She smiles, kisses me…

she smiles, kisses me…

She takes in hand my index and middle finger and poses on the top of her sex. I feel a big protuberance. She turns her fingers around and whispered to me:
-But like that darling, sweet, do not support. Yes like this. Continue it’s good.
I concentrate while straightening up and I’m trying to give him pleasure. I smell a strong smell that excites me to the highest point. She whispers:
-Yes continues like that darling, you will make me cum. I look back at Nadine’s face. Her head dodeline from right to left, her nostrils throb, she spreads her legs even more. Her chest is rising at full speed, she is in delirium.

-Yes ! Yes ! Oh yes darling! Continue like this !!! Ahhh! Ye! Yes!
And she begins to enjoy shouting, mouth wide open. Her pleasure lasts a long time, she takes my hand and stops my movement while closing her thighs violently. Eyes closed, she recovers gently while I caress her chest. Finally she opens her eyes, looks at me with love and attracts me to her. A long kiss unites us then:
-You made me enjoy a wonderful way my darling.
I have never been happier in my life, I believe.
Nadine turns to the bed next door, the couple is reproducing what we have done.
Irene’s nostrils pinched under the pleasure that RenĂ© gives him. We hear his moans rising. Nadine looks, too.
I band for a long time already but I do not move, it’s beautiful a couple who gives himself pleasure.

Irene gasps, cries out:
-Yes ! Yes ! Faster !!! Yes! hh!
She almost screams. Enjoyment makes it backward, mouth wide open, looking for air.
Finally she calms down, tries to catch her breath, eyes closed. We say nothing, admiring.
Finally she opens her eyes, turns to Rene, kisses him and turns to us, looking exhausted. She smiles viciously, asks:
-So the voyeurs, you feasted?
Nadine responds;
-Yes, it was very beautiful. But you also looked at us no?
Irene agrees.

-It was very nice to see you enjoy it’s true.
Nadine turns her eyes towards my cock tight, she smiles, kisses me, slips into my ear:
-You have hoods?
I confirm, I took two hoods in the box that my brother gave me.
She smiles and says:
-We will make you a man.
We caress for a while then:
-You give me one?
I lean over and take a case in the pocket of my shorts. I give him.
She rips the envelope and unrolled the hood on my cock leaving a good space for sperm under the look of interested Rene and Irene. She lies down, spreads her legs, holds out her arms:
– Come on darling, I want your tail.
I come to put between his legs, my tail is agitated convulsive tremors under the intense desire that inhabits me. I lean on the forearms and approach my cock gaping and odorous sex. Nadine grabs her and approaches her pussy.
-Get it sweet darling, your cock is huge.

I present my tail, the glans gradually disappears between the lips that deviate under the push. Nadine breathes louder and louder, her eyes drowned with desire. I continue to sink slowly, I feel my cock compressed by the pussy that has never received such a member. She makes a small grin, murmurs:
-Yes, go slowly! Stopped ! Yes ! again ! Yes ! Oh yes, go on!
She has clenched hands on my back, nostrils quivering and eyes closed. She attracts me in her. Finally I’m deep down, I can not go further.
-Stop ! Do not move ! Let me get used!
She has trouble articulating. She opens her eyes, smiles at me and says:
-Go ahead ! Go now ! Make love to me darling. So I’m unleashing myself. I penetrate with great thrusts. Nadine undulates under me, writhing with pleasure. We hear obscene sucking noises caused by the abundant wetting. Every time I sink into the con soaked squirts get wet water balls and land on the sheet.
She enjoys very fast, shouting like crazy under my repeated assaults.
-Yes ! Yes ! Yes I’m coming ! I come ! I enjoy! you make me cum my darling! Ahhhhh!
She blocks me by blocking my back with her legs and tries to catch her breath. She painfully opens her eyes and smiles, pulls my face towards hers. We kiss.
-What foot my god! Ah yes then!
Turning her head towards the bed next door she smiled at Irene and Rene who feast on the show and then came back to me. She asks me :
-You did not enjoy?

I tell him no.
-Let me recover my darling.
She caresses my lower back, buttocks. Then:
-Vas there darling let me enjoy again.
Again I pumping her with great thrusts under the groans of Nadine.
-Ah yes ! Yes Sweety ! Go hard! Even stronger !

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