My mouth was just up to her breasts

My mouth was just up to her breasts

I was only 15 years old, but because of my precocious puberty, I had a nice breast and provocative nipples.
This, incidentally, sometimes made me worry about the boys, they wanted to touch them all.
Having a fleece enough provided, I often made the jersey because at the pool gritty jokes were fired.

Nicole lived in her new house in a nearby village.
She was nice and also, I went home when I wanted, there was about 2km from home to my home
It gave me an opportunity to ride a bike.
One day, arriving at her house, earlier than the other times, I found a closed door, which was not her usual, I passed by the back door which overlooked the garden

Entering discreetly, to surprise him, from the corridor where I was I heard curious noises coming from the room. The door was open, I glimpsed Nicole.
She was standing in profile and could not see me.
Her dress was rolled up and wedged between her chin and her chest.
His hands were busy on his lower abdomen at the height of his tuft that I distinguished quite clearly.

I stayed there planted like a jellyfish and, on tiptoe, I went out into the garden and closed the door as gently as possible to not be noticed … ..

I was very disturbed by what I had seen.

Once again, I was standing in front of the front door and this time, I was ringing what was not customary.
Nicole came to open me.
She did not show anything that could have implied her previous activities.
I found it just a little more exuberant than usual.
She had red cheeks and breathing a little oppressed.

As if nothing had happened, we put them on the couch and we started talking about things and other things.
Soon, under a futile pretext, she got up to grab something on the shelf right behind me.
In this position. or she was facing me, she was almost on me and leaning on my shoulders; I had a bird’s eye view of the indentation of her dress.
An effusion of cologne came to my nostrils.
My mouth was just up to her breasts.
I just wanted to bury my head and bite them.
I did not dare to do it not knowing how the thing could have been taken, I wanted his friendship.

She resumed her place and her leg touched repeatedly insistently mine, she passed an arm behind my neck in a harmless way.

Her left hand rested on my chest, and she faced me.
She put her head to mine, her look was strange, her lips were open and her tongue was slightly out of her mouth, in an equivocal way.
We were just a few inches apart and she applied her lips to mine. What I was hoping for secretly.
Had she guessed my intentions?
His tongue explored my mouth and I lent a good grace to his will being a little exhilarated by the sight I had just seen, I was satisfied that things take this turn.
Our tongues mingled our saliva became more abundant.

The pressure of her hand became more precise, now she was groping me.
She unhooked my bodice and made appear, my bra that made me a dank throat.
Her fingers snuck under the bonnets, she managed to get my breasts out of their nest; they asked only that because under the caress they had hardened and were cramped in my bra.
For my part, I opened the top of her dress and I was able to contemplate at his chest that was beautiful and much bigger than mine.

My fingers slipped into the cleavage, they worked their way up to the nipples
I was not in my hand, so I was looking for the clip that was behind and managed to open it … … ..not always easy to do …
The, it was the apotheosis, the bra fell and I was able to freely stroke his wonderful globes ..
I hastened to lick them and gently knead them without forgetting to nibble the nipples that harden in my mouth.
She returned the favor, we were excited
She had an expert tongue, I never kissed by putting the tongue … ..ouces very new sensations!
It was good for me, my lower stomach was flaming.

She paused for a moment, got up and went to lock the front door.

“Come to the room, we will be more comfortable”

After taking care to lock the back door, we found ourselves in the room
It was spacious and tastefully furnished.
Nicole finished undressing, my bra found her dress.
She pulled off my blouse and skirt, but kept my panties.
She did likewise her transparent panties hiding nothing of her black tuft.

When she was completely, she made me lie on the bed and taking a step back, she was watching me with her.

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