As much as sex calls sex

As much as sex calls sex

First step: the restaurant.
It was perfect, few people (3 day weekend), isolated at our table, talking about things and others, our projects and our fears too. The meal ended here we are in the car, smiling, I had hope that the evening is good and we find what we came to look for.

I admit that the idea of ​​meeting a couple faded a little, telling me that in a party like this, the majority of couples on the spot should seek not another couple but another man. So why not us.

Arrived at the club, after a kiss to our friend club owner, we enter the room. Quick overview: guys alone actually more or less beautiful, the trend is mostly at least beautiful. Couples present too, unfortunately for us, they are also far from being to our taste.
The only cute and young couples will be, we will see later, already accompanied; an appointment made already before. Crap !

Come on, it does not matter, we are only in the early evening after all. Head to the bar, cocktail house, let’s go smoke a cigarette by clinking to us. Outside the patio we meet a nice couple, both physically and socially. But that will not go further.

After drinking our glass, we decide to dance to the rhythm of the music that the DJ is in an amateur style rather than professional. Our bodies are undulating, we are raising our body heat one and the other. No keys on the horizon. My head scrutinizes the bodies, the couples around us and also the men alone. And really it’s not folichon.

I have pain. Your remark was relevant: “It’s going to be very hard tonight! You amaze me, galley even.
I spend a big part of the evening, where we chained glasses, dance and approach more or less fruitful. The decision was made naturally, it will be with a guy alone tonight.

I had spotted a guy with a white shirt and another rather shy, since I had seen that since the beginning of the evening, he followed us from afar, without ever daring to approach us. But his little carousel, I had spotted.

M started dancing like a goddess, hanging on the bar, I saw the faces of each other alternated with the rhythm of her buttocks, even a woman of about 50 years did not hesitate to come caressing them, and kiss them. While a 60-year-old was also trying to touch his thigh. He seemed to particularly appreciate the dance, his approach did not please me at all.

Especially since he often returned to the charge; especially when M was in the cage, where a woman whose body was handsome but not head at all, danced with you in a sensual way and stuck tight. The more he approached her the more it debuted me, to the point where I kindly told her, that M would be absolutely not interested, and that she was my wife and that I was not interested either.

I remember his answer: “ok, I look then” “yes that you can”, he left 30 seconds later, leaving her alone with her conquest of the moment. Unfortunately, two points bothered me, the beauty of this woman is inversely proportional to the light on the cage and his man did not please me at all; A kind of big balèze, too sure of himself and whose facies told me that his cultivation rate should be as low as his belt.

So still not lucky in this evening. Change of tactics, M began to flirt with a guy who has him more on the spot. He opened his mouth and, above all, took a bit too much. At one point he even bent down and put his tongue straight into his buttocks.

As much as sex calls sex, but respect is also present and intelligence helps seduction, it was devoid of it. He, too, fired him. On the other hand I liked that M starts to flirt, to let speak its attractions, to galvanize by a desire to please and attract to her, the men of this evening.

Balance sheet: 0 everywhere.

This failure in the moment upset M, even exceeded, losing confidence because she thought she was pushing back guys. In fact we did not know the codes of this kind of evening, and I was convinced that I had to act as well. Kind of acceptance approach to the standard of the evening.

Cigarette in hand, glass in hand, in the patio I noticed our follower, and I know where I saw it.

Neither one nor two, I told M that I took things in hand, that it was the last and that if it did not work, then we would go home. She agreed, “I want to fuck,” she told me. Wow, I did not know her so hot and greedy.
So I approached our man, his look betrays his surprise, I lean towards him:
“Are not you on the X dating site? ”
“If you and you too”
“Have you ever seen us? “

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