But we will not be alone

But we will not be alone

Evi tried to persuade me:
– You who became a convinced naturist, it is in the right line of this activity. It is a militant gesture for nudity to enter the cities and impose itself. If one acts, perhaps one can go naked shopping, without being worried and without being offended.
– It’s really utopian. We will never be able to roam around town without finishing at the police station.
– Well this is the occasion or never, because in London, all the authorizations have been obtained.

– Naked bike, why not, but with cars, buses, pedestrians everywhere dressed, it’s very strange.
– But we will not be alone, there will be thousands of participants and we will meet our friends Evelyne and Boris.

Since our friends would join, I let myself bend while thinking that it was more a movement of exhibitionists than pure naturists. Because it was good to walk naked in the English capital with the whole population to watch us and watch us.

So when we met our friends, I could not help but ask them questions about the purpose of the event they had already attended. Their answers were clear and precise, as if they were the organizers of the operation:
– We are demonstrating because the streets of our big cities are monopolized by cars, motorcycles, scooters.

Whether in England, Germany, France or Spain where the movement was born, the city has become a hostile, dangerous and polluted place. You can not cross a street without risking being hit. It’s not normal. In addition motorized transport is the first source of greenhouse gases, danger and nuisance in the city.

We want the public space to be again a friendly and welcoming place, a space dedicated to people and meetings, not to machines and speed. Our slogan is “Less oil = more life! ”
– But why on a bicycle, why not a walk?
– Cycling is an efficient, ecological and friendly means of urban transport. It is a symbol of freedom and a concrete instrument of social transformation. It does not consume oil, does not participate in the destruction of the planet and remains far from the financial and warlike stakes related to fossil fuels. And you move better by bike and faster in town, than on foot.

– Nevertheless, in the big cities there are the buses, the subways or the tram Yes, but then you fall back into the economic system. And as only profitability matters, it is not suitable.
– But why manifest naked?

– Because cyclists are vulnerable in car traffic with power and speed, as if they were naked and defenseless. We show our bodies naturally, without false modesty, simply to remind ourselves that we are living beings and that we want to preserve our living environment. But this is not indecency, because nudity is desired, but it is not imposed!
– Does that mean that some protesters will be dressed?

– It’s a minority. Finally, there are some men keep underpants, girls are topless also keeping their pants. They arrive in order to get naked, but once at the foot of the wall, they dare not take the step. Most bodies are decorated with body paints, sometimes so elaborate that one could think of a garment on the skin. But, in my opinion, it is better to be totally naked, the body decorated why not, but not too much … For once we can cross the city in the simplest device with the approval of the authorities.

– And then, Evi, being naked is a good thing to promote our movement, to show that naturism is closely linked to ecology. Only by being naked in the cities can we make things change, move the lines. We should be able to be naked in all city parks without this posing the slightest problem and not just by moving away from the aisles.

“Still in Germany,” said Boris, “we have nothing to complain about. But nudity is much more repressed in France for example. In 2007 when the World Naked Bike Ride was held in Paris, the prefecture authorized to demonstrate, to make this demonstration of naked cyclists, but nobody should be naked. Eventually, protesters were arrested by the police.
– It’s sad for France. It’s a global movement, as its name suggests WNBR takes place all over Europe, but also in Canada, USA, Australia, New ZealandĀ “And so, in France,” I asked, “there was no new attempt?
– No, it’s too risky.

The departure is scheduled at 15 hours in Hyde Park, we are an hour before, just to get in the mood.

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