The breasts were gradually revealed

the breasts were gradually revealed

My mother had a very close friend, Marie who had also been in the same case a few years earlier. To survive Marie had first taken a small refreshment bar, a simple room with a bar in a small house, located in the center of the village. Retirees came there to take their coffee sprinkled with rum, a bistouille as it was said at the time, read the newspaper and tell their life.

Gradually younger ones came, not really attracted by the bistouille but by the charm of the new boss.
Marie could listen. Pretty big, beautiful shapes, buxom we will say and always smiling. Her outfits, wise in the beginning were more and more suggestive, the dress was shortened, the breasts were gradually revealed. The more the breasts were revealed and the more the turnover increased.

Very often, after the closing, her evenings ended with a man who had known how to charm her and especially who had spent well at the bar. These men left a small amount when they left.

It was at this time that my mother found herself a widow. Hardly the condolences I had made and my father buried, Marie suggested to my mother to come and help her to hold the bar, she explained all that that implied, this one did not hesitate a long time.

And from this moment the turnover of the bar “chez Marie et d’Henriette” –
Henriette is the name of my mother-has really exploded. It was not a bar but a real bar for men looking to have a good time.
As Marie was no longer alone, one of them could slip away at any time with a client in need in a small room specially designed as an intimate boudoir. Against payment of course.

But the establishment was rather small and located in the village, people – especially women – began to point to it. One day Marie found a bar for sale a little away from the village, at the Orée du Bois-that was her name because it was on the edge of the wood- she jumped at the chance.
She had amassed a small nest egg in two years and the deal was quickly concluded.
I was 15 years old at that time and I had discovered foranism for a long time. I had a friend, Rene, a little older, 16 years old, and we masturbated in concert in front of so-called “charming books” at home, at home or in the woods that was not very far from where we lived.

Although younger than René, I was rather proud to find that my sex was much bigger and longer than his. My testicles were also bigger and when challenges to the one who ejaculated the farthest, I always won.

Rene had a sister, Nadine, 18 years old. Their mother having died of cancer the year before, Nadine acted as mistress of the house. Their father, a team leader in mine maintenance worked at night throughout the year.

Nadine had a reputation as a light girl, not usurped. One day René informed me that his sister had a new lover who came looking for her sometimes in the afternoon. He had followed them one day as they were going to the woods one day but Nadine had seen him and he had turned back. He suggested I follow them at the first opportunity, I agreed.

Some time later we were hanging out and we saw Nadine’s lover walking on foot. He was in his thirties. Nadine still had married and older lovers. He passed and passed several times in front of the windows, Nadine went out and after a brief meeting, she returned. The man went alone to the woods and a few minutes later we saw Nadine go out. She had changed and she went in the same direction.

After leaving him a moment in advance, we followed him.
The small road was winding and lined with trees and it was very easy to go unnoticed. The wood was rather dense, little paths made by thousands of steps were outlined in the grass.

This wood was crossed by a small river and many nooks were found here and there along its course. Nadine was walking fast enough, no doubt in a hurry to find her lover. We saw her heading for a huge weeping willow and disappearing behind the foliage that went down to the ground.
We waited a moment, very excited and then we approached, making the last meters crawling on the ground. I remember my heart was beating fast, it must have been the same for René.

Finally we saw them, entwined on the grassy ground. Nadine already had her bodice, her bra was removed too. The man had his mouth on one breast, one hand triturating the other. Nadine could be heard moaning under the caresses, a hand clutching her lover’s head.
Soon the hand of the man abandoned the trained breast to disappear under the skirt of Nadine.
The sighs increased in intensity, his head moving from right to left, his mouth wide open.

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