Start by sucking our dick

Start by sucking our dick

I am 21 years old, light brown, green eyes, rather fine features, 1m81 for 70kg, a real “wire” as my friends say. It’s not really my fault, genetics is for many, swimming and jogging add a layer!

Nature gave me a 20 cm machine that began to serve with the female but here at the turn of a cloakroom at the pool, I realized that my little bounced ass could also attract looks and gives me a lot of fun! From that day, I became bi and, with the guys, pretty passive.

The story that brings me to it happened about a year ago. I landed a CDI 80 km from my parents, so I had to find a flat disaster. The most acceptable value for money was located in front of a home for young workers. Personally, it did not bother me, the apartment I liked, the rent suited me and I was 10 minutes from my job, frankly, what the people ask!

For the move, I had rented a small van in the evening and to report the next day in the late afternoon, my family helped me to charge the evening, the morning, I left early, friends should me join to help me unload. I arrived earlier than expected and, waiting for them, I saw that the sky was covering dangerously.

Since I had bedding, clothes, clothes and some furniture, I started to worry a little. There, I saw 5 guys on the pavement opposite who smoked their cigarette while chatting. I hesitated a little then I started, after all, at worst, they would say “no” and that’s it!

They were great! Three came to help me because the two others left to taf. They threw their butt saying: “Do not worry, a little guy like you, we’ll take care of it!”, I found the formula a bit chelou but hey, in 20 minutes, everything was unloaded. When my friends arrived, we just had to put the furniture together and unwrap, too much of the ball!

When the three guys left, I thanked them well and I promised them an aperitif soon. “No worries my pretty, you wave, we come !!!”

Two or three weeks have passed, I had a thousand things to do, frankly, life away from home mom and dad, at the beginning, it’s a hassle! I often saw Paul, Karim and Wilfried, each time they gave me the promise of a drink on the carpet saying: “It is that we want us !!!”. Well, I started to emerge, so I organized a kind of cocktail party for a Friday night. They are all three, already, I found them super comfortable, they settled in the sofa, they fired their shoes, they discussed between them without calculating me!

Well, I brought the dishes, there I had two very humiliating remarks, the premiere of Wilfried: “Hmmm, but it’s cooking more!”, They burst out laughing at me. The second of Karim concerning the cleanliness of the apartment and the decor: “It’s clean and classy, ​​a good indoor female, that’s good!”, They laughed again.

Me, I was both a little shocked but frankly, I began to find them sexy! 3 handsome males, manly, three-day-old beard, in furs for Karim and Paul, in faded blue jeans for Wilfried, all three muscular, slim, legs apart, one hand resting on the package, one glass in the other, sometimes they leaned over to take something to eat. I thought I had three pure handsome kids in front of me. I chased these ideas out of my head because, anyway, they abused a little!

After a while, I thought they were going to leave because they made a kind of sign, they put their glass on the coffee table and here it was Wilfried who spoke in staring straight into my eyes:
– “Good listen, we’re going to get serious!” Your booze and your appetizers, we do not give a fuck! We, since you landed in the neighborhood, it’s your ball of a bitch who we So, yeah, we’ll get to know you, you’ll start by sucking our dick! ”

I was taped, speechless, he put his hand behind my neck and made me kneel between his legs. He unbuttoned the fly of his jeans, took out a half-soft cock rather wide and already long enough, he said:
– “Come on, make me hard bitch!”

His raw words and the situation excited me, suddenly, I sucked this tail with application:
– “Oh damn guys, I knew it, I told you right from the start, a good fart who loves the cock! Go suck, you know how to do it, you’re done for that!”
I sucked for a moment and then he said:
– “Take care of my friends!”

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