Surprised naked

Surprised naked

I thought I would be bawling, although he used to, from his consulting room, see me in his garden to pick up balloon or whatever, he told me later but that day, as he was out to bask in the sun in bathing suit and t-shirt, he heard me fall and grumble.
It happens so, wonder if it’s okay seeing the slash
“Yes, yes, do not worry,” I said, as if I had been a thief. I come to get my balloon.
– Ok, he said, but before I take a look at this cut because the barbed wire is rusted. You come with me that I disinfect all that

I did not have much choice and so I’m inside, where they received his patients.
He makes me sit on his dangling legs consultation table, retrieve the necessary care and sit on a stool in front of me.
Gauze, a little disinfectant, it cleans the wound, it does not sting, it puts a cream telling me that must be penetrated spreading widely. For that, he pulled my shorts up high on my thigh and his fingers start to turn around the small cut and go up higher and higher.

He speaks to me softly, calmly, asks me if it’s okay, if I do not have pain here? And there?
And it is I believe the first time that my sex reacts alone to indirect caresses.
Super gene, my zizi is getting harder and harder but he tells me
– Do not worry, it’s normal you know, everyone reacts like that.

His fingers rub and touch more and more often my sex and while continuing, he questions me now about my mother, wonder if she is at home, if she enjoys the sun today, if she is in jersey, with a top or breasts naked and I am very surprised at these questions but I still do not know why but my cock starts to harden in my shorts, he continued to massage me, caress the inside of my thigh, touch my sex Stretched now while talking to me about my mother.

What I understood later was the impact she had on men. Not quite forty at that time, it was a very feminine woman, brown, not very big but luscious who dared the necklines, skirts, lingerie, heels, in short, she did not leave indifferent. In this village, there were two doctors and AndrĂ©, my neighbor did not have the chance to “take care” of my mother. She made him fantasize and he had the intention to go through me satisfy his desires.

So we were there, sitting face to face, me in a state of excitement that I did not know and he, just as excited as me. Because he had a swimsuit as the lifeguard, mold cock is said now and I saw his cock swell inside.
His quiet voice cradled me and he gently lowered my shorts and my underwear to release my cock then lowered his shirt, revealing me a huge machine compared to mine with hair him, not like me ..!

He told me it was natural to be excited, to bend and caress to relieve (I had already known recently). While wondering if I had already seen the breasts of my mother, if I had surprised naked or heard making love, he stroked me now made with his fingers back and forth on my cock, touching my thighs the balls and he took my hand saying to me:
– You too, do like me, caress me as I do.
his craft was hard as wood and an intoxicating smell. His tail smelled of man, excitement.

All that excited me a lot, I was good, it was good and naturally, I ended up ejaculating. Andre him, guided one of my hands on his cock, the other on his balls gently.
– You like? Does he ask me
– Yes just a yes because I hypnotized by his sex

He got up and I had his tail almost face level, close to me I saw it and felt even better, more.
Gently, he said to me:
– Just do what you want, what you want right now.

Mechanically, I spent my nose on his cock, on his shaft to feel it again and again and like an ice cream, I gave small licks everywhere along its stem. He told me to put my hand on his purses, to slide further to his buttocks and at one point, he began to spit a mash that never ended in a cry of pleasure that was almost scary.

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