Entwined couples danced on the track

Entwined couples danced on the track

For our first swinger experience, we chose a club away from home, discretion required, and well rated by those who had attended. We had booked our evening following the formula “dinner + club”, which allowed us to arrive at the opening of the establishment, to be able to recognize the places, and take our marks before being caught in whirlpools that I feared uncontrollable, and perhaps destructive … .in an inevitable and definitive way.
We had long exchanged beforehand on signs of connivance, codes, so as to stop a crazy machine which we would lose control. Despite this, neither was really reassured, yet an irresistible force led us to our new destiny, but it must be said with some excitement.

In the evening, dressed in a provocative outfit, one as the other, we went to our new destiny.
The club was opulent, healthy, bright, equipped with a festive lighting bar, and we were quickly conquered by the place. The welcome was friendly, even corporate, and I would say even family. The amenities of nature to satisfy the most demanding, salons, dance floor, giant screens, lively music, saunas, swimming pools, and of course, many cuddly corners of the medieval genre, with thick doors studded and wrought iron, skylights to watch the frolics of couples, salons, green plants, …. a corner of paradise on earth, far from the hectic life of everyday life. The immersion was total, and the dice were thrown.

The meal was taken upstairs in another wing of the establishment which was also a hotel-restaurant. All the happy libertines were installed at a large communal table arranged in a circle, and the patron of the establishment joined us. The meal was held in an atmosphere of frank camaraderie, slightly tinged with eroticism. Everyone had a quick chat. The excellence of the wine helped to lift the conventions and the inhibitions, and the gastronomic meal proved to be of high quality, light and very digestible.
Of course, another facet of the evening was going to start, and it was not conceivable to be curbed by stomach heaviness. Everything had been carefully calculated. The show would start soon.

The dessert consumed, we went down to the bar, where the meal time, new couples had settled on high stools. The musical atmosphere had gone up a degree, people were laughing, and conversing freely from table to table. Entwined couples danced on the track. The atmosphere was mesmerizing, intoxicating, erotic, contagious, burning.
The girls’ light and provocative outfits, the men’s dressy but casual outfits in this festive atmosphere made the atmosphere surreal. We were in a dream.
I got out of my high stool, and took Virginia at the waist to tighten against me, then take her ass with both hands. She ran against me, smiling, happy, excited, and consenting. Then we took a few dance steps that were more like an exciting and provocative body-to-body. We were alone in the world, or rather in paradise.
I felt open, and my hand slipped into her thighs confirmed the excitement I had seen. Soaked, she was ripe to continue the adventure.

Suddenly a rather young man, distinguished, rose from a high stool, and walked slowly towards us. Smiling, in a low voice, he complimented Virginie for her outfit, caressingly caressing a breast on the back of her hand. Then he whispered in his ear:
– “you are beautiful….”
Abruptly released from her lethargy, and disarmed by the speed of the proposal, Virginie stammered a
– “No thanks ……… a little later”.
The man, of good education, did not insist further, withdrew his exploratory hand, excused himself as a perfect gentleman, and walked away with an understanding smile.
No doubt looking for another consenting victim.

We then went to the sauna, and we were stripped before taking a shower. The swimming pool next door stretched out, with its blue water, the colorful spots, and its small lapping. We slipped naked in the water with delight and delight, teased by an irresistible desire to make love there, right now, in the water, like animals, without any restraint.
Unfortunately, the posters warned users that any form of touching was prohibited in the pool. It was very beautiful…. However, it overlooked several cuddly corners that were starting to come alive. The indiscretion was too tempting, and we discreetly circled the pool still in the water, skirting the edge, pausing when we were above an interesting hug. The scenes of libertinage that we overes tenfold still our excitement that I believed for a long time was.

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