The sexual blackmail that you make me suffer

the sexual blackmail that you make me suffer

I just smile at him for an answer, but no word comes out of my mouth.
All that has just happened turns in my head in all directions, I am mixed with excitement, fears, pleasure, doubts …

We arrive at home, Alex parks my car in front of my building, goes out and passes by my side to open the door, a last opportunity for him tonight to watch me spread thighs and enjoy the view of my pussy still wet while I go out on the passenger side. He closes my door, and takes me by the waist to accompany me. Once at the entrance of my building, he slips my bunch of keys into my bag and takes me in his arms to kiss me languidly on the mouth, like a lover with his bride.

I feel like a teenager, until I feel his hands gently lift my dress to take my ass with both hands and remove them, to introduce a few more fingers that make me moan one last time tonight, and goes away, without saying a word, just winking at me, which probably means “Do not worry, we keep up to date.”

I go home, alone, takes a bath, and goes to bed immediately, but I can not sleep, despite my fatigue … Alex and our antics take up all the space in my head, I wet now , just thinking about it, I fear the worst, namely, falling in love with my master-singer.

Day and night I think now only of her sex in me, everything we could do, while this situation would have deeply disgusted me a few weeks ago, she is now muse many masturbations of my parties intimate …
The days go by, Alex still has not contacted me … I did not imagine I want him to remember and still make me participate in a horrible blackmail, but my excitement takes over.

He turned me into a slut, and I got to like it, but am I slutty with him? Or would I like to be with other men, choosing to behave in this way, without being obliged? …
The idea of ​​making love to strangers, as he had almost forced me to do it the other time, now occupied all my thoughts, I even came to tell me that with or without Alex I would try ‘experience.

One morning, as I leave my house to drive to the woods where I intend to go for my morning jog, I find a word under the windscreen wiper “Smile, you are filmed”. Shivers run through my whole body instantly, I look around me, but I do not see anyone, either in a parked car, on foot, or at a window … I climb in my car anyway and head for the wood. During my trip, the phone rings, it’s Alex.

– Hello my naughty, on the way to play sports and sweat a little?
– Are you spying on me now?
– No, but you told me the other time that you liked to go running on the weekend alone in the wood, I wanted to accompany you, but if you do not prefer, it does not matter, we can see each other tonight.
– Tonight I’m taken, I spend the evening with Michel

It is true that in the meantime, Michel reminded me, and that we agreed to see us tonight and put things in order between us. He seems determined to make efforts for our couple to leave, but still do not suspect any of my forced antics, and now desired, with Alex …

– Ahaah, do business resume between your man and you then? Seriously? Or just to reset the counter?
– It’s not yours Alex, and if things start again between Michel and me, our relationship will be based on trust, and I’ll tell him everything that happened between us, the sexual blackmail that you make me suffer , and all the rest, so this morning will probably be the last opportunity you’ll take advantage of me, then, if you still threaten me or force me to anything, I’ll tell him everything

– Wait Chantale, there’s something wrong here, first you threaten me with retaliation if I continue to make you sing, but on the other hand you offer me a last opportunity to enjoy the pleasure that the we make each other feel
– Look, I’m driving, and I do not have a hands-free kit, and as you’re certainly following me with your car, let’s meet and talk live, it will be less risky and dangerous.
– Turn right into the small road at 100 meters, and park behind the cut tree trunks, I’m behind you, at 20 seconds

As I suspected, he was following me, so I went to the place he had indicated to me and got out of my car to wait for him. He arrives at once, park his car in front of mine, but wait before going out.


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