The enormous sex of which each of the three partners felt the palpitations

the enormous sex of which each of the three partners felt the palpitations

The vagina of the young woman distended by the pal always deeply stuck in it, dripping with pleasure, and whitish nets were flowing on the rod of his partner. Maybe that’s why the executioner behind her did not think it was necessary to lubricate her scepter.

He got up suddenly and rested on his feet, thighs half bent, and with his hand pointed his dart at the entrance to the coveted well, which was offered to him as a provocative but willing offering.

No doubt he also thought that the one who was going to welcome him was sufficiently excited, or was it agreed in advance. Still, he did not give him any preliminary.
The gesture sure and accurate, the man firmly applied his penis against the anus of his partner who gave a little start, and stopped for a moment, firmly holding a hand, his penis pointed at his target.

He seemed focused like a bungee jumper before he jumped into the void. We could see on his face, that he savored this brief moment when his immobile partners watched or feared his invasion with infinite and enjoyable attention. He was the master of their destiny. He alone was going to decide … .. The tension was palpable. We held our breath.

Then, he weighed his whole body lightly on the ring, which at first sank slightly, but seemed to rebel and deny him access. Then we saw the muscles of the man stretching as he accentuated the pressure. His cock flexed even slightly, under pressure from his owner.
When suddenly the ring of flesh gave way, we saw brutally disappearing the glans in the depths of the young woman.

But instantly, the ring had tightened behind him, trapping the glans at its base, where the penis is starting to thicken. The man paused to savor his first victory, and released his thrust.

Then, after a short moment, he began to force a slow, steady and inevitable penetration. This did not end until her sex was completely engulfed in this generous gluteus to the hilt, her pubis crushing the buttocks of his partner. He remained motionless, welded, conquering conqueror, savoring the superiority of his posture with a satisfied little smile.

The woman had jumped and uttered a little cry of surprise or pain during the first assault, but now seemed to delight in the slow progress of this monstrous sex that deliciously tore his anus, and invaded his stomach little by little. We had followed with emotion the slow disappearance of this column of flesh, millimeter by millimeter in the entrails of the woman.

Virginie and I, followers of sodomy, watching the inevitable burst of pain when the pile of flesh defends the guts of the libertine. But nothing but a sigh of happiness disturbed the end of this fantastic invasion.
We had held our breath, so much was the scene.

Virginia’s hands were clutching my shoulders as she tiptoed to not lose a crumb of this spectacle of such beauty. She bit her lip as the pile of flesh rushed into the foundation, and her body shuddered.

The man who was lying under him, remained motionless and attentive during the time of penetration. First of all to savor each millimeter of the slow penetration, then the total intromission of the enormous sex of which each of the three partners felt the palpitations.

At first strangely silent and complicit, the strange trio came to life little by little. In the dim light, we could see the two tense sexes rushing alternately into the belly of the young woman, the distendant and showing glistening juices that dripped along the sex and thighs of the lover who was below. The rhythm was clocked like a well-tuned machine. When one entered, the other came out.

From time to time, one could hear the dry crack of the testicles of the man above that hit the buttocks of his partner with violence. The bodies began to sweat under this animated ballet, and to glow in the dim light. The beatings became more violent without however the rate increased. We felt that this hammering was to generate waves of pleasure to the three partners. No screams, no slaps on the buttocks, no erotic insults. We were in another dimension, that of control and restraint. And the well-oiled mechanics took a cruising pace, like the pistons of a powerful diesel engine.

If the men remained silent in their work, the woman on the other hand began to show obvious signs of the rise of her pleasure. His groan, or rather slap, is hard to describe. And yet, I would never forget that kind of noble, pure, authentic lament that rose.

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