Spoke to me alternately with my breasts

spoke to me alternately with my breasts

I tried the first boots that had a zipper. Jeff helped me put them on and slowly zipped up. He touched the bare skin of my leg. I did not say anything but I shuddered. I got up and walked with these brown boots with 7-8 cm heels. Elegant and wise model but that suits me well for the work. Looking in the mirror I saw that Jeff was matting me intensely. I came back saying:
– Not really the right dress to try boots.
He answered me:
– But not at all it’s very fashionable a tight dress like that with boots. It suits you perfectly.

I let him take off those boots slowly, keeping his legs crossed. Then to put the following (without zipper) I had to open a little more thighs and I know he was looking at the highest.
– You have perfect legs to wear boots.
I got up and went to the mirror. The store was almost empty at this time and I took the opportunity to sway and walk in a sexy way. These boots were almost flat in the rider style.

At the hump in his pants, I knew he enjoyed the view.
– You walk like a manikin and show off your outfit.
As I sat down again, I said to him:
– These boots are not really sexy. Do you have something else to recommend?
He quickly returned with two boxes.

The first boots had a heel compensates about 12cm. Really very high. I threaded them with the help of Jeff’s hands, which almost climbed to my crotch by “accident”. By accident I brushed the bump in his pants with my bare foot. He let me do it then whispered:
– You have a crazy effect on me.
Once the boots put, I walk in the radius not without evil. Then came back:
– I almost fell with them.
He opened the last box to show DVF boots in black velvet too but rising above the knee: The heels were thin and 10cm.
– God, I would not dare to wear these in public!

He looked me straight in the eyes.
– And in private?
I smiled at him and looking him straight in the eyes said to him:
– Do you want a private parade?
– That would be fantastic.
I put my normal shoes back slowly, letting him caress me. We went to the cashier to pay for the first boots I tried.

I took a piece of paper or I wrote the number of my room and the name of the hotel.
– Do you deliver samples at home?
– For you anywhere!
– In 30 minutes then.
30 minutes later, he knocked on the door of my room just after I came back.
I let him in with his 4 boxes of boots.

Those who read my previous stories know that my outfit affects my mood and attitude a lot. You also know that I am very receptive to the appreciation of a man or men for my outfit. I try to stay classy but sexy. This young and handsome man being interested in my outfit and complimenting it constantly excited me a lot.

He opened a first box and I sat down immediately. He pulled out a pair of soft black leather boots. The stiletto heels were about 8 or 9 cm and everything was quite my style, not brilliant, relatively classy but still very sexy. He helped me put them on while caressing the inside of my thighs. I walked around the room to admire me and his comments showed that he was looking forward to taking care of me.

I came back to sit down to change the boots but he focused on my body this time. He spread my legs to rest on the corridors of the chair. He spread my black thong lace and stroked my pussy. He introduced one and two fingers of one hand while grasping my breasts with the other. I allowed myself to appreciate this attention.
He licked my clit, which made me crazy.

I lowered the top of my dress with difficulty because it is tight. Finally my breasts were available to him and he went up to chew them. I felt he was putting on a condom and I was a little disappointed with how little time he was getting ready. I did not have time to say anything because it penetrated me slowly. His height was more than honorable and he spread my legs to penetrate more easily. He took my boots off my ankles and spread my legs wide. He nibbled at my health and sucked as he slowly slid inside me. He picked up speed and spoke to me alternately with my breasts.

– Hoo you’re sexy, you’re beautiful, you’re close and tight.
After a few minutes he pushed my legs back towards the head still holding my ankles. He began to stuff me wildly and with a groan, he enjoys. A little fast and disappointing for me.
He asked me if I wanted to try another pair. I thought it would excite him to finish me.

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