She has already had stories with boys that have lasted

she has already had stories with boys that have lasted

Why do I say that Marion is one of my passions? Because I love it, simply! Between twins, we are really fusional. We say everything, we tell everything, we are very complicit, in short, I would not see myself living without it, and just thinking about it gives me goose bumps!
Physically, I am rather ordinary: brown, short hair, brown eyes, slender figure, I measure 1.70m.

Marion, it’s all the opposite: a pretty brunette with long curly hair, pleasant shapes to look at, especially her buttocks that seem to please the men because there are many boys who look at them, and the volcanic temperament. This character, she inherited it from my mother.

With girls, I have a little success. I already had girlfriends in high school and college, but nothing serious. When I say “serious”, I mean that I have never acted, if you know where I am coming from. On the other hand, my right hand is my best friend, and that, for a long time!

As for Marion, she has already had stories with boys that have lasted, but I do not know if she has already offered her virginity to one of them. We say everything, it’s true, and it happens to talk about ass, but this question, I never dared to ask him. Why ? I do not know, maybe because I do not want her to learn that I have never done anything.
In short, now that the main characters in this story are planted, let’s get down to business.

This summer, my parents decided to go on holiday in Spain. My mother has always dreamed of visiting Andalusia and, as she will be fifty years old this year, my father decided to make a mark by taking us there as a camper.

We love this means of transport, since we have been using it for years, and it was with this motorhome that we spent most of our best vacation. This is an old bunker that is over twenty years old and is struggling to exceed one hundred kilometers, but we love it, and it’s part of the family!

In short, at this beginning, it’s at 6am that we leave Brest, Andalusia, my father driving, and my mother co-driver. As for Marion and I, we sleep just above them, in the nasturtium of the camper. At this time, it is still cool, so we are bundled up in our down.

For my part, I wear only a boxer. Marion has a T-shirt, and just a little panties. Her long curly hair is undone, and marry the shape of the pillow on which her head is placed. How do I know? Okay, I admit, sometimes I quietly mate it, and I did it again this morning as she took off her pajama bottoms before slipping into her down. Did she see me? Chances are, but it does not seem to have bothered him. After all, who tells me she did not do that?

So we spend the day on the road, Marion and I still in our perch, and we spend our time reading, chatting, and laughing together. Our parents just have to raise their voices to discuss with us but, given the sound of this old tub, it’s quite complicated. Obviously, during the first stop, Marion and I were able to put on a more decent outfit, and I took the opportunity, in passing, to check his pretty buttocks.

In short, now she is wearing a mini-shorts over her panties, but I have a doubt, she wears a bra under his shirt? I’m not sure. In any case, she is beautiful to fall, as usual, and I am sure that many Spaniards will rinse their eyes by seeing it in a few hours. I know it’s my sister and I should not say such things but, at the same time, tell the truth, that’s what our parents always taught us!

In the evening, we stop in Agen, in a small municipal campsite. My father is exhausted by this day on the road, and I understand it. So, he decides to sleep here tonight, and to leave early tomorrow morning.

Since he knows that Marion and I are marmots, he even tells us that if he and my mother are waking up early while we are still sleeping, they will leave early. Marion and I are overjoyed because we love it when our father does it: do not wait until we wake up and hit the road again. Sleeping while knowing that we are on the road of the holidays, it is something that is really kiffant!

After sweating all day in this tub, I decided to go take a shower in the sanitary of the campsite. So I take off my shirt, grab a clean and a boxer, and my towel, my toilet bag and hop, direction showers.

-Wait, Marion asks me, I’m going to take a shower too.

Immediately, she will lock herself in the toilets of the motorhome and come out two minutes later.

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