She looks happy for the answer

She looks happy for the answer

My mother attended the stage through the window, she asks me when I come back:
-Why are you not going to the office to pee?
I look at her, not knowing what to say. She looks at me, waiting for an answer. I end up stammering:
-Ben in the morning I can not mom.

Mouth open, she stares at me, in front of her obvious incomprehension I add:
-Finally mom, you know? And then did you see it? ……. If I’m pissing in the bathroom in the morning, I’m going to water everything.
She opened her mouth as if to retort something and then changed her mind, began to smile, then got up to prepare my breakfast.
I ate in silence in a slightly embarrassed silence when she asked me.
-What are you doing today ?
I answered that I did not know anything about it. She told me she was going shopping in the big city next door this afternoon. Probably buy new sexy business I thought.

The breakfast swallowed I cleaned up quickly and headed to the house of Rene and Nadine. As usual, I open the door that opens on a small courtyard and knocks on the door of the house. Rene comes to open me, he beckons me to enter. Nadine greets me with a nice smile. We discuss gently so as not to wake their sleeping father.
Nadine asks us what we are doing today. We answer that we do not know anything about it. In the conversation she informs us that she has invited Irene for dinner tonight and then she will spend the night there.
After some hesitation she also invites me for dinner.
I hasten to accept.

She looks happy for the answer.
-If you want you can sleep there too, you know, there is the place.
I am too happy and accept too. I add:
-But I have to ask my mother before.
Nadine understands, she agrees.
We’re leaving Rene and me. I ask :
-She often comes to sleep there his girlfriend?
-Yes, quite often.

It leaves me dreamy. I think back to what he said to me about the curtain and I can not wait for tonight.
All day we’re hanging out. At noon during the meal I inform my mother of the invitation and not to prepare a meal for tonight. She is very happy for me.
After a little apprehension I ask him if I can also sleep at home.
She agrees there too, I breathe a sigh of relief.
-As long as I know where you are, no problem Serge.

It is very beautiful today I want to tan. There is a garden behind the house, well before my father’s time. At present it is rather fallow.
I inform my mother of my intention and look for a large blanket that serves only that and leads me to a corner away from the eyes of neighbors
I spread the blanket on the floor, undress completely and I lie down, savoring the rays of the sun on my body completely naked.
I almost fall asleep and am awakened by my mother who comes to warn me that she is absent. She is right behind me and has every opportunity to observe me. She hesitates then says:
-Well ben I go, beware the sun burns today.
I thank her. Definitely, it’s the second time today, good the third time at least with the last time in the night. In addition he is each time erect as by chance. At worst she will be proud of me, I say to myself.
I smile and let myself be gilded.

Time goes by and once again, I am awake by my mother who has just returned.
It is not far from 17 hours, I get up, get dressed and head to the house. My mother was in the back kitchen which also served as bathroom. The door between this room and the common room was open. She was wearing bra and mini underwear putting on makeup in the mirror hanging on the wall, the chest facing the room and I had the opportunity to admire her beautiful chest. Only the lower breasts were covered by the cups, the top and especially the nipples were clearly visible. It shocked me instantly, it’s the first time I can admire them. I feel my cock trying to stand up, caught in my shorts.
I stay there, admiring the beautiful spectacle of this almost naked chest. My mother is well aware of the show she gives me but does not move, continuing her makeup.
Naturally, she asks me ingenuously:
“How do you find me Serge?

My throat is tight, do not know what to say. She gives me a big smile, rests the tube of lipstick, enters the room and goes to his room on the right. She walks past me and enters the room, turning her back to me. His buttocks are very beautiful I think, the underpants do not hide, it highlights.
My mother disappeared from my sight, I get up and put my cock in a good position, I get back.
She does not take long to come out, dressed beautifully, makes me a big smile and wishes me a good evening and a good night.
I watch her cross the big courtyard, open the door.

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