A great excitement in her voice

a great excitement in her voice

And then one evening, in an outburst of uncontrollable excitement, she opened to me. She was hot, moaning as I licked her relentlessly as her cock dripped literally on my tongue. She had interrupted me, had pulled my head up to his level pulling me by the hair, and in an almost plaintive voice had said to me: “I want your huge cock in me”. My erection was then increased tenfold, and while I pushed very slowly the first few centimeters, she began to moan. She whispered to me not to stop, to cry or to beg. I felt her narrow vagina tighten on me, the penetration was more and more difficult, and while Iris tightened and contracted, I began at the end of the interminable penetration – without being able to push more than half of my sex in it – a slow movement back and forth. Whenever my chuck was slowly withdrawing from her, I read in her eyes and in her wild and languorous screams a mixture of relief and frustration, and when he came back painfully into her, a mixture of pain and pleasure. Little by little, she relaxed, and I was able to speed up my movement reasonably. I felt beating around me, wrap my titanic sex as best as it was, while it began to pound gently.
It goes without saying that a titanic sex is not the assurance of a quality report: it was for me very trying to remember my ejaculation after a few minutes, especially since that night, it was a about a year ago that I had not achieved penetration worthy of the name. But due to major efforts and strategic slowdowns, I knew that night, at almost 19 years old and for the first time, the ecstasy of simultaneous orgasm. Iris’s wild screaming accompanied the annihilation of all my frustration, and as I poured a frightening amount of cum into her, my mind freed herself from considerable weight. It was possible for me, humanly, to make love. This sentence may seem stupid and innocuous, but for me it was a huge victory.

Of course, the beautiful Iris had not always been as willing as that night, and some of our attempts ended in bitter failures. But despite all this, and even at the end of our relationship when the parts of legs in the air were out of breath, I saw the spark that lit the sight of my huge naked sex in his eyes.

She had told me herself, a great excitement in her voice: she could not believe she had received such a monstrosity in her – and she would remember it all her life. She had also contributed much to my reputation, mainly with the fairer sex, who soon became fascinated by the interest in the trunk dragging between my legs. The qualifiers at the time were annoying for me: “horse cock”, “forearm”, “beam” … And of course, Marsupilami.

So it was my sister who gave me this nickname, the summer of my 15 years, while my penis reached alarming proportions and I sometimes even attracted the eye of naturists. We are talking here about resting size – or at most half-softness – which, in spite of my young age, ridiculed all the men around me, and earned me an incalculable number of cheesy jokes of the type “Ah it does not take from his father “- my father has more sex that is placed in a good average higher according to me.

At that time I did not draw any kind of feeling of superiority over anyone, and this attitude, doubtless borrowed from a hint of jealousy, seemed to me unworthy of that thought in which I grew up. I would lie, however, if I said I had not learned to appreciate this jealousy among my fellows: I learned to derive some sexual pleasure from the exhibition, first before the hallucinated gaze of women necessarily intrigued, then in front of their companions in sex. a considerably reduced size, if you compare it to mine.

I especially took a crazy egocentric pleasure in my adolescence during my many hours of pornographic content, when I realized that my sex rest was almost the average sex erection, a kind of absurd feeling to be a alpha male. Despite this, and outside of sexual arousal, I was rather humble or even shy about the terrifying size of my sex, which has quickly become a fact of public notoriety, at least in my circle of close acquaintances. In any case, it is very difficult for me to hide anything, even with loose pants.

Do not misunderstand me, I do not really complain: it definitely allowed me to fuck everything that moved at a time in my life, including some friends, who for the most part had bigger eyes than The belly.

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