the sauna, we go directly to the jacuzzi and we are joined quite quickly by the elderly couple. The man then begins the conversation on a few banalities then looking at Helen directly congratulates her for her beauty and tells him:
– Allow me to congratulate you on your beauty. You have a beautiful body extremely well proportioned with a face full of sweetness. In addition you move with elegance and refinement. Are you a model or model?
Helen answers that she is neither one nor the other. She is an artist and works in the dance world!

The man answers him as a photographer and if she wanted to, he would be happy to be able to photograph it and he promised to leave his business card at the reception if she wanted to contact him.
It’s time for us to go to our massage session.
We enter a large room with two mattresses on the floor. There is an atmosphere of great serenity? Some lit candles give a very soft light while soft music and a few sticks of incense end up creating a relaxing atmosphere.

We are introduced to the two masseuses who will take care of us. Two young women like Indian or Indonesian, with long black hair and black eyes. Not very big and pretty thin. They ask us to sit flat on the belly and bare on tatamis.
They then begin a full body massage. Massage with essential oils not starting the feet and slowly going up on the whole body.

As the massage, I let myself completely go and feel all the stress accumulated for many weeks to leave me. I feel good, relaxed, like living on a small cloud in a wonderful world. This massage is gentle, each muscle is cajoled, and gently massaged. I look back at my wife who is now lying on her back. I realize that her masseuse is stripped and I am surprised at its beauty.

She is thin with a very nice slender body and a very beautiful chest, not very big but very firm and round. She spreads the essential oil and doing with her whole body, she uses her bust and belly to massage the body of Helen and gradually pass the legs to the belly of Helen. She then grabs her arms that she gently massages and then lie behind the head.

She is now positioned above Helen and begins to rub his chest on the breasts of Helen who now kept her eyes closed. She slowly opens her eyes, turns to me and looks at me as if to make sure I enjoy the scene and make sure she feels good. The show is very sensual, I am particularly troubled to see the contrast of her two bodies rubbing against each other and see my wife surrender to the caresses of another woman.

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