Our bodies are hungry for cum

Our bodies are hungry for cum

I explain to him my research that seems to interest him. “So you are able to introduce yourself to any computer? I answer in the affirmative, but she does not seem to believe that possible. She goes on: “I challenge you to get into mine.” The challenge of getting in to her is fine … but I accept the challenge of having access to all her data, warning her that it is illegal, and that she must not regret that I discover secrets . Spontaneously she signed me a paper authorizing me for three hours to take hold of everything that wanted in his life. She is funny !

I proudly return to my chair, while feeling his gaze down on my buttocks pleasant to watch.

In a few minutes I hack the wifi, then access to his computer. I put myself in hiding while letting it work. I discover the documents … nothing interesting. But it’s nice she left her emails open!
I type two three keywords in searches such as sex, lingerie, porn, dating …
But it’s the Alibaba cave!

Already she is registered in some dating sites … I find her password easily and accesses the account “Lectra X”. Already the X pseudo makes me think she does not look for the man of his life … Behind his glasses, I see a woman wise and concentrated, but in fact it is strongly eroticized. She has left no picture, but clearly expresses her desires that she concretizes as she pleases. Go this is his life, I will not be more intrusive.

At the word lingerie, I find several sites including an adult for whom I discovered some order: alluring lingerie and toys of all kinds. I understood.

At the word sex, I discover some intimate, inflamed, provocative, surprising and even very personal letters.

Now I’m going to access con google account and even his research … I find several in the same vein as his emails.

That’s it, I think I’ve identified it well.

Two minutes later, I send him a message on his computer by opening a video conversation: “Hello Lectra X”.
She raises her head suddenly in my direction, her cheeks rosy adorably. She is surprised, a little scared maybe.
I explain all that I found, through the messaging. She is blemish now.
I reassure her by saying that I do not judge, on the contrary, I appreciate.
“I find you very pretty, and if I was on this dating site, I would have already contacted you. I love your lips that bite, your eyes a little haggard, your breasts seductive.
At these words she undoes a blouse button offering me a more advantageous view.

I admit having already made hots cams, but with women hundreds of km from my home, while there we are 15 meters from each other. This is a surprising situation.
She really has the temperament that her computer told me.
“I like your look, your delicacy to have violated my privacy and your ass,” she retorted. “And I really want you, I think. Stay until closing. ”

Patiently I wait two hours, letting it light up in various ways. It falls down near me to pick up books, giving me a magnificent view of her rump, she touches my shoulders in her round trips. She even gives me a book on kamasutra, with on page 69, folded the air of nothing, a string … yours yes! I’m smoking the book to familiarize myself with her pussy that will soon be mine.

The last subscriber leaves the place. She closes the glass door of the library. She walks towards me then takes me by the hand and brings me to the underground archives.

She drops the documents she took and then throws myself on me passionately .. His lips open, we swirl our languages. Our hands are wandering, curious and in a hurry. She unhooks her top completely to find herself naked, hard nipples and hot. My pants is distend. This crazy afternoon finally arrives at its peak. The wait was long and exciting. I envisioned two hours how to fuck, but nothing happens as imagined.

His hand slips into my pants to caress my penis erect. Our lips do not separate while I caress her firm and sporty buttocks.
I feel my penis bead of excitement. With her other hand she caresses before I taste her wet left on his fingers.

“Do you know that I like sex? She told me, “My account told you so. ”
“Yes I know … I know you like to be hanged from behind too, with objects, fingers or a cock, yes I know it. ”
“Do you know that I like spanking too? ”
“Yes, I know it, and I know that you love them made by hands or swifts …”
I told him all that by slamming his buttocks.
Our bodies are peeling as and until we find hair.
Our bodies are hungry for cum.

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