We are quickly naked on the bed

We are quickly naked on the bed

The message is enticing, I call back immediately. After a few banalities getting started:
– So you have things to tell me?
– Yes, I met a boy.
– It is very good. So tell me everything, I want all the crisp details’
It’s me who pays for the communication, she can afford to be talkative.
– Well, then, I was flirted by a host of the campsite.

He is a little old, in the 30 years, but well done. Among other things, he takes care of giving aquatic gymnastics lessons in the swimming pool. I was really happy that he was interested in me when there were lots of other girls.
He offered me a drink after the activity. And then he invited me to visit his bungalow. I initially refused, because I knew what idea he had behind the head. But I thought back to what you had told me, so I ended up accepting it.
I accompanied him and we slept together. Here.

It’s a story too short for me:
– But what did you do?
– Ben, he penetrated me and then after I sucked. That’s all.
The girls do not know how to tell the stories of fucking, they do not give any importance to what excites us men: the vicious dialogues, the size of the cock, the indecent proposals, the cries, the quantity of semen, swallowed or no,? I ask her:
– Have you enjoyed?
– No. But it was not bad.

– And you’ll see him again?
– I do not believe. He’s a real bastard! You realize, he told me that he rarely slept twice with the same girl. At the campsite he has the choice, his expression is: He has only to bend down to kiss. By cons, this bastard told me that if I was interested, he could introduce me to his friends. They often pass on their conquests. What a junk!
It’s not me who will criticize these seducing campsites!
– Why not accept his offer. After all, his friends may be very good shots! You do not have much to lose. You are free ! Enjoy.

I insinuated the doubt at home. She is hesitating :
– But these men treat women as objects!
I answer him:
– How important, if you treat these men as objects. Only count your pleasure! If you have fun and if you have orgasms, it does not matter if they are idiots.
It makes her laugh.
There you go ! Another girl turned into a slut!
To conclude “I hope that next time you will have things harder to tell me. I have to leave you now. I kiss you. ”

I’m getting ready now for Sarah. I cut my nails well. I go back to the supermarket to buy a tube of lube and other stuff.
In a department, I fall on Fran├žoise. We chat a little. She confirms our appointment tomorrow night. It will be a farewell party just before I leave.
I ask about our project orgy. She told Alain about it, but he is opposed to it.
– He is afraid that you take a liking to my big cock.
This vulgar remark amuses him.

I look around me, there is nobody. I whisper to him:
– I want you! Now !
She answers me:
– You are crazy ! Not here. There are surveillance cameras everywhere.
– Can we go to the women’s bathroom?
– No, we risk being caught.

And then there’s Alain who is at the store today?
In fact, I do not really want to fuck her. What I wanted to know is if she, she wanted to. And how far she was ready to go. I have my answer. If I had insisted a little, she would have accepted that I pull in a dark corner of the store with customers who pass by!
I leave her and go home.
I prepare drinks, I put condoms and lubricant on hand. It rings the doorbell. I turn on the camera.

Sarah throws herself on me like a drug addict missing.
She is dressed very “sex” a white dress very short and tight with an endless neckline that can showcase her big boobs, and feet with stiletto heels. Like a luxury whore who goes to work. I hate this kind of accoutrement, but she did it to make me happy too I play admiring guy. I who gave her a score of 20/20 so far, she just lost 2 points.
In addition she tells me to excite me:
– You know, I did not wear panties.
I check immediately by lifting her dress. She says true! She regains her 2 points!

In fact I learn that she just removed in the elevator, she would not have dared to walk “buttocks” in the street. It loses 1 point.
Yesterday’s session it was unjoined, she is loose! She gives herself the air of a strict teacher, but it is to hide her true personality: A girl who loves to have fun, who loves sex, who likes to excite men.

We are quickly naked on the bed, I do not have much to remove and she either. We cuddle (caresses, fingering, licking, sucking).

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