I knew immediately that it was you that I needed

I knew immediately that it was you that I needed

She stretches, we get up, and take a shower together, like yesterday. Then we had breakfast, and we went to college with my scooter. At school level, I realize we are a little early: the gate is still closed. We sit on a low wall, while I surround his shoulders with my arm. I took the opportunity to ask him the question that burns my lips from the beginning:

– Why me, Morgane? I asked him in a low voice.

– How’s that, why you?

– Why are you going out with me, with all the guys in the chest? Why did you choose me and not another?

– Because when I saw you, I knew immediately that it was you that I needed, and not one of the crutters of the college. Because when I met your eyes, I fell in love with you right away. And I know you too. If I wanted you to come to my house, it’s because I wanted to know you, and to seduce you. You’re too good to me, I’ve never felt so good with anyone else.

I’m in love with your caresses, I would like to stay stuck with you all day but, I do not think that staying together all the time is a good idea, I’m afraid that, if people know, we just become a couple , you and me. I prefer to put ourselves to the test, we must abstain, you do not find it better? Nothing official, two “lovers”. Our secret.

She had such a beautiful smile when she told me that I could not refuse. And deep down, it was not so bad. I embraced it for approval, and at that moment the gate opened, and the school buses all arrived at the same time. Morgane returned to the yard, and went to join her friends, pretending I did not exist. This distance made me a little sore, but I did not care, because I now know that Morgane loves me.

So, I decided to do like her: I joined my friends. I listened to them discussing, but the heart was not really there. It is with Morgane that I would like to be. One of my friends saw my absent air, and said:

– Damien dude! You make a funny face this morning, tell me. What’s wrong with you, did you lose your Russian dictionary? He asked, giggling.

Everyone else laughed like crooked people. Vexed, I said to him:

– Shut up ! Go make yourself!

– Rhôo, do not take it like that! He told me. I’m kidding.

He was just trying to joke, what did it take me to talk to him like that? Ashamed, I say to him:

– I know, excuse me, I do not know what he took me, I’m a little tense these days … Uh, it must be the math exam tomorrow.

The ring was then heard. I look at the schedule of 3 ° C posted in the yard: SVT in room 21 with Mr. Martin. I join the ranks of Room 21, and find that Morgane is right in front of me, but continues to act as if I did not exist.

When the other students began to enter the room, I took my beautiful girl’s hand and forced her to wait for the others to come home. Once everyone came home, I said quietly:

– Come sit next to me … Please, I miss you …

She says nothing, and returns to the room, looking like nothing. I sit at the back of the room, near the wall, and take my things out. That’s when I felt someone behind me. I look up, and see my beautiful who just sit next to me. I was so happy that it was almost painful to me not to be able to kiss him. The professor then spoke:

– Hello everyone. Today we are going to watch a movie about chemical reactions.

At the thought of not having to work today, murmurs of satisfaction filled the class.

– But be careful, if I hear the slightest sound, we stop everything, and you make an assessment, threatened the teacher. Have I been clear? Asked the latter.

Everyone nodded, and the teacher started the movie. Personally, it was rotten, but hey, it’s better than a yard. As I watched the film, Morgana’s presence in the dark by my side reminded me of our antics when we were watching a horror movie last night, and a blistering erection caught me. Suddenly, I felt a hand slip on my left thigh, which was gentle back and forth from the top of my crotch to my knee.

But where did this hand come from? That’s when I made the connection. Black ? A hand ? It could only be Morgane. She turned me on, and enjoy the effect she makes me, putting me to the test. At first I was surprised, then stiffened.

“Caress me too,” she whispered. Unless you prefer that we stop.

I had no reaction at first. We could very well see each other. It was enough for someone to turn his head, and we were grilled. Even if we were the only ones to be at the back of the class. And if the teacher turned on the light? Finally, she took my hand in hers, and put it on her.

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