She used to go a few laps with me and try to catch me

She used to go a few laps with me and try to catch me

We saw each other several times. Over the days we have come so close that now I even go to the home.
She is each more enterprising. She heckles me, clinging to my neck in the big bath, she does not realize the effect it has on me. Her beauty capsizes me.
I feel guilty terribly, despite being eighteen, she is still very young. And I feel like an old pervert.

Charline is the typical example of these lolitas both prude and shameless. A little girl in a woman’s body. Who has not been moved by these teenage girls who are not so shy and do not realize that they are turning the heads of boys but also men walls?

Charline took the first step that day. She used to go a few laps with me and try to catch me in the race. Arrived first at the end of the pool I waited for room a little. There were a lot of people in the water. In order not to bother anyone, she then grabbed at me her arms around my neck her body glued to mine. Unlike her, I had feet at this place.

Our faces were very close to each other and without hesitation she kissed me on the mouth. I could not resist. I wrapped my arms around her waist and began to stroke her. We stayed for a few minutes like that.

After this very pleasant moment, I felt embarrassed. Everyone was watching us and I was worried about what they would think.
When I came out of the water, I tried to flee. But Charline followed me and took my hand.
– Do not go ! I did not want to rush you. I want to go out with you. Do you want to? She told me full of confidence.

I smile at his reaction, both ingenuous and condescending. I did not know what to say. Of course I wanted it. But social codes forbid me to have a relationship with a girl so young.

Our friendship was affected. The following swimming sessions were much colder. Just hello, goodbye and that’s it.
This atmosphere does not satisfy me. So I went to find her and told her the feelings I had for her, insisting that we would not go any further.

– You won. That’s right, I’m dying to go out with you. But please do not warm me anymore, I will not be able to hold very long.
Charline, though disappointed, nodded.
Against all odds, our relationship improved. I always accompanied her to the pool and she even went to see me at home when she was bored. We talked quietly out of sight, without further motivation.

Several months have passed thus. I loved his company. But we had more and more trouble hiding our feelings for each other.
Our video session on Friday night had become our moment. She spent the evening at home and we watched films huddled together.
The funny thing is that his parents who went to their tennis club those nights had given me their blessing. They took me for the ideal big brother.

Of course, it could not last. I do not count the number of times I struggled to not jump on him. I wanted her more and more each day.
We ended up cracking. It happened on a Friday night spring. The sunny days were just coming. She was dressed in shorts over her leggings and a very tight little top. She was really becoming a very beautiful woman. She was not her age, she would have been given 25 years without problems.
Tightened against each other, I put my hands on these beautiful legs carefully caressing. I went slowly I did not know how she would react. She let me do it.
In confidence, I put my arm around her shoulders and began to kiss her neck.

– Stop! But what are you doing ?? She said to me smiling.
Cooled by this answer I immediately stopped my caresses.
In her turn, she leaned her back on me so that I took her in my arms.
It was too much !
– Excuse me, but I can not resist! I want you!
I turned her around then and kissed her passionately.
Finally !!! I was dying for it.

– Stopped ! Do you forget what you told me about what others will say and all that?
– I know ! Only there I can not hold anymore. I love you ! I love you since the first day. I am crazy about you ! I replied.
She smiles.
– Sorry, but your presence is torturing me! It’s too much I want more.
“I’m happy,” she replied. I love being with you too. At least you do not treat me like a kid.
– Maybe because you’re not one, look at you, you’re a woman, a very beautiful woman and more.
On these confidences we embraced each other again and again.

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