Pinch one of his coppery nipples

Pinch one of his coppery nipples

Lorenzo, carried away in his thoughts by the recurrent rhythm of the brush, did not immediately notice the monk. It took him several minutes before he raised his head, and when he saw young Gian he thought at first of a mirage. The brother was sitting on the edge of the pool near him. Her slender, pale, beardless body seemed to be catching the sun for the very first time.

His muscles barely emerged and he watched those of the rascal, prominent, with an undisguised desire. With a distracted gesture, he caressed the white penis stretched between her thighs, smoothing the shaft with one hand while tickling the scarlet glans of the other.

Her pubic, discreet and little provided, overhanging this slender sex. Gian put his long dark hair back behind his neck, put one of his fingers to his mouth, moistened it and slipped it under his testicles. Lorenzo, helpless witness, observed this strange spectacle, at first surprised, then circumspect, and finally pleasantly surprised.

Seeing that the mythical deflower of Venice did not seem ready to approach, Leva’s brother, went to the nearest statue, put his back to her and stooped down to form a right angle at his pelvis . He put his arm between his legs and began to blush, uttering small, muffled cries. Intrigued, Lorenzo approached, skirted Gian and finally saw what he was doing so exciting. With his wet finger, he caressed his little rosette. He regularly pressed the pinkish skin and spread the folds.

Turning his head, he saw the imposing hump that began to deform the rascals’ pants and, without dragging, he took her hand, licked his finger and encouraged him to pass on his line. Lorenzo did not make himself pray; he titillated the hole of Brother Gian, and seeing that it made him moan, he decided to push on the flesh until it gives way. Thus, he took a finger between her buttocks, out of it, then returned again, snatching satisfied grunts to the young man.

Since I am here as a man to do everything, thought the boy, all do without protest. And as a man of honor, generous and manly, I can not decently deprive of pleasure a young monk so shameless. Let’s continue then, and see where it leads us.

It was therefore in considering what he was doing as a charitable act that Lorenzo introduced a second finger into the foundation of a monk. The latter, eager for more sensations, tried to catch the thigh of the young man to bring him to him. Not wanting to be able to close a hole so open, the rogue found a solution that very much suited Gian. He pushed the latter back until the statue behind him replaced his knuckles.

Indeed, the marble Apollo, sculpted by a man in love with forms, had a right male member, stretched and long enough to fill the hole of the brother. Barely smaller than a human rod, the marmoreal cock was swiftly enveloped by the narrow, hot gutter. Gian opened his mouth wide to let out a pleasurable sigh: the freshness and hardness of the material gave him an inconceivable pleasure until then.

He grabbed his own sex and, with a frantic movement of the wrist, began to jerk unceremoniously. His testicles slammed against those of the Apollo, producing a sound to say the least strange.

Lorenzo placed himself in front of the young man, took him by the shoulders and forced him to move forward, before pushing him to step back. This first movement started, the next comings and goings were done with much more natural, and Gian impaled himself on the statue. Judging by the dexterity with which the monk demanded the cold cock, there was no doubt that it was not his trial gallop – if the brothers who entered San Pene gave up women, they should not do any other concession.

The de-turner of Venice untied his pants while Gian ran his free hand over his chest glistening with sweat. He took advantage of his smooth, slippery skin, his firm muscles, his imposing build, and even ventured to pinch one of his coppery nipples.

Lorenzo moaned and did not wait any longer to free his cock. She spread the pieces of fabric and sprang, powerful and proud. Straight, hard, virile, she stretched already to the lips of the monkey. He stepped forward a little to grab the tip of this column of flesh, before returning to slip on that of the statue. At first, he contented himself with lapping the glans turgid Lorenzo, who claimed soon more.

Soon, he lodged the tip of his club, as well as a part of his shaft, in the warm and moist lair that was the mouth of Gian.

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