I’m about to enter the shower

I’m about to enter the shower

I had taken my plane ticket for August, I had to leave a little order in my papers and the house. Fifteen days after the start of the holidays this Saturday, I was hanging out in shorts at home, after a weight training, I was going to take a shower when the bell made me out of my dreams.

I opened the door and there in front of me, Valentine! I was very surprised! So much so that I ended up asking him what he was doing there and how he knew where I lived ?! There he explained to me that this is one of the students whom I have as a neighbor who had sold the wick and that he was passing by … He wanted to say hello!

“Well, my faith, come in! You want something to drink?
– Yes, I want a beer if you have that?
– Yes I have that, install yourself, put yourself at ease and pity stop to show me! I’m not your teacher anymore!

He put his bag in the entrance, hung his hooded polo on a paterne and headed for the living room. He chose one of the two chairs in front of the sofa … I went to the kitchen to get a beer while asking me if I was not dreaming. But what is he doing here ?! Well, we do not care, it’s the holidays we play cool!

I wallow with the two beers on the sofa, I put one in front of him on the coffee table and I tend mine to toast! Yours, tell me what’s new since then? At the same time he replies I take the opportunity to look at it again, he looks tired but still attractive, he drinks in small sips and each puff of beer makes the yo-yo to his glottis!

His shirt canvas and barely closed, I see the bleeding of his torso completely hairless, I notice his attachment to the sternum “It must have beautiful pectorals” I thought. I get up to fetch something to eat, I propose peanuts or ham from Parma! He chose the ham so I have to cut it.

While I’m going out the cutting board he gets up from the chair and joins me, he stays on the threshold of the kitchen one shoulder leaning at the entrance, his nonchalance gives it a charm. Do you want another beer? go to the fridge! … He will serve while I cut the ham I see that he looks at me too, I’m still shirtless, I must feel the fennec! and I told him that I was about to take a shower, that I’m sorry if it smells a little “male” .. He laughs, his beautiful smile.

Do not worry, I can cut the ham while you take a shower!
Here is a good idea! Go ok, here’s the knife, be careful it’s not those high school that there, it cuts! And stop thinking, fuck!

I go to the bathroom, I turn my shorts, I open the water I’m about to enter the shower when he knocks at the door of the bathroom! By reflex I grab my shorts and I hide behind this ridiculous ball of cloth saying: Come in! – “but what a pity I say at the same time, but it’s too late, the door opens and there is shock! He has blood on his shirt and he holds his index finger with his left hand! -I cut myself!!

He is pissing the blood on the bathroom tile, I panic a little, without releasing my shorts I open the water from the sink, he puts his hand underneath! I turn to open the medicine cabinet, I have gauze, a disinfectant … I loose my shorts! We will already start with that!

Here I am completely haired, but I do not care! I take his hand, he lets himself go without saying a word, his eyes finally leave my cock! I try to see if the cut is deep, it is a beautiful cut along the length of its index, deep enough to bleed profusely but not enough to touch a nerve. It is white as the sink! You will not fall in the apples I tell him! No no, I’m fine, I’m fine!

I rinse the blood with a little gauze, I apply disinfectant, while I’m wrapping his finger with the rest of the gauze, I turn the look to the medicine cabinet, let it on your I’m going to look for plaster! I let go, I come back with the plaster and I tear a good piece with the teeth .. He looks back to my crotch and lingers a little .. Much!

I put the plaster and I said to him: This is good man you repaired! can I take a shower now? Yes sorry, he answers me, sorry, I’m going out! – Uh .. No wait, leave me your shirt, I’ll spend a shot of fleet on it! He runs and removes his shirt as if it was a T-shirt, I see His abs waving a little trickle of dark down that goes from his navel to his boxer, he has sublime pecs and huge nipples, d a beautiful light brown …

Fuck he is really gaule like a Greek statue! He finally handed me his shirt and I stay there a little like a bitch planted in front of him with a fucking start of erection! I do not control anything.

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