She removed her top

She removed her top

I arrived in the shade that offered me the main building of the center. The smell of hay made me turn my head. I loved that smell. It gave me a feeling of intense well-being. The sound of hooves against the ground resounded everywhere. Phoenix was walking at my side, following me closely. I opened the door of his box and went inside with him. In one corner was a bucket with everything needed to clean the horses. I took a brush and put it on the black Phoenix dress.

He was a superb English Thoroughbred with a black coat like the night. I noticed then his sex lengthen, becoming bigger and bigger. A sordid image crossed my mind. Ashamed of this kind of thinking, I drove her away concentrating on my work. I turned to go get the hay, that’s when I saw Emma in another box. Leaning forward, I saw only the curvature of her buttocks.

She got up slowly, arching her body. It was then that I met her gaze, deep, troubling. A sensual smile emphasized her angelic face. Yes, she looked like an angel. His cops reason naturally of an irresistible attraction. I turned away, hot flashes making me lose my head. My heart beating, I tried to brush Phenix, without realizing that I had already done so. I suddenly felt a warm breath caress my neck. The presence of a body behind me paralyzed me.
– How long are we going to play? whispered Emma’s sensual voice.
I turned around abruptly. Emma’s face was only a few inches from mine. A scent of cinnamon intoxicated me. I did not know what to do, my hands were shaking and my legs were hard to support.
– I … I do not see what you’re talking about, I stammered while trying to find insurance
I walked away a few steps, bringing me closer to the box wall. Emma moves forward too.
– Um, are you sure? She smiled.
– I … I do not understand.
I go back again, it is then that I feel the wall block me the passage. Emma advanced slowly. Her charming smile and haunting eyes paralyzed me. His body moved closer to touch me slightly. Her chest stroked mine, a cold shiver ran through my spine.
– I … I … I tried to say.
– Hush, she whispered softly, putting her finger on my mouth.

She put her lips on mine, kissing me languidly. Her hands clutched at my hips, clinging to her. I felt his burning body of desire against mine. What was happening to me? I did not want to run away, quite the opposite. I wanted this kiss to continue, I wanted to feel his naked body against mine. Abandoning myself to this desire, I slowly succumbed to passion. His hand passed in my back, then down to my buttocks. She slows down, leaving me panting, gasping for breath.
– We resist less now, huh?
Emma took my hand and pulled me out of the box. Still in shock, I followed the rider, still mind fogged. She led me a little further into the building. I recognized the space where all the hay was stored for the horses. The smell of cinnamon and hay produced an irresistible need. I heard the door close behind me in a squeak. Emma’s body stuck to mine again. His chest pressed against my back, his hands entangled me. I wanted more. She turned around and faced me.
– For days I dream only of you, she confessed.
She took my hand and gently placed it on her left breast. A wave of heat suddenly ran through me and I felt my cheeks flushed.
In my lower abdomen, a wave of excitement rose slowly. The sensation was sweet, her breast firm. The sudden desire to lick at this place took me suddenly. I could not any more.
We slept in the hay, she on me. His hot lips sucked my neck, giving me moans. My hands caressed his buttocks muscular. I felt an almost palpable heat spread around my cock. Slowly, a liquid flowed in my pants, my body was still asking. Emma undid my jacket and threw it. I discerned her nipples through the thin fabric.
– No … someone can surprise us, I say in a groan
– Do not worry, she reassured, I locked.
His hand moved gently under my top, touching my burning skin, and went up to my bosom. She pressed her tongue into my fly and bit my lips while tickling my nipple with her fingers. She got up, her eyes full of mischief and envy.
– Do you want to see more? she said, stroking her body with her fingertips.

I made a quick nod. She removed her top and I discovered her breasts held by a bra black lace. Emma got up and took off her boots while biting my lips. Jealous, I passed my hand on my cock burning.

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