His hands framed my face

His hands framed my face

His deep voice made me faint instantly. I took a few moments to answer.

– Uh, yes I’m alone, well no, not alone, I’m married but my wife is not here today.

– Ah, you are married. Too bad for you. he said.

– Pity ? Why damage? I retorted.

– Let’s say that my wife is not this week either, that I’m bored and that to tell you everything you attracted me a lot.

I was stunned by so much sincerity. Unconsciously I answered.

“Did not I tell you that my wife was not here today?

He looked at me with a benevolent smile. And tell me.

– Young man, I could take you at the word. I live a few steps away and I could invite you to have a drink and maybe more …

I admit that my mind was boiling, I was married, straight and yet I wanted, very want him. It must be said that since my wife had deceived me nothing was like before. In fact I did not hesitate a long time and I told him with a knowing smile.

– It’s good, I’m very thirsty.

He invited me and we went up the pier by introducing us. His name was Pierre, was 63 years old. His wife worked again and so he was alone in his home in the center of F├ęcamp all week. He told me that he had already had several adventures with men and also women. He loves sex and his wife too so they decided to be more or less free to do what they wanted.

He really lived two steps away, so we arrived quickly. Hardly the door closed, we faced each other. I had never made love, or even kissed a man. But considering the bump that was in my pants, it did not seem to me a problem.

First our hands touched and then intertwined. Our lips came closer, gently then in a breath they were united. We were now embracing. Our kiss had turned into a hot embrace, our tongues spinning around each other.

His hands framed my face, while mine unbuttoned his shirt. I slid her down and backing away I discovered a powerful torso covered with white hairs. I did not stop there, I attacked his pants, unhooking his belt and slipping his fly. I kissed and sucked frantically her nipples. Then I kissed her slightly round belly to finally find myself kneeling in front of a bump of tissue stretched.

My two indexes were placed along her hips, interfered between her skin and the panties, then in a delicate gesture I released her penis sex.

He had a splendid sex, an incredible camber, a size neither too much nor too little. He was perfectly proportioned. I put out my mouth to kiss him. Pierre breathed a little louder, he was before me, naked, tense sex, waiting for my lips grips his glans red desire. Why wait, my mouth opened and down along the stem, she closed only once in the custody, Pierre then groaned.

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