I go to the bathroom and put on the lace boxer

I go to the bathroom and put on the lace boxer

I go back to the counter, the boxer in hand. The manager is in conversation with a tall dark woman, in which I immediately recognize Liz, a friend of my wife. I’m going back, too late.
– Have you found what you are looking for?
– Yes, but the size is not suitable; you would have the same in M? I stammered.

– Hey, hello, Laurent. That’s Liz getting involved. Did you buy lingerie for Marie? Show, I will help you.
I give him the object, more and more confused.
– Ah, what a good idea. Men always offer lingerie to their wives, but it’s for their personal pleasure. You have this delicacy to think of his pleasure, bravo. It’s very feminine, it will surely please him a lot. I can not wait for her to tell me, “she said, staring at me, gently stroking the fabric.

I articulate a vague answer, and give up the place to the two women in full discussion as to the role of the male in the couple? This bitch Liz will phone Mary, for sure.
Just returned home, Marie greets me at the door with a big smile, is hug?
– You have a surprise to show me? It seems that it is adorable?
– Yes, I hope you’ll like it, I answer swallowing somehow my saliva; I arrive.

Marie is 40 years old, black-eyed brunette, with very open shapes. Our families, an old provincial nobility, have known each other for a long time and our marriage has, so to speak, been imposed. If money has disappeared over the centuries, traditions remain and systematic vouvantage is one of them.
I go to the bathroom and put on the lace boxer. White and very transparent, I really look like a doe submissive in ‘And it excites me a lot. I start to bend, imagining myself dressed under the eyes of Jean.

Submitted to all these desires. But the excitement falls back to the idea of ​​Mary waiting for me. How am I going to get away? We have rather distant relations and very conventional, after 10 years of bourgeois cohabitation? And she’s always been pretty prudish?
I put on a bathrobe and join my wife, who is waiting for me lying on the bed in a nightie.
I lie down beside him, and try to extinguish the light as in each of our relations; it prevents me; his hand slips under my bathrobe, stroking my rod over the lace. I start to bend over and over under the caresses.
– Very interesting, she said, her voice hoarse? and so new.

– You like ? I ask ; I thought that a little renewal could not hurt us’
– I love, she said. Get up and take off that bathrobe, turn that one sees you well ‘.
– I execute myself, and offers me in his eyes, my cock tending the boxer, my buttocks unveiled by the lace? I’m preparing to take it off, but she refuses it firmly.

– No, it is necessary to go to the end of your desires’ This feminine side that you decide to show me, it is necessary to develop it without doubt. I do not want to be outdone, and go show you my secret garden male.

“Lie down on your stomach,” she said, giving up the vouvant.
I am executing myself; she comes to ride me on all fours. His cock caresses against my buttocks, his mouth devours the neck. Eyes closed, I think of Jean lavishing me the same caress, his dick caressing against my ass’ I really want to be caught like that, and I rub against the sheet, under the comings and goings of Mary. I moan, and caress me, a hand slipped into the boxer.

– Not so fast, these games of hands are not allowed in my presence? If you want to develop your feminine side, know how to wait for pleasure, sometimes in vain.

She draws two scarves from her dresser, with which she ties my arms to the bedsteads. I beg her to caress me the rod, in vain.
She sits in the armchair facing me, her legs up on the armrests, chestnut fleece widely offered to my eyes burning. Her right hand resting on her cock, and she begins to caress, eyes half-closed. I band more still; this is the first time I see her practice this exercise, and it excites me enormously.

– Tell a little, now, for what purpose do you intend this shameless dress?
Her fingers sank into her cave, she moaned so much and more, and offers herself a first pleasure; after a few moments of calm, the merry-go-round resumes; his left hand titillates a nipple that I see drawn up under the nightie. I pull on the scarf to caress me in my turn. Wasted effort.
– It’s only for you, I assure you? stroke me.

– I do not believe you. I imagine you rather waiting for a meeting, in the neighboring wood, dressed in vote only lace? Offered to all comers .. Ready to take in the mouth the first comer, perhaps, or waiting for an appointment? That’s it, no doubt? So you have to prepare for it.
Some caresses again, and she gives herself a new pleasure. She leaves the chair, take out a new scarf.

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