I would not know who to do the dirty panties

I would not know who to do the dirty panties

I had never really watched my aunt nor ever fantasized about her until the day or going to take a shower after a particularly hot and muggy night, I found on the bathroom floor one of her panties. I took it to the basket of dirty clothes when I noticed that it was all soiled with a mix probably wet and sperm.

I imagined then Christelle returning from a drenched evening, the cum flowing between her thighs, swinging her panties in the bathroom before going to throw herself in bed. I could not help sniffing her and I was seized with a violent erection. I began to masturbate while watching the task of cum mixed with sperm and making images of my aunt being filed like a slut. I was about to empty my balls on the panties when we knocked on the door. “Is it soon free? I really want to pee!

I hesitated between finishing my masturbation but I would not know who to do the dirty panties. I said, “I was going to shower, but wait, I’m going to open.” I put a towel around my waist to hide my cock and opened the door. Christelle came in, her face flushed, her eyes encircled. She wore an absolutely erotic nightie, aged with holes. It gave him a look of slut, a bit old slut. She threw herself on the bowl to relieve herself.

I turned my head to not look but the sound of the violent jet against the porcelain toilet only accentuated my erection. At the moment, I found it very strange to be excited by a sound of urine. I heard the last streams falling in the water and the sound of the paper unfolding. While she pissed, Christelle asked me things banal, if I had slept well, if my room was comfortable … Then her tone changed and she apologized for letting her pants drag on the floor. I do not know if at that moment she understood that I had noticed the tasks on this one. I turned around when I realized that she had gotten up from the toilet.

She gave an insistent glance at my belly, she could not fail to see my cock bandaged under the towel. She then made me eyes full of perversion and a mutinous smile then she came out of the bathroom. She had forgotten to flush the toilet. In an incomprehensible impulse, I approached the bowl to feel his urine. I took the paper half submerged and I lapped by masturbating violently. The jets of cum joined my aunt’s piss and I shot the hunt and wondered what was happening to me.

From that moment, I no longer looked at my aunt as before. During the following day, I took every opportunity to ogle her. When she was sitting, I passed over her to watch her cleavage. As she never put a bra, I saw twice a breast and a nipple hardened. I waited feverishly she crosses or uncrossed her legs to hope to see his crotch.

In the afternoon, she was lying on a blanket reading, her skirt back and I enjoyed long minutes of her panties. It seemed to me that there was a small task at the vulva. I had to go back to the bathroom to masturbate again.

At the end of the afternoon, she told me that a couple of friends came to eat at her place. She went to get ready, take a shower and get dressed. When I saw her ready, I did not believe my eyes. She was literally dressed like a whore. She had an outrageous makeup, a leather mini-skirt, fishnet stockings, a very short top that barely hid her breasts. It was enough that she bends to see her red panties lace.

His friends arrived. Myriam was a little blonde with short hair, a frail body, dressed in tight cotton shorts that showed the marks of her labia and the line of her ass. She really did not have a lot of breasts, and even though she was my aunt’s age, it looked like a young boy if there was not such ostentatious display of her genitals through the cotton. She kissed me and said I was cute.

Her husband shook me a firm hand telling me that I was lucky to be on vacation under the roof of Christelle. When he said hello to my aunt, I thought I saw him pass a hand in the ass while saying something in his ear. The meal went off in some way but as the bottles of wine emptied, the two women took poses increasingly shameless.

Myriam stood lasciviously on a long armchair, legs apart and her shorts let appear her panties on one side. Christelle swallowed glass on glass and had without noticing it reassembled her skirt in a pornographic posture. But it was mostly Myriam’s t-shirt that was shining

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