We would have thought it was a sexual trio

we would have thought it was a sexual trio

That’s when my parents came back to the living room. For me there was no doubt, my mother had just satisfied my father and he now sported the same satisfied smile that Denis had a few hours earlier. In the depths of me, I could not help but tell me, take off that silly smile, this evening everyone took advantage of your wife before you kind of stupid! Denis went to my father to talk with him.

The evening was drawing to a close, there was only a handful of guests left. My dad was sitting in a small couch for two with my mom and Denis. Her mother was slumped on the chest of my father, who was putting his arm around his neck. Denis was sitting next to my mother who was sliding the tips of her fingers on the thigh of the one who made her capsize earlier in the evening. They all got along well.

If I did not know my father and his legendary jealousy, we would have thought it was a sexual trio. This is also what makes this trio feel the last remaining guests. Very quickly, everyone leaves, Denis and my father exchanged their numbers. We meet in a small committee, my father thanks my mother for this evening that he found excellent. He is delighted with the meeting with Denis and continues to praise his evening guest.

– My father: “Denis is really great, he is good living, he has a lot of class, he knows how to put people at ease. I appreciate it very much. Karima, I feel like you get on well with him. We often complained about not having a lot of friends in common, I think for once, we came across a great guy. ”

The excitement subsided, my mother simply nodded. The woman full of sensuality that I had seen earlier had disappeared and the woman and mother had returned. I had met that night with the most exciting woman I had to meet. To my great despair, I never had the chance to see her again, to be content with the woman playing the role of mother. I console myself by telling myself that I have been lucky enough to be able to see what my mother is capable of in her privacy and that few people will have the chance to know their mother so dearly.

Going to bed that night, I made savage love to my girlfriend. She still remembers it today and talks about it as one of her best times. I rejected all the excitement accumulated that night on Sonia, for her pleasure.

The next day, cold, I was paralyzed by the fallout that was going to have this evening. Too many people had suspicions, my aunt had surprised my mother in action. I was sure that the noise would go around the neighborhood very quickly. But the days, then the weeks, then the months passed by, but no sign of this evening came back. This story was buried forever but nothing would ever be the same again.

Never again, Nabil and Samira have come home. They have gradually moved away from our family.

The relationship that united me to my aunt has completely changed. We were so close but now she barely spoke to me and made me clearly understand her disappointment at seeing me mother my mother with another man without reacting.

It is also becoming more and more rare. She used to visit us regularly. She was now only seen during family reunions.
With Sonia, we finally saw Aurélien again. Everything had changed in these little extras that we agreed with Sonia. Before this story, I liked participating in the trio, these meetings with other men and women. Now my pleasure was to see Sonia with two other guys and watch while jerking me in my corner.

I even allowed him to meet other people (men or women) without me being present and without my agreement. She lives a perfect life of a bachelor all day and comes home at night to tell me about her adventures when she has the chance to meet people she likes.

We both love the twist our couple took. She gets off with strangers and I like it. All this has been unlocked since this evening. I prefer to know that she meets other people and withdraw pleasure where I can stories that she tells me rather than one day she gives herself to another man in secret as did my mother.

Speaking of my mother, everything has changed for her too. She was still popular with the neighborhood but more for the same reasons. Obviously the news had circulated and everyone knew what my mother was capable of. I was the daily witness of the neighbors’ crushing attempts on my mother. Everyone was trying to get closer to her to achieve her ends. Even my friends did not hesitate to come home.

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