Big eyelashes of a girl

Big eyelashes of a girl

The heteroclite classes succeeded each other and in September, I discovered with sincere interest all his new faces! And the first and hard work of any teacher who respects himself was to remember as soon as possible the first names of each of these new faces.

Curiously, it was Valentin’s that I retained the fastest, probably an old remnant of the “plating” in order of my ex-darling who had found nothing more charming than throwing me like shit the night of the Valentine’s day … What a bitch, it really marked me!

I had no experience of men, my attraction was for them aesthetic and I learned to look at the beautiful faces, guess the musculature, gestures, movements. Hours spent redrawing a curve or curving, studying the bodies and their movements in space had made me an unconditional human plastic beauty .. (Which rarely goes with the intelligence, I am well placed to know it!) And so, the face of this young guy had “jostled” me.

His neck at first, long and muscular, marked with a prominent glottis denounced in him a body dry and powerful, beautiful hands with fingers of incredible finesse and that face! Damn it was beautiful this con! The blonde hair in battle could not hide the two emeralds clear of his eyes, an exceptional green that stood out on a perfect skin and very hauled! Big eyelashes of a girl, a mouth beautifully drawn with thick lips and full of sensuality, a beautiful nose with wings of nostril of an exquisite grace and a totally brilliant smile ..

In short, he had everything to please! Or almost…!

After the first weeks of classes, I had to admit that his results were not up to its beauty, far from it! The main teacher had been alarmed long before me and had given me the delicate task of discovering its origin. – Look, she said to me, no, but look a little work he makes me! Indeed, his technical drawings were appalling, not a clean line drawn, a goret writing, erasures to no end!

It felt like he had done his job sitting on a horse running at full gallop! So I held the incapable one evening after the last class to cook a little on its disturbing incompetence!

After asking him what a pleasure it was to botch his work and putting under his pretty nose copies he had returned to the main teacher, the beautiful Valentines mumbled some incomprehensible words before melting into tears, a real big sorrow with big tears! I was expecting everything, but not that!

The door of my class was still open and the geo teacher who passed in the corridor stopped in the corner and then leaned on the doorpost looking at me with a round and inquiring eye. – What’s happening, she asked me?

I was very embarrassed about the situation even though I had nothing to reproach myself with. I found myself there, totally disconcerted in front of this big kid of one meter ninety shaking like a bamboo leaf in front of a hungry panda. The heavy sobs hiccupped eventually fade a little, with a gesture of the forearm he wiped his face and straightened vaguely …

He apologized and then let out a sad smile that turned into a sulky pout. Murielle (Geo’s teacher) squatted at the height of my desk and put a hand on his shoulder to calm him and reassure him.

We were finally going to know that she was the reason for this sorrow. Valentin explained to us that he did not do his job on purpose, he simply could not see anything! He was not blind but his left eye was working badly he was unable to distinguish the depths of fields.

Her parents had done her orthoptic sessions without success and her classmates, knowing her disability had dubbed him “the chameleon” because the famous left eye failed did not always follow the maneuver and sometimes avoided the opposite of the right eye.

The cruelty had done its work and ended up undermining the morale of the beautiful blonde with green eyes. This coquetry did not detract from such a beautiful face.

From then on, I had taken with Murielle the habit of supervising her homework and helping her as much as possible. The months passed and Valentin seemed to not only get better, but his grades were growing! He was attentive and applied with great effort, he finished second quarter with a nice average and a recognition to me that seemed limitless.

Sometimes he was hanging out for a few minutes in the classroom with me, he was talking to me about what he would like to do after graduating. I often met him in town and he always gave me a big smile and a wave of the hand I was answering. The Christmas holidays passed, then the cell.

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