My back and forth are fast

My back and forth are fast

My mind is titillated but I wonder if this is a test, so I tell him:

– Is it really important for you?
– In some ways, yes, although I understand that you refuse ‘
I take him in my arms.
– You know that nothing makes me more happy than to please you? I will find a man to realize this fantasy.
– Thank you?

As soon as this sentence was stated, I had my little idea in mind. I had a close friend that I have always suspected of having views on me. I telephoned to him.

– Hello, Bastien? Tell me, and answer sincerely, how do you find me physically?
– What? You are very pretty, but why this questi?
– Would you like to, say, play with my body?
– But, Christian?
– Christian agrees.

I explained the situation.

– Ah, well, Saturday afternoon, if his house is free, I come!
– We keep in touch. And thank you.
– The pleasure is mine !

Saturday. 13h. I still have not told Christian who was our surprise guest.
When it’s knocking at the door, it’s astonished that he opens to Bastien.

– Ah, it’s you Bastien who? ?
– Who will fuck with your girlfriend? Yes.
– Okay, uh? Do you want something to drink?
– No thanks, I’m too impatient to act with Alexandra!

I watch the scene with an amused eye. Bastien turns to me:

– Damn you made yourself beautiful!

I wear a white blouse almost transparent leaving more than guess my breast highlighted by a black bra, and a mini skirt white too, and very short, with a thong matching the bra. So we can indeed say that I made myself beautiful.

– Are we going up? He suggests.
– Okay !

Once in Christian’s room, I sit on the bed, followed by Bastien, while Christian sits on a chair, away.
Bastien begins to kiss me, passionately. While his tongue turns in my mouth and our saliva mix, his hand slowly down to my crotch, and expert fingers caress my privacy. He stops, removes my thong, and continues.

For my part, I’m not left out because my two hands managed to clear his already hard tail of his pants. In less time than it takes to say, I’m on my knees, between his legs, ready to savor the cock of another in front of my boyfriend ‘Yet I do not hesitate a second. I push his long member in my little wet mouth, as far as I can. My back and forth are fast, and my saliva abundant. I start to fondle her testicles, then sucks them into my mouth. I see that he likes it because it rattles and keeps my head so that I continue the work.

After a few delicious minutes, he lifts my head and kisses me and runs a hand under my skirt to caress my buttocks. A finger interferes. Suddenly he gives me a slap on the ass:

– Take me off what’s left of clothes and lie down, my little darling sweetheart!

Excited, I remove everything with speed and lie down, legs apart, head propped on the pillow. He had time to put on his latex protection. He lies down above me and a thrust penetrates me. I can not hold back a cry. My legs hug his, and my hands grip his muscular ass, as an invitation to never leave my hole.
For my pleasure, his round trips are fast and violent. At times, he pulls his tail fully, to better me back more powerfully after. I groaned in my shrill voice; it nibbles my nipples while hard, which delights me to the highest point. Pile at the moment when I thought I was going to enjoy, he asks me:

– Do you like sodomy?
– I just love it ! I say turning to get on all fours, rump offered.

It does not take long to smash my anus. His thrusts are dry and jerky. I scream. He pushes two fingers into my pussy. I scream again.
Then, suddenly, he returns to me with force, removes his condom with a single gesture, and I feel his hot sperm flow on my chest.

– Oh, yeah, it was good! We’ll do it again next time!

Meanwhile, I look at my boyfriend. His cock is hard, and he masturbates. I come to help him with my hand.
Bastien kisses me before leaving, and has his words for Christian:

– A real pleasure your girl!

Soon after, I let my darling finish in my mouth. He leans over, and whispers:

– Thank you for everything!

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