Lifting my dress

lifting my dress

One day, at the end of the afternoon, when I leave school, I pass in a shady street called “the bower” when two boys join me. Unceremoniously they grab me and lie on the ground, lifting my dress they spend their hands in my pants. I managed to get up and save myself. Although surprised and not enjoying what the two boys did to me, it made me a funny impression these hands on my cock. The next day I am very embarrassed, even ashamed, crossing them but I have to face their sly smiles.

Finding myself too young my father does not want to let me out although I insist to go find my girlfriends and especially to go to the cinema with my girlfriends. I can not rely on my mother who is more like a “giant clam frog” so I run away from home. In the cinema, intermission, I find Gérard a young man of my age and in a dark corner we embrace and kiss, he runs his hand under my clothes to caress my breasts and my cock, I stroked his cock on his pants .

Already aware of the attraction I exercise with males I collect a lot of flirtations with boys of my age who are not very bold just kissing me and rub a little against me.

On a coach trip I start a relationship with Albert a little older than me, in a quiet corner we kiss. We continue to see us, I let him do when he runs his hand under my clothes to pet, I love the sensations that give me his hands caress my breasts and especially my cock. He insists on having an intimate relationship that I end up accepting. Lying in the grass legs apart he gets on me and pulls his penis pants. When he tries to introduce me into my privacy after discarding my panties I change my mind and I push him away. Despite his insistence I refuse penetration, end of our relationship.

In the village I’m at a good school and I think that’s why girls my age did not stay long wise, they follow the example of adults far from serious (his).

In front of me Jacqueline a married woman with several children tells who wants to hear that she loves cock and can not do without it, he still needs a lot of cock. While her husband spends his free time to suck himself in the bar next door she does not deprive, I see men entering her house including a very hot sex question that leaves his tail of his pants as soon as he knocked on the door and even before it opens.

The house next to mine left Maryse, mother of Patricia a girlfriend, regardless of her husband and not seeking discretion has slept for several years with Jacques a man of twenty years his youngest. Patricia a girl of my age has for a long time sex with boys and her fun is to poke the buddies of other girls, as she spreads her thighs easily she comes easily to his ends.

At the bar, at the corner of the street, Charlotte the boss had a long time with Gerard a man who lives in the neighboring village. Then she had other lovers before finally running away with Charles the husband of the mother of my best friend Marie Josée. In this bar the couple has three daughters who since very young have sex with many boys without hiding. Then the first two Michèle and Denise got married, divorced and got married with other men destroying married couples in the process. The third Edith, younger than me, but not wiser accumulates the adventures then hijacked a married man with two children who practices the profession of carpenter, they lived together for a period and then when he had finished renovating the bar she dropped it.

Jacqueline another girl from a nearby village, a little older than me, had a long relationship with Daniel Madeleine’s brother another of my girlfriends. In front of us Daniel was groping her hands under the clothes, not to mention other indecent attitudes. It’s just if he did not jump in our presence, sometimes they made love behind a bush that only separated us

Sex at my wedding

Sex at my wedding

My wedding was supposed to take place in less than a month and I still did not have a dress! To make matters worse, I wanted it perfect and tailor-made. I had appealed to Lionel, an outstanding tailor and, to be quite honest, very attractive.

We chose fabric and style together and he still had to take my measurements. I found him sexy in his dark suits and his glasses. I must admit that I was anxiously waiting for the day he should come home to look at me from every angle.

Not that I am particularly unfaithful or little attached to my fiance, on the contrary, I am very in love. But, having a lustful nature that my future husband knows well, I kept in a corner of my head the fact that Lionel was the last man who had made me fantasize and that it was better to raise this fantasy before pronouncing my vows of loyalty! However, I was not sure how to attract him.

Without thinking seriously about acting out, I still wanted to tease my tailor, just to see if I was doing as much effect as him on me. The day of her visit, I received her in a small towel tied around the bust with sexy red lingerie underneath and shoes with heels, so that it measures closer to my body as it would be under my wedding dress.
He entered, settled on the couch. I jumped into the water: I untied the towel and I found myself in undress in front of him. He looked at me, a little surprised, and decided not to say anything and do his job. He then began to take my measurements in silence, blushing a little. His shy and reserved attitude excited me even more.

He found himself behind me and I felt his breath short. With my little red thong, he had a bird’s eye view of my ass and could not ignore it. I did a little on purpose arching and it was so close that my buttocks touched his crotch.

I felt the swelling of her sex under her pants and the result was electrifying. I felt myself wet in my little square of fabric that held me as an undergarment.

At my touch, I felt his body stiffen with desire and surprise. I moved my buttocks to rub his cock tight. He let me do it and had a very slight sigh of pleasure. I thought I could not go back too far, and I did not want to! His desire had lit the wick. Always back, I put his hand on her sex. It was my turn to measure the volumes of my accomplice! He looked very well endowed and my hand, greedy, gauged this tail erected for a moment through the garment.

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Sex in the forest

Sex in the forest

With the return of good weather, Benoît asked me to join him in the forest! It was pretty amazing but with the return of some rays of sun, it was rather pleasant …
As soon as he saw me, he immediately took me to a corner away from prying eyes he had already spotted.

He tenderly undressed me, as if he finally savored the possibility of being able to admire me from top to bottom without being choked by the anxiety of a car.

I put my little blue boxer, ideal for a field trip. He gave me tender kisses on the ass, before removing it completely. I found myself totally naked! I hoped internally that no one would see us, I knew that the forest was quite busy, and it could have been very embarrassing to come face to face with a small old couple or a runner.

He was really scared of nothing! He laid a towel on the floor and deposited me on it.
He contemplated my beautiful pussy for a few minutes before plunging his head into it first. I knew that my natural smell must be relatively well developed.

It was getting very hot, and I did not have time to take a shower that very morning.

He sniffed the place with almost obscene fervor.

It seemed to please him, this little pig! He spread my lips to look and then slipped his little tongue in the grooves of my slot. It was so good! I could not hold small moans escaping from my mouth at the risk of being surprised by passersby. With his powerful hands, he clung firmly to my thighs, as if he was afraid that the eager movements of his tongue would make him rock on one side or the other. A blow to the right, a blow to the left, he did like most guys, like my husband for example, he took good care to clean my pussy in full on all sides. Fortunately I had shaved well! I knew it made him completely crazy to see my pussy so offered, completely shameless.

No longer, he stood in front of me and just dropped a very eloquent: “You know what? I wanted to fuck you! It should not be repeated to me many times.

Benoît had an erotic power crazy about my little person. I caught his cock after opening his trellis shorts. He really thought to hide with his accoutrement? Even though I already knew Benoît’s dick, I still had the pleasant feeling of rediscovering it every time. Luisante, proud, solid, beardless.

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My stepmother and my sister

My stepmother and my sister

Oren is 23 years old and recently completed his BA in economics. He has a big sister, Sarit, 26, who lives alone in Tel Aviv and a little sister, Tali, 14. Since Tali has recently grown up and her body changes, Oren is harassing her to change her wardrobe and buy clothes of a slightly larger size.

They left work early in the morning and left Oren in charge of the house, and Oren, who had to leave for work, left Tali alone at home and asked her to call him on the phone if there was any problem. Nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to discover, Oren came into the house, and when he approached Tali’s room she heard a grocer He opened the door and was in shock from what he saw: his sweet little innocent sister lay naked on the bed with a guy with her head buried between her legs and a second guy with her dick in her mouth and sucking with pleasure.

All he could do was peek through the gap in the door and feel his cock stand up like a missile, and Tali groaned and told one of the guys to suck her harder, the guy was buried in her glass licking her lips and sliding two fingers in and out. He discovered his name, Rami, when Tali shouted to him not to stop alive and the name of the other guy, Kobi, when she told him how delicious his cock was and how she wanted it inside.

Oren started rubbing his cock when he saw Tali putting all of Kobi’s cock into his mouth. Oren did not believe that his little sister sucking like this is only 14 years old! Tali moved into a Doggy Style position and Rami stuck his cock into her dripping little pussy and began to fuck her harder and faster. Oren did not believe he saw these two guys fucking his little sister and all the juices from her glass dripping onto the bed.

Rumi sat on the edge of the bed and Tali sat on his cock facing him. Kobi emerged from behind her and began to push her fingers into the hole of her butt while Rammy fucked her. Kobi put her cock in the back and they both started to screw her together. Oren continued to watch how in the next 10 minutes the three groans, most of the groans came from the clay she received in both holes together. Oren finished straight in the pants and not much after him Tali finished with a loud shout.

Then it was Kobi’s turn that spurted a hot stream straight into her ass. Tali took Rami’s cock out of her just as he was slapping her face. Tali licked all the seed from her face and swallowed it with lust. Suddenly Oren heard Otto parked, he ran and peered through the window and saw Sarit’s car, his great brotherhood. Oren did not know what to do because he was responsible for Tali decided to hide in the parents’ room as if he had not yet returned home.

He listened as Sarit advanced toward Tali’s room and after a few minutes of murmuring, he decided to check on what was going on. When he crept up next to Tali’s room he peered again and felt the cock in his pants rise. He sees Sarit lying on the bed and Tali sits with the glass on her face, Kobi starts pushing the cock slowly into the pink, shaved pussy of Sarit and Tali sucks to Rami the cock as if not seven.

Oren, who did not know what to do, burst into the room and shouted, “What the hell are you doing?” Everyone was stunned, and Oren grabbed Rammy by the hand and threw him out of the room. Immediately Kobi took the clothes and ran out. “I can not believe my sisters are such whores!” Oren said. If you want me not to tell the parents you need to do me a little favor, Oren said, and approached the bed on which Tali and Sarit lay.

Oren started to lick and suck Oren’s balls, Oren groaned with great pleasure, and after a few minutes he took the cock out of Tali’s mouth and splashed her and the lash on her face. Seconds later Oren turned toward the door and saw his parents standing stunned at the door with disbelief !!!!!

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Sex in the North

Sex in the North

Dan told me that he and another friend, Zvika, were coming for a weekend in the north and were planning to take a room in a hotel and bring some glasses as they would have done When I told her she was crazy and would not hear about it, the debate over the subject continued for three days until one day the neighbor from downstairs came to talk.

She told me that she had found a thong that did not belong to her and when she asked her husband he told her that it was Ash’s When she returned home she saw the thong on the table and immediately realized that she had been caught with her panties down, and she began to cry, to plead and said that she was horny madly and did not know what to do because I was not there for her and I would forgive her.

Orit raged and begged me not to go with them, but as far as I was concerned it was too late. I went up to her and kissed her and told her that I had to get some air and if she wanted to, she could find me in the Netherlands. When I got to the hotel room I saw that everyone was already there. The plan was to drink until evening and then go out to the pub to look for glasses.

I went to take a shower and when I was leaving Dan told me that someone was waiting for me in the room. I went into the room and saw Orit sitting on the bed with a glass of wine in her hand. She was wearing a tight black leather skirt with black pantyhose and a white lace shirt without a bra, you could see her nipples through the cloth.

The top two buttons were open, creating an amazing cleavage. I told her she had to leave and we already had plans, so she started to unbutton the other buttons slowly and said there was no hurry and she could be our bartender for the evening. Orit went to the refrigerator to bring beers, and when she bent down, Minnie went up to reveal a thin white thong that made us all remember.

I asked her to do a little striptease for me and the company. Orit began to lower her skirt slowly and remained with her thongs, pantyhose and open shirt. I grabbed her and put her on the bed, took off her shirt, and began to lick her nipples, like the two friends sitting and watching us from the side, drunk already. I continued to cackle her and called Dan to take off her thong. Dan approached and pulled the lower one down and revealed a well-groomed glass with hairs shaped like an arrow toward the clitoris.

He started to get off her and I put her cock in her mouth to suck. Zvika could not hold back and went to bed. I took the cock out of her mouth and told her to suck at Tzvika. I went to the shower and fetched baby oil. I took the oil and started to oil her butt hole while I gently push my finger, insert and take out and see her little hole slowly expanding.

I put some oil on the cupola and started gently pushing the cock into her ass, each time a little more inside until it all came in and then I started knocking as fast as I could, I heard Orit trying to groan but with Zvika’s cock in her mouth it was hard for her.

I told Dan to get under her and push his cock into her glass. We started to screw her both at a crazy pace, Orit took Zvika’s cock out of her mouth and released a shout that woke half the hotel guests. Soon after that I broke her ass into a stream of hot spilling. Zvika pushed his cock into the hole of her ass and he and Dan screwed her together, I saw that Orit was finishing like she did not finish – she never got a cock in the ass and a glass together. The whole bed was wet from her glass, and you could see in her eyes that she was in another world right now.

Zvika took her cock out of her ass, grabbed her by the hair and splashed her on the face, and only Dan continued to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Dan has a huge cock and has always taken him a long time to finish. I told him to fuck her ass so he took out his cock, sat Orit in a Doggy Style position and tried to push it into her ass.

I helped him lubricate the hole for her, and by force he managed to push it to her, and fuck her as he went and picked up the pace. I saw the look on Orit’s face and I knew that she was very suffering and every time Dan came in and took out she felt she was torn.

After fifteen minutes she did not have the strength to shout, Dan took out his cock and splashed her on the back. Orit lay completely torn on the bed without the strength to utter a word. I looked at her and knew she’d got what she deserved!

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Tethering- Bonding

He had a huge cock, big, fat with a wide and beautiful skullcap … Only on this I could think at this moment …. I rarely find one I can not fight and almost never let them win … well , He won … He took the victory to a completely different level … It did not take him long and my hands were tied … Pious handcuffs clasped my hands firmly on both sides of the bed board … I could not move! . My heart was filled with fear but I felt my glass begin to get wet .. I did not believe I was letting it happen ….

He was in complete control … knew what he was doing … With these thoughts my pussy started dripping completely … I fought him, I did not want him to stop my legs and reveal my tremendous excitement … But it did not matter anymore, he already knew! … His hands are very strong … He held my right ankle … Then on my left … And easily Many of them spread my legs … tied them to the bed … under these ties he could see me in many ways … I did not stop shaking … so hot …. I could not control everything, I loved it .. … so primitive … I wanted him to take me … to take me … already I thought I even shouted at him … He did not pay attention .. I was all his ..

I shrank all over and trembled terribly passed through me … He ran his hands along the chest … playing with my nipples .. continued towards the stomach .. leaving behind a fiery path of Fire along my flesh … I begged him to stop playing … He grabbed his fat cock .. He pulled him down hard on my thigh …… cm from the glass that wanted him so … I whined and cried and longed for .. He passed the skullcap of the cock around my glass … Watch my whole body twitch. He began to touch his lips soaked … He smiled at me .. I blushed … I had nowhere to run. I had nowhere to escape, I was his. .. He began to move the dome along the groove … m Up and down … down and up … pushing the thick dome between my hot lips …

I moaned with pleasure … but he took it out again and put it on my stomach … only this time it was all wet from my love juices … My whole body was flooded Of pleasure … He sent a finger and began to play with my clitoris … I exploded with pleasure … I pulled the handcuffs that tied me … I groaned … All my warm fluids ran down my thighs … slid on the bed .. I saw in his eyes that he was a whore I … I wanted him … I begged … I asked … groaned … I screamed … his hands squeezed my breasts … pinched my nipples as he rubbed his huge penis against my thighs … he tried to make himself want me as I did I want him … I felt lost without him He wanted it inside of me

… Finally I broke down, I began to cry .. When he saw the tears running down my cheeks .. He knew it was time … He approached me sensuously .. I looked at his cock on his way to the hot cup that was waiting for him only .. I breathed heavily … I screamed with pleasure … finally his sense of filling inside me … Within a few seconds a huge orgasm I had not experienced in my days exploded inside me … His hands are slapping on my thighs .. I find it hard to keep up with him .. Imprisoned … unable to move .. … My frustration with helplessness overwhelmed me when I felt his peak was approaching …. His balls were knocking on my ass ..

My body was thrown with the bed every time he pushed the cock into me .. I knew he was ripping me hard … stronger than Which many others were able to accept … but I needed it .. I lived for that .. He pulled out his cock and started to masturbate on me … splashing volleys of boiling seed on my stomach .. I finished again … I felt the hot ejaculation His … Our juices mingled together … He sighed a final sigh of delight in my ears …. lay down on me …. I felt just free from ever

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She was one of the most beautiful and amazing girls I knew

I fantasized about her for years … As I grew up and grew up, I promised myself that I would catch up with her and avenge her all those days when she did not spit in the direction She and I fantasized about her every time when I was doing a hand … Today I am 29 years old and have a very successful high-tech company and recently I got a secretary to work and to my surprise I discovered that a different Zola but two of the same amazing queen of the class who turned heads and arrested my soul every time, And I found out that she was divorced … Now I had the opportunity to remove all the frustration that had been stored over the years. .

I insisted on receiving the job interview alone, and although secretly I knew that her work had already caused her to wriggle and try to prove again and again why she got the job … What distinguishes her from other clerks
The interview also took place deliberately at a close time towards the closure of the office and was deliberately extended on purpose so that I could be with her alone …
I noticed that Shani does not recognize me at all because it has been several years since I was diagnosed with surgery and many hours at the gym. I am no longer the same geek boy she met in elementary school … but I could not forget her beautiful sweet face, And became an amazing woman, sexy and feminine …

I led her to the sitting area in the center of my office and sat down on the leather sofas so that I had a good view of her long, sexy legs. I offered her a soft drink and she politely declined. But I served the lemonade and placed it on the table beside a sweet biscuit. . After about two minutes, just when I put the employment form in front of me and she leaned forward a little to read the little details, the phone rang. I got up hastily and the lemonade pitcher poured all over Shani’s shirt … I was so embarrassed that I took a napkin and began to absorb the liquid Her chest … (I hope deep down she did not notice it Who dialed my cell phone to the office and deliberately pulled the map cunningly …)

As I took the lemonade from Shani’s shirt I noticed that she did not object to my touches and even thought she was enjoying herself in such a strange and unexpected way. I lifted my eyes from her shirt, which had now become semi-transparent, and a white sexy lace bra appeared beneath her and I met Shani’s cat’s eyes Half amused and half-horny from the situation created, with this look of hers as if I had received the OK to continue kissing her lips without a second thought with a mad passion that swept us both away …

I always started to undress her while building my plan in detailed stages in my sweet revenge … I always wanted to see her naked and the guys always laughed that one like me had no chance with someone like her … Oh, if they saw me now …
In a matter of minutes she was naked, scanning every inch and cm of her perfect body-her legs were long and smooth of the rare kind you see only on TV shows, her lining was flat and beautifully shaped as if drawn and her breasts were juicy apples that fit exactly the size of my hand, So nice to the touch, her neck was noble and long and gentle just inviting gentle and soft kisses … I held out my big hand and as I passed it along her body I remembered my fantasies as a child in all those fantasies I had imagined touching and delighting myself and now this really happens, I wanted to pinch Myself make sure it’s real …

In the past I always had fears of such embarrassing moments because I was always a geek as I mentioned but now I was waiting for this moment more than anything else-for the moment when I would expose him to her face and take that surprised look at the size of my penis.
“Wow, you’re well equipped, I’ve never seen such a big dick.” She had not finished the sentence, and I pushed him into her mouth as I held her head and did not let her back off even if she choked a little. .. I started to fuck her tight mouth when I imagine all those days she was laughing at me with her friends and I shout in my heart “whore, suck hard!”, Two did not retreat and continued to suck it madly and I enjoy every moment and every time Give it more deeply and more firmly into her mouth as I had planned in my masterpiece … – to take revenge on her until it hurts!
I pushed my two aggressively on the desk while tossing all things aside and without any unnecessary words I spread her legs and pushed my thick big dick hard into her warm wet pussy. She moaned and sighed with pain but I did not stop, I kept pumping it hard and fast and Every year in frustration I had unrealized fantasies from which I had inserted it and increased the strength, the power and the speed of my intrusions only more and more and with every intrusion there was another memory of lost nights and a few alone in my room.

Shani was exactly like I imagined – hot, sexy, passionate and pious, and according to her behavior I thought she really loved sex very much … I wonder if she would do it if she knew who I was thinking in my heart … and a smile came over my lips .. . I watched her turn moan with her eyes closed and I felt the excitement I had when I was a child and I passed by her … and it lit me even more.
Shani was already feeling numb when I decided I was going to the end and was going to do something more extreme …

I stood up and turned it over on the table, opened the drawer of the table, which was already ready, and took out a pair of metal handcuffs and held it to the sides of the table.
Shani was not deterred by the idea of ​​tying up … if she knew what was going on in my head now she was not so excited about the idea …
I took a feather, a whip and a blindfold out of the drawer, tied her eyes so that she could see nothing and was helpless. I began to move the quill on her body in soft, slow movements and she began to moan and I went down her back and down to her hips in a circular motion.

Fun at the railway

Having fun near the railway

She sat up with one leg up and the foot on the chair handle. All her glass was bare and I saw wet spots on the chair seat, between her legs. I moved closer to her, grabbed her foot and held it close to my mouth. I bent down to kiss her and put her toes into my mouth and sucked them. I stroked her leg until the caresses reached her hip. I stroked it and my hand was wet with all the secretions. I grabbed her waist and pulled her forward so that her ass would be at the end of the chair. I bent down and spread her legs.

I put my head between her legs and began to lick her glass. I tried to insert my tongue deep into the glass but it was so wet, I did not even know how deep I had come. I tasted all this wetness and did not want to stop. I sucked as much as I could and swallowed.
I put her lips into my mouth and sucked them.

I wanted so much sex with her after that I moved my lips from one another with my fingers and licked her clitoris. It took me a few seconds to find it but as soon as my tongue touched it I began to lick it with circular motions. I went on and in the meantime she grabbed my head and began to scratch my hair with my nails. Then she went to the home front and began to scratch it for me. I felt so good from this pain, who would have believed me to be a partner for such a hot fuck at a train station!

I did not even know her name, but I was not interested either. As I got down to her, I looked up once more and enjoyed looking at her breasts. She held her nipples between her fingers and played with them. Then she wrapped her breasts in her palms and began to feel them up and down, up and down. After a few minutes I got up and slid my cock inside. I fucked her hard. We kissed passionately and she wrapped me in her legs. I felt the cold from her feet in my ass.

I almost exploded and decided it was time not to hold back and let everything out. I finished in the glass and she sighed loudly as we kissed. I kept screwing her hard until all the spit came out of me and my cock was not as hard as before. Then I took the cock out of her and laid it on the carpet. She lay down with her back and crossed her legs. I bent over and began to descend. A few moments passed before I felt the taste of the abscess that had just come out of me and I was immediately disgusted and stopped.

I saw that she was disappointed so instead of going down I put her two fingers into the glass and let them run wild inside. After a few seconds, I took out my fingers and slowly slipped in so as not to hurt her. I saw she had no problem with it and she really enjoyed it, she began to moan at the top of her lungs and feel her breasts. I moved my fingers in her pussy for a few minutes.

Then I put the thumb from the other hand on her clitoris. I stroked it and my thumb slid in all directions. After a few seconds, I felt her clitoris swell, swell, until I heard her yell and her body writhed and her muscles shrank as she orgasm…
She screamed and squeezed her nipples for a few seconds until the orgasm passed. You took your hand out of her glass and just then my cock started to stand again. Without waiting another moment I pushed him in to her wet glass. I leaned against her and held her breasts while I fucked her for the second time.

I felt currents pass through my body with desire. We both sweated and clung to each other. I completely forgot about the stains on the rug from our riot and we kept screwing.
I closed my eyes and was glad I chose to take the train and not the buses because otherwise I would not know this girl … I breathed heavily and continued to fuck her … I did not know I had it, suddenly I was an athlete for everything. What luck I chose to take the train and not the buses … well done to the Israel Railways!
Fun at the railway

Nice day at the beach

I smiled at her answer and told her that she was lucky she was waiting for me and now we could go. I invited her to my apartment. When we arrived, she sat in the living room on the sofa, and meanwhile I turned on the radio. I came to the couch and sat next to her. Before I could say a word, she picked up her t-shirt and showed me her push-up bra. I looked at her attractive cleavage and wanted to tear her clothes off and fuck her. But I held myself and all I did was kiss her and stroke her neckline. I threaded my fingers into my bra and pulled out one of her breasts.

Her nipple was especially thick, and the moment I saw her I stuck out my tongue and licked it. At that moment my cock stood up like a missile. I also took the other breast out of my bra and put my face between her two breasts, oh, what a feeling… Meanwhile she opened my pants, moved my panties and with my hand wrapped my cock. After a few seconds I felt that she was crushing my balls, it was a bit of pain but more than that it was pleasant and stimulating. I gripped her other hand tightly and held it behind her back. She tried to let her go but I did not let her. Always when I’m with a girl, I like that bit of control. I want the girl with me to know she’s with a strong man and not to be wrong for a moment-I’m the one who’s in charge. I kept her hand behind my back and enjoyed the massage she gave me with eggs and a cock.

nice day at the beach