Her brown skin

her brown skin

It is this boy, there, that I can observe from behind, sitting 2 benches in front on the right, with his charcoal black curly mopĀ and her brown skin, typically Maghrebian where Arabic, I do not know, but this skin pushes me to imagine thingsĀ the craziest.

It makes me want to touch him, caress him and then tickling him and biting his skin and then ….

I do not count my nights busy masturbating frantically thinking about him or he overhangs me with his good shoulders
and his desert man’s muscles, thinking back to his body odor that I will never forget and that I’ll never be sick of.

I remember that on a summer day in chemistry class, sitting next to him, I breathed the smell of his sweat,
which allowed me to imagine a little more sensations that I would have if I could lie down on him and snuggle against his chest.

– In short I go astray, I have to go to gym, for once that I have not forgotten to take my outfit.

“Still on the verge of being late Nathan, but what are you doing between the class? Says Mr. Hilbert, my gym teacher.
-Your local is just right down and the others arrive on time …
-No, I … I was in the bathroom what … (I used to masturbate after most of the classes I had with Amir)
-Good, file in the locker room change you, the others are still there and the course will begin. ”

I then enter the locker room and I see most other boys actually changed or in shirtless ….

There is really no place on the benches to change me so I decided to go to where it is still possible.

I realize that I’m surrounded by a guy I do not know and on the other side here is Amir in underwear.
He has not seen me yet, too busy looking for something in his bag, leaning towards it in a slip a little too … squeezing.

I can not help but glance furtively at this well-baptized body, her hairy legs but not too much,
going through his nice and dry belly to his imposing torso, while trying to change me without delay.

(He gives me an amused look)

“Shit, I think he spotted me.” “Well, I act as if nothing had happened and I put on these shoes.” “Why this smile … strange from him?”
“It troubles me, we’re friends for a few years but we never really talk, then he does not smile often, so why …

Now the 2 hours of gym have just ended.

-We are sweaty and we are good for showering, something I hate to do in school …

“But hey, do not you go for a disgusting, then the other asshole of Kevin is not here today to break them
in the showers and still humiliate me …
Fuck yourself to those who say that self-confidence is a choice, it’s bullshit. ” (For the record, I am small enough for my 17 years and I do not have a very imposing physical constitution, this must contribute to the lack of confidence that I have in me)

Mr. Hilbert: “I need 3 strong fellows before returning to the locker room to store the equipment, and I see that almost all have already left …
Amir, Maxime and Nathan, come on!
“Hell, I’m still going to miss my bus, but hey, Hilbert is asking for it after all …”
You will probably be the last and I must leave, I leave you the keys to close the locker room! ”

Back in the locker room so I start to undress and take out my towel …
Maxime seems to have disappeared, he was fast.
Stay Amir.

Once naked, I roll my towel around my hip to enter the showers, for the sake of modesty.

“I know that Amir never takes showers.”

Well, that’s what I thought, until he came in while I was cleaning my long hair with shampoo.

I did not see him from the beginning, back to the front door, nor heard him because of the sound of the water.

He had a view of my buttocks.

It was when I felt a hand rest on my shoulder that I turned around and made myself naked.
I was terribly embarrassed and I hid my sex reflex with great speed.
I hardly dared to look him in the eyes.
He did not look more embarrassed than that.

Then ensued a silence, where our naked bodies, his rather muscular and well-traced North-African pattern, were frozen one before the other.
(What bothered me the most was the sight of his big cock that he let hang in front of me without too many genes,
his pink tassel coming out even halfway …)

The silence was even heavier when the water stopped flowing.

Always in the same situation, I tried to articulate, to formulate something.


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