Just suck your man

Just suck your man

Sahin takes me to his room, his finger still stalled at the bottom of my little ass. Arrived there he asks me to put on all fours on the bed and I run without flinching, I have no will at this time of the evening. He continues to finger me tenderly and I wet abundantly what he does not fail to notice.

Damn it, you wet a crazy thing it looks like a girl, huh my slut
me- yes baby is for you that I wet like that s-ok then just suck your man as he should, honor your guy’s dick m-yes my heart right now
And he had found the right words. I really worshiped this cock proudly stand in front of me, I licked and suck his big penis like a hungry, I buried his cock in my throat, at least I tried because it was really wide, and I felt a second finger come join the first in my ass.

it got me completely electrified, I was in trans and could not control myself, I let out small groans, like a woman. So I continued to suck him tenderly, throwing him some naughty glances, as if to confirm to him that I was henceforth his wife, as he said, and that I was ready to satisfy him as he should be.

s-hummm baby you suck like a queen, I want you too darling
me too baby i want you to fuck me, but gently stp it’s the first time
s-so if this is the first time i will not fuck you darling, i will make you love my princess and I literally melt.

Why do you know that this simple sentence filled me with an indescribable happiness, he did not want to fuck me like a mere whore, he wanted to make love to me, like a man to his wife. He had respect for me. it was amazing.
he laid me down on my back and came over me, starting by kissing me.

I give him back his kiss willingly and kisses him all over the mouth, cheeks, neck, I nibble his ears, he goes down on my chest, my nipples are sharp and he starts to lick my tits, fucking that c is good, I never thought I felt pleasure in this place. then he comes up to me and says to me:
Are you ready for my dear?

I will enter you m-yes my heart I am yours
in truth there were several attempts before he could fully fit his cock into me, and I would lie by saying it was great and everything was very painful but I choose to grit my teeth and take on myself, would only be for the attention he had to pay to me.

By cons after a while the pain fades and I feel pleasure come as and measure, and it is the explosion. I no longer remember my groans that sometimes turn into cry of enjoyment, thighs apart as I never feel his cock come in and out vigorously and it’s an incredible pleasure that travels me everywhere.

From time to time his tongue comes to find mine by way of thanks. Then I feel his movement accelerate and I see he wants to withdraw I hold him with my legs around his waist -no baby stp does not come out
s-but i will enjoy my cherie m-it’s not serious baby stays in me
s han han han han han putiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin !!!!

oh you’re so good darling I felt my ass fill with a hot and viscous liquid, a little weird at first but not unpleasant in the end. I was finished but happy, so much so that tears flowed down my cheeks Why are you crying again? Did not you like that?

m-not at all darling, on the contrary, they are tears of joy and I slip him most naturally in the world-I love you my love s – ???
I felt uncomfortable at home, but he said nothing. I did not blame him. we fell asleep against each other, he put behind me his cock between my buttocks and his hand on my breasts and he kissed me one last time before falling asleep.

m-good night Sahin and thanks again for everything i’m really very happy about what’s going on between us
s-good night my Samira, I too am happy to have a woman like you.

Here is the starting point of my story. There were many other adventures with Sahin of course but also with others. I’ll let you know very soon.

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