I pinched his nipple

I pinched his nipple

So we returned to my home and she asked me to come to her, to have more room. I understood that she does not feel comfortable here. So I took my gear and went to Anne’s house. She lived in a small, very bright apartment. I started to paint when I saw her take off her T-shirt.
– What are you doing ?
– Well, I undress, I want to be natural.

I did not know what to think. She straightened up, proud, in black underwear. She was beautiful, she had beautiful shapes, we guessed under her bra beautiful breasts well round. A suggestive picture that put your appetite in your mouth. “We often see naked women on the boards. She said before removing the room hiding her nipples.

She was looking at me smiling. And she took off her panties. I was facing a hairy sex. I could not any more. I try to control myself so as not to jump on him. “This is the first time I show myself! It’s so exciting! ”
She leaned against the wall and asked me to start.

I was so nervous that I did anything. Then I began to get used and soon my brush obeys me. I was ecstatic. I focused on his face, or at least I tried. It took me a long time to grasp his features. The vigor it gave was hard to give. When I finished my face, it must have been a long time. I told him that we would continue next time. She peeled off the wall and let out a sigh of relief. Then she came to look at the book. She seemed disappointed that I did not do more. We gave ourselves an appointment the next day.

In the evening I could not detach myself from his image. She was there with a smile, I saw her beautiful naked body. I dreamed of her. Anne danced slowly undressing. I fell in love.

The next day, the only thing that worried me was my date. I could not distract my attention. When I rang, she was already ready, the door opened almost instantly and Anne let me in. She was in underwear. I had the right to a big kiss. My model undressed without a word smiling me cheerfully. It was as magical as yesterday. I stared at her firm breasts, which she did not fail to notice. She approached me to take my hands and put them where I wanted.

“Make fun, caress them. ”
I was surprised. But at the same time, it was paradise, the first girl I saw naked, the first girl who ventured with me. His skin was soft. She let herself be, and suddenly pulled away.
“Paint me! ”
I obeyed. I described his neck, his shoulders, his chest with her nipples topped small tips all pink.

I stopped, the sun was about to set and the light would not be the same.
– It’s nice to paint me, to take time for me.
– It is a pleasure. And then to paint as beautiful a girl as you do not refuse.
– Thank you.
She gave me a big kiss on the cheek, hugging me. I felt his body.
– Can I touch you again?
– No, not today ; we must not spoil the pleasures by going too fast.
– See you tomorrow then?

– Since it’s Saturday you’ll stay all day, ok?
It was agreed that I should come at 9 o’clock. And we would have all the time we want. I left her then. Opening the door, my model suddenly tells me “stop”. I turned and suddenly, she was in my arms and kissed me in the mouth. I kept that feeling, that touch on my lips in my head. I was good.

Anne opened me in her nightgown. We greeted each other warmly. “I’m ready,” she said with a smile, and she let her nightgown fall to the ground without the least shame. I was almost used to it, but it made me want so much? I had made it as beautiful on canvas as in real life. She resumed her pose. I began with her belly down gradually under her breasts. I arrived at his most intimate part.

His cock surmounted by a beautiful hair color furry hairy, a duvet of the most erotic. And I went down painting her beautiful thighs, her muscular legs as needed for forms of goddess. Finally, I finished with my arms.
– Come see !
– You finished me!
– There remains the scenery to do.
– That’s wonderful. Follow me.
She took me to his bed, sat down and spread her thighs.
“Look at my sex! ”

I was surprised. My eyes stuck to her pussy. She took off my pants, my underpants, my shirt and took my cock in his hand. My penis was also erect but grows even bigger.
“I love you, I want to do all the possible experiments with you. ”
It was the first time I was with a girl and she was proposing this to me.
“I want to touch you, caress you. ”
I took her breasts with both hands and began to grind. She moans. I pinched his nipple.

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