Fill my belly with your cum

Fill my belly with your cum

She smiles at me and resumes.
– We can walk together if you agree.

We started walking and we talked, her name was Stephanie, 26 years old, two years older than me, she taught history at a college in the nearby city. She was single and wandered here to forget her solitude and lifeless apartment.
There was a big trunk lying on the ground, so we decided to sit there while still talking about everyone and anything.

– Why are you laughing ? She asked me smiling.
– It’s just that I have a little trouble believing you, so young, so beautiful, so open, you want me to believe that you’re there because you feel lonely … Is this really the truth?

– To tell you the truth, I’m not used to being alone and I like being always in me, or with me, but none of that right now … Do you like me ?

At these words, I throw myself on her and kiss her, caress her hair with one hand and her chest through her jacket. She takes off her jacket as we kiss, I start kissing her neck a thousand kisses, she slid his hand between my legs and feel my penis that has hardened it is quick to go out …

– You do not want to go to my house? I asked him, I seriously wanted to fuck her and all right now
– Do not be naive, a woman who walks alone in the woods only wants one thing …

Finally, I think the woods excite her and making love to her was her biggest fantasy. She begins to masturbate my cock by giving a few licks at times.

She removes her cleavage she throws on the dead leaves as for his jacket, I had just noticed the beautiful chest she had. But, she does not let me see more and kneels before me and begins to suck my cock, I can only caress her breasts and tickle her nipples.

She sucks me and plays with my balls, licks everything and stares at me: She likes it, I like it. She gets up and gives me her breasts that I hasten to lick, she stroked my hair and moaned softly. I slip my right hand between her legs, try to open her pants and she helps me, makes it go down all the way down.

She kneels me and brings my head to her vagina, I pull the blue thong on the side with two fingers and starts to lick, I like it, and I swallow what escapes, she moans more and more, more and more. I pull his thong until he tears and I put two fingers and fuck him belly, my fingers are wet: I go back to her, kiss her and slide my fingers wet between our lips …

– Go, take me! She cries to me.

I push against the tree next door and I enter while kissing her neck and on her side, she caresses her breasts and loves it.

– Yes! That’s it, fuck me! Faster, give me all your sex !! Make me your thing, she cried each time with hurt.
– You like that young slut woods, huh! I whispered to her while licking her.

I went there more and more, I wanted to give him maximum pleasure. I saw his wet run down my cock and it excited me to see such a spectacle, I cried with pleasure and the same on his side.

I withdraw, turn it over and glue it to the tree. Standing, she was naked, I spread her nice ass and eat her anus, after a few minutes I decided to put it to him …

– Go there, that’s it: Sodomize me, sodomize your bitch!

At first, she let out a cry, I pull her hair and I see his face tense with joy, his mouth half open that lets out his biggest cries of enjoyment. It wet more and more and I felt that I was not going to delay and accelerated the movement …

– Aah! Damn it’s good! She said.
– I’m coming, I’m going to let go! I shouted at him.
– Give me everything, make me drink your seed !!!

I retire, ready to see her kneeling in front of me, my cock swimming in her mouth full of my sperm. But she remains standing, facing me, and grabs my cock to masturbate.

Our mouths are pressed one against the other, while she caresses her penis with my penis; dragging it up and down … When I feel coming, and she also feeling my penis swell as my seed was coming, she sinks into her pussy.
I let out a groan as I empty myself, she, for her part, had started to breathe deeply close to my ear.

– Hmm, it’s good, she said. Fill my belly with your cum!

I start kissing her passionately, and I retreat from his cock gaping and dripping that I masturbate thoroughly two fingers.
I kissed her neck, and we stayed in this position for a minute … She went to pick up her clothes.

– Thanks darling, you just fucked a married woman .Hat, she was married but why not say it, it’s probably not that that would stop me.

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