A handsome young man

a handsome young man

So naturally enough for us, in the late sixties, we were raised, since very young, not to put underwear most of the time outside of school, at home or in the countryside with my grandparents. It was only at the beginning of primary school that I wore panties systematically, at least that’s what Mom thought, because very quickly, it happened to me more than once, at unbeknownst to him, not to put any.

Mom was holding it, always fearing an incident with her little ones; I do not think daddy would have fought. He had always been in elementary school without underpants or pants and he did not hide or regret this education a little hard. He had not known underwear until much later.
Thus during holidays or days without school, Mom did not give us slip to put under my panties or under her skirts, my sister. Indeed, when she had met Dad, she had found that it was more hygienic to be airy, more pleasant for her, for the intimate life of her couple, and logically also later for her children.
It was incidentally a savings in purchases, with underwear that lasted longer, and especially less laundry to deal with or take-away clothes on vacation. Of course, soon enough in the spring, from Easter, in the same spirit, socks and swimsuits were also banned.
At that time, we boys, we were almost always in shorts. These short pants, as they were called as opposed to long pants, were much shorter than now, not to mention the shorts that at that time were minimalist. They were worn in the year much longer, in spring and autumn, at home, at school, of course on vacation, and even in high school.

For some children, and some teens, it was all year long without interruption, but that was not my case. For me, short pants were de rigueur from March to November, without coming back, even if it was a little cold in the early spring.
To put on directly my panties, short or long, without anything underneath, I had thus made the habit very early, and even, I must say that it suited me well. Finally, I found myself better like that than with something underneath that bothered me. Back to school holidays, I did not understand why I had to give a slip, while it was still so beautiful. A little older, it happened to me more and more often to high school without underpants or underpants (underpants I had discovered in the meantime).

The parents, and especially Mom, trapped in their own education, completely lowered the flag on the subject, telling us then simply to “pay attention,” after telling us, small, to “tighten our thighs,” when we We were naked under our very short shorts of the time. My sister Babette, too, likewise naked underneath, wore skirts on her knee, and often also short shorts boy, pretty masculine, that I chip in bickering or recovering when they became too small for her.
She was sixteen, and I thirteen, when we received a week before the Easter holidays a German correspondent at home, who came to France with his class, for a school exchange with her in the high school. Our house had four large bedrooms, but the guest room, a little isolated in the courtyard, filled with odds and ends, made it difficult to decently sleep a guest beyond a night. It had been agreed that he would be accommodated in my room, where there were two small beds, just like in my sister’s. For one to be between boys.
We got Dieter back on a high school Friday night, arriving from Germany with a small group of girls and boys, tired, after a long bus trip. He was seventeen years old, was much taller than us, yet thin and slender.

He was blond, with a lock on his forehead, plump cheeks, dark blue eyes. In short, a handsome young man, no doubt well in every respect … and for all reports.
He obviously spoke very little French. On our side, although at the school being both good students of second and fourth, I was a year in advance, making German second language, we did not speak more German than he did speak French .

The parents also tried our side in English, with little success. After the meal we went quickly to my room to go to bed, and I undressed in front of him, normally, without thinking of trying to protect me from his eyes, because family, we were pretty modest between us.

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