Feeling her mother’s hands

Feeling her mother’s hands

The other in response, seeing that blood appeared on the front of the pants, rushes with the knife pointed forward towards the belly, but he feels only the emptiness for his blade.

The sharp pain on his arm wrist, the blade of Matéo, cuts his wrist practically, stubborn, he tries to pass his blade in the left hand when a big pain takes him in the level of the kidneys, Mateolui planted his knife in the kidneys by immobilizing it.

– You see, Giorgio, you were wrong to insist, here you are invalid for life.
– Cio, Idioti continues he addressing the defeated trio, said to Etore, your Capo, that if he wants the war, he has only to start again, but this time it will be him that I will come to get .

– Come on Mam, we’re going back, do not hang out in the corner, and a little further, tomorrow, we’re moving to headquarters.

– But you bleed, we go to the Doctor.
– Luigi, it is also rotten, it would be well able to finish, what these 3 rotten did not succeed, poisoning me. You will heal this wound.
– But I never did it! I could hurt you!
– There is a beginning to everything and I am not too cozy with suffering. Come !

They go to their apartment, which is behind an armored door.
Once back, Matéo feels the counter-stroke of the fight and weakened, he falls on his bed.

– Honey, I’ll treat you, but I have to put a pad under you to not dirty the bed too much.
– Mams, help me undress, with this stab that I received, I can not do it well.
– Of course, my son. I’m proud of you as you have faced these rogues and defeated them she replied by undoing his pants and pulling on his boxer.

Feeling her mother’s hands on her lower abdomen has awakened the snake that stands proudly.

– Hmm my son, what are you well provided, she said admiring.
– Excuse me mother, but it must be after the fight, I am all contracted.
– The wound is not deep, I think it is not necessary to sew, but I can make an adhesive bandage that will bring together the edges of the wound, but to do this, I must disinfect and especially that I shave you, otherwise, when I’m going to remove the bandage you’ll have a painful epilation. I am looking for the necessary.

Maria starts to pass her son’s badger between the belly button and the wound, being careful not to put it in the wound and the razor is removing all the hair. Then to proceed to the continuation, she is obliged to take the big sausage of her son in the left hand while on the other she puts the shaving cream and does the same. She realizes that this sausage is getting harder and bigger.

– Mams, you can let go, I think it’s all alone, said Mate who is a little embarrassed by the reaction of his body to the touch of his mother.
– Even with this blade, I do not like to damage this beautiful piece, she retorted.

She continues to hold the carrot.

– Here, now, it’s clean and clean, I put a little honey to disinfect, stop the flow of blood and heal, a little gauze and over a wide adhesive bandage. It will not do for a moment of sudden movement, she said leaning forward and she gives a little kisses on the tip of the glans sex of his son.
– Here you have been very wise and courageous during the care.
– Yes, but now that I’m excited, it pulls me hard in the wound, whereas before it was not at all strong.

– Wait for my great warrior, I’ll do something that I have not done since the death of your father, I think that after you will not be excited.

Without complex, she takes the glans in her mouth and swallows miming a vaginal penetration.

– Mum ! What are you doing, exclaims Matéo.
– Appreciate my son and relax, it’s been a long time since I did not do it.
– But I am your son!

– Do not move, it’s not good for your injury, I know that I’m your mother, but I’m not going to let you suffer with the cudgel you have, but I’ll calm your excitement and please me at the same time time.
– What? Are you going to tell me that you take pleasure in sucking me?
– You know my son, I do not have the heart to know another man than your father, but I miss him very much, she said while continuing to polish this beautiful stem.

– It’s horribly good and I’ve been fantasizing about you for a long time. You know, I’m not attracted to women of my age, but by mature women and you are the most beautiful I know.
– Wait for my son, this is just to relieve the pressure.

However, simultaneously, her belly betrays her and suggests that to push the adventure further, would fill a huge void while staying in the family.

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