This person sticks against me

this person sticks against me

One summer night, my cousin had come home with her children to spend a weekend there. We lived at the time in a 3-room apartment in the suburbs. I shared one of the rooms with my brother, a bunk bed.

In the evening, my parents asked us to leave the room to my cousin and her children and that we slept with my brother in the living room on the sofa bed because the room was cool in the summer and more pleasant. I was with my brother in the room playing at the console and the two little children were already sleeping in the bed at the top.

I was getting sleepy and I decided to go to sleep around 23:30. I go into the living room, I unfold the sofa and fall asleep, my parents and my cousin were in the kitchen to discuss everything and nothing at that time. I remember that at that time my cousin drank alcohol but discreetly with my father.
My cousin that night had borrowed a nightgown from my father and one of my old joggings.

At around 1:35, someone joins me in the bed, and puts under the sheet. Thinking it was my brother I fell asleep very quickly, I did not pay attention at all. I slept facing the wall. But 30 minutes later, this person sticks against me, I do not dream I feel a chest stick against me.

I could clearly feel through the fabric a bra leaning against my back. And I smell the smell of my cousin, her sweet scent, there was no doubt it was my cousin who was sleeping next to me! I kept pretending to sleep, back to her. I did not understand why she came to sleep with me but to be honest with you it did not bother me at all!

At the time, I was already fantasizing about her, I searched when I could in the dirty laundry to discover her lingerie and tasks on her panties and I often wanked me thinking about her. I was a virgin in high school and I had a girlfriend but we had been together for 2 weeks so nothing had happened yet.

Suddenly, my cousin sticks even more against me, this time she runs her hand over me and begins to caress my hand, gently, I start to chill because it was really exciting but both disturbing because I did not know how to react. From time to time I could feel his breath in my neck and also feel his legs rubbing against mine. Now that her hand down to my chest and my belly, she still continues her caresses sometimes with only one finger … and this time she tucked her hand under my shirt and put only his hand on my belly but without moving.

That’s when I decided to move, I turned to lie on my back to see what she was going to do. My cousin had the reflex, or not, to withdraw a little, to my greatest sadness. I blamed myself for having moved on the spot and then in the wake my cousin went to the bathroom, these minutes of absence seemed an eternity … A few minutes later I see her back. I always pretend to sleep, she always lies near me under the sheet.

After a good half hour, I go to action I pretend to stick against it, as reflex in my sleep. No reaction. Later she finally decides to stick against me. And there surprise! I feel his chest under his shirt leaning against me again, this slut removed her bra when she went to the bathroom. I could clearly feel her nipples rubbing against my left arm!

I started having a cudgel, I felt my cock swollen and I had only one desire was to jerk me on the spot. This time she puts her hand directly on my chest, she continues her delicate caresses, she continues to lower his hand, and put it under my shirt, she recaresse my chest, lingers on my nipples, plays with then she puts her hand down in my underpants. She passes gently over my cock through my boxers she clearly feels that I band like crazy.

She stops dead and drops a kiss on my cheek and says: “are you sleeping?” what I do not answer. I always pretend to sleep. She does not do anything for a little while. Then she decides to grab my cock through my underpants and begins to masturbate gently and then she decides to put his hand under the underpants to go see the gear. She passes her left hand in and begins to caress my cock all the way and then with her finger she touches the tip of the glans which causes up shivers .

She understands that I do not sleep, she drops me a kiss on the cheek then two. A few good minutes later, she removes her hand from the underpants, then she unbuttons her shirt and for the first time I see thanks to the light of the moon to work.

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