He caught up with a hand on the buttocks

He caught up with a hand on the buttocks

She started as planned to make sure he noticed it during water aerobics’ Last night, she did what was planned (2-piece jersey + spend the session in front of him at most …). This confirms that she will go to my opinion at the end with him …
After a few checks on the guy I can confirm some points: It is a FUTARD 1st that goes clearly in aqua aerobics to find new conquests. He is a truck driver in a large area, divorced and he spends all his vacations at UCPA (well known for being a place to kiss ‘Heu non pardon de vacances’).

She did the same thing last night last week (2 pieces sexy, exercise in front of him during the course): At the end of the session he told her that he wanted a drink with her …
He understood everything quickly. We must see each other Wednesday night after a drink to organize the meeting on Saturday.

Everything is going very fast. He is not fooled, he understands quickly? It looks like he’s used to:
The topics they cover are quite “banal” and except since last night they had never been alone to discuss. Before last night it was more jokes and it did not go very far.
Already in the course of last week he began to suspect something: A girlfriend from Virginia told him yesterday before the start of the session that he had learned about her Friday night after the course (he remains very late at the pool bar).

Everything was confirmed last night when during an exercise Virginia “fell” on him: He caught up with a hand on the buttocks that quickly passed between the thighs because she said nothing. He then said in his ear “See you after a drink.” As much before this episode he was just kidding as much at the bar he had changed his attitude. She will have trouble resisting … Already Monday night in the pool he had the effect …
In the end the discussion was rather serious … For the rest I confirm what I say from the start: It is not “pretty” rather paunchy and older …

So what we have planned for Saturday: Appointment in the afternoon in the city center where he will only follow us, water aerobics and hotel.
He asked some things physically for her.
He asked that Virginie be dressed in sexy dress, sexy underwear, court shoes, toenails and feet with red polish and total hair removal. He will check the last two points Saturday at water aerobics: Stop everything if one of them is not there.

She is preparing: Rather the last touch since since the day before as he had asked she is completely shaved ‘For me she had never wanted to do it? But to see it’s a treat the same night I tried everything to enjoy it but she did not want to know … Not even a little cuni.

She puts her polish on the nails of the feet and hands: I love this smell: In any case it applies.

I have trouble staying in place.
I spend time in front of the bathroom. Here it is now below: White panties, totally shaved, varnish on the nails ‘Hum I tell myself that he will feast the sal’ But on the other hand I do not wait more than that.
Time does not go fast? I can not wait to get in the car and get to the pool.
She is ready: Just as expected ‘Sexy dress, pumps’.
Let’s go? I say to myself that the next time she passes the door of the house she will surely not be the same?

Good this time I go there.
Here I am as expected at the pool bar overlooking the pool: The advantage is that you can see everything.
I take a coke even if I’m not really thirsty …
He is already in the water: He really did it fast.

Seeing it I always wonder what she finds him.
He talks with a woman in her fifties: I look at the other women of the class and I think that in the lot he has probably fucked some …
This is Virginie … I never leave her eyes … Him any more Elsewhere …
I then remember his 2 requirements that completely validated the meeting: Red nail polish to the fingernails and hands and total hair removal. For the varnish it’s easy to see but for the rest how is it going to do?
She enters the water: There is a lot of people and noise …
I do not believe it: Hardly she has water to the shoulders that passes behind her. I fix the scene: I can not hear anything around me.

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