The same search for a shared orgasm

the same search for a shared orgasm

My hand stays still while she drives. It’s when she stops at a red light that I slowly go up on my legs. Carole barely spreads her thighs to allow me to caress her soft flesh between them.

A quick blow of horn makes us start. I was going to stop my caresses when she still puts hers on mine. I do not dare go on too much. It must be believed that I am wrong: Carole puts his hand directly on my tail. She knows exactly what she wants. She can not drive and get out my cock. Fortunately in the city !! Nothing prevents me from continuing to read it.

I arrive on his wet briefs. Passing on the crotch, I find some hair left. Sitting side by side on the seat, I only stretch my arm: I am comfortable to make her go wherever she wants.

We arrive at her place. On the top floor, there with elevator, we have nothing to do to let go to our low instincts, especially his. Carole drags me rather than she invites me to the room where we had a lot of fun.
I’m excited at least as much as she is. I should have pushed her on the bed, take it violently. She’s the one pushing me.

Spread out all my life I can not do anything when she is on me, kiss me or nibble I do not know. His hand is now trying to deliver the tail. She does it very well, with the experience she has. It flushes the glans by clearing the foreskin.

My only immediate concern is to ask me what she will do: give me a blowjob as she has taken the taste recently or jerk me off? I try as I can to go back under her skirt a little down. I give up quickly when his mouth eat deftly cock. Abandoned I let myself do: it’s so good. I can still watch how she does it.
His lips around my tail, up and down, his tongue involved. Carole releases his bite to take the hand of the base of the cock near the pubis. The pleasures are varied since she took a liking to my thing. If she wants me to cum in her mouth, I have nothing against it.

I would leave for another cunnilingus. She knows it because in the end she gave me her mouth for a deep kiss. I feel on his tongue the taste of my cock: I like enough.
I can finally return, put on her as a master of our enjoyment. Master is a big word. I am his wishes tonight.

One, the kiss, the other I know, the sodomiser: one of his last discoveries. I can finally find her sex: she is awfully wet tonight. I almost slip on her pussy. Good for her: her clitoris I go quickly on the vagina where I enter too quickly to my liking. I do not know what she mumbles. It must please him.

I arrive as I can to undress her. I like it more and more. I want her, to enjoy her belly or her mouth, I want it. She also wants me when she still finds the tail she masturbates bluntly this time. I knew it good wank, not like tonight. She could make me cum ten times in no time.

To better possess her, I am quickly naked. She manages to set a trap to make me fall under her. I could have been caught by one of his holes.
She is on me, her body completely against me.

I feel her breasts on my chest, her stomach against mine, my cock against her belly. And again his hand that holds me by the tail. I win this battle. I control it by turning it over, holding her hands above her, glued to the sheet. Carole keeps the last word when her legs come around my kidneys.

My dick is between his legs, his hands take me back to lead me as if I did not know how to do it.
Her pussy literally swallows my life. The prepuce returned to its place spreads the glans and leaves room for his flesh. We are gathered in the same pleasure, the same search for a shared orgasm.

I force myself not to leave before her. I win when I feel his spasms around the tail. Carole emerges to enjoy alone as often. She does it well, I still want it. She also when of herself, on all fours she shows me her buttocks she opens with both hands. She forgot her “fuck me”.

The act of wetting the small hole with his cum indicates only his desire or need. I know in advance the path of his right hand: direction the clitoris to accompany his other pleasure. I’m kneeling right behind her, the top of my thighs against hers. I just put the glans right on the anus to hold it with both hands on his waist.

I gently enter my second house of his body. If she screams when I go in, I hear her sighs of relief as I go back and forth.
My cock is a victim of spasm of his anus. I spurted full in his cave. I do not know how many times she enjoys.

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