We sometimes meet other people to spice up our sex life

We sometimes meet other people to spice up our sex life

My father was at the time about to celebrate his first year of retirement. To make the point, my mother was keen to have a small barbecue where my father could invite the family, his friends and some of his former colleagues. He was thrilled by the idea of ​​this little party and to be able to find some of his former colleagues whom he had not seen since he left his job.

D-Day arrived. If my brothers had found an excuse to avoid being present at this barbecue, all the guests answered the call and began to arrive from 18h. Among the thirty guests, I could recognize Nabil and Samira, a couple of friends of my parents; Lova, my father’s sister; Sonia my fiancée; Michael and José, former colleagues of my father. Michael was accompanied by his brother Denis, a handsome blond man with blue eyes of about 45 years dressed in a sublime suit. As for the rest of the guests I did not know them.

The atmosphere was very relaxed. There was a large majority of men and if at first I did not know many people, I did not hesitate to go to these strangers to get to know each other. My father was the star of the evening; he was the center of attention and was constantly solicited by these many friends. Unlike him, my mother was much more withdrawn and took care of all the organization of this evening.

She was radiant. She wore a beautiful white dress that stopped in the middle of her thighs and showed a pretty neckline. To complete her sexy look, she decided to perch on white stilettos.

The evening is in full swing. My dad starts cooking the barbeque to start cooking meat. That’s when my fiancée Sonia joins me. She explains to me that she has been talking for about an hour with a certain Aurélien, that he likes her a lot and that if I agree, she would like it to go further. And yes I did not specify but with my fiancee, we are libertines. We sometimes meet other people to spice up our sex life. But usually we always prepared before doing it and we discussed it several days before meeting someone. This time his request was sudden and I felt unprepared.

In a word, I really did not want it to be done tonight. I suggested that he take his coordinates and that we could perhaps organize all this in a few days. She nodded but I felt a little frustrated by this refusal. This request from Sonia was a real trigger; it was at this moment that I realized that, in small groups, the men of the evening did not hesitate to flirt with the few women of the evening. This was also the case for my mother.

While my father was busy grilling meats in the garden, his former colleague Michael was chatting with my mother in the kitchen. From where I was I could observe them. Without hearing what he was saying, I could easily understand that Michael was courting my mother; admittedly with a lot of restraint but I was not fooled, this bastard who worked with my father for nearly 20 years did not hesitate today to flirt with his wife.

Fortunately, in the attitude of my mother I could see that she was not interested; she was chatting out of courtesy but no more. Also in the kitchen but in retreat from them, Michael’s brother Denis watched the situation and took part in the conversation when invited.

” At table! “. By this cry my father announced that his first meats were cooked and that the most hungry could come to serve first. The others will wait for the second round. That’s when Michael decides to leave my mother alone to make sure she can have something to eat.

This is how he abandons my mother with his brother Denis and throws himself on the first plates available. While a dozen guests begin to eat, my father takes the cooking of his meat. Meanwhile, Denis is always in the kitchen with my mother. He is naturally very classy and expresses himself with great ease.

This guy is really handsome man, sure of himself. It makes me feel good and I start to fear leaving him alone for too long with my mother. Fortunately, I see that my mother keeps the same line and that always with much courtesy, she discusses with her guest but that it will not go further.

Relieved I lower my guard. I go to the garden and hasten to catch a plate to restore myself, I talk a little with my father and after ten minutes I decided to return to the living room. What a surprise! On my return I realize that Denis and my mother are still together in the kitchen but that it looks good.

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