Do you like it or not

Do you like it or not

I always had a feminine part in me, since very small.J’aimais secretly take the affairs of my big sister and disguised me quite often. But living in a city out of the question to tell anyone. I introduce myself, Samir, or rather Samira, Algerian, 1m82 95 kg hazel hair hazel eyes, rather round with beautiful buttocks beautiful shapes and even small breasts and here is the story that made me change of first name for a first name female.

I had a lot of friends in town, but as I told you, I could not talk about my sexual orientation. Loving the sport, I met my future 1st lover at the pool but I did not know it yet. I was 19 years old at the time and he, a beautiful Turkish man named Sahin, was 32.

He was a swimming instructor and was forced to coast this pool contact was quickly established between us but it was purely friendly to beginning.
I sometimes went to his house to have a coffee or to help him fill papers because he was not very comfortable with everything that was administrative.

One day he invited me to eat a pizza in front of a football game and I went in relaxed mode without suspecting that I would lose my virginity tonight. Once the game is over he offers me to watch a dvd, which I accept and when the video starts I see the logo “prohibited under 18” and I say “ok what’s he thinking? ” because frankly I did not imagine it to be attracted by men at all, besides I think that today it still is not.

I call him
me- uh, Sahin, did not you fool yourself?
Sahin- No, why? Have you ever seen an ass movie or what?
m-if it’s just that I did not expect it
do you worry it will stay between us we masturbate each other we are happy there is no harm right?
m-no there is no harm the film starts and as by chance it’s a movie with an Arabian. I blush stupidly as if it was me who was playing in the movie
sahin-fucking they are good Arabs especially Algerian there is nothing to say and I see him out his gear, huge, not too long I would say in the 16-17 cm but very thick.

I start to wet ass without realizing it and I can not watch TV, I’m mesmerized by his cock until his voice comes out of my spell
sahin-so you’re not masturbating? you do not like the girl on the tv?
me if if it’s just that mine is very small I dare not go out
s-it does not matter we are between us loose
m-no really give up I do not prefer and saying that I continue to fix his tail greedily and he tells me do you want to shake me?

do not stop looking from just now me-no no dsl it’s just that this is the first time I see such a big one Come on I promise you I will say nothing to anyone. it will be our little secret I join him on the couch and he takes my hand and brings him to his sex. it’s so big that I can not get around it. very quickly he hits me by the neck and makes me go down on his cock, the desire is too great, I let myself be like a slut and began to suck him tenderly
sahin-aaah damn you suck too well, I knew you were a slut.

Since all this time I saw you at the pool move your big thighs and your big buttocks like a rebellious daronne. I’m going to make you a real woman, you’ll be my princess hummmm and I feel her big fingers start to dig my little hole sahin-fucking but you wet like a girl my word! do you like that we care about you, my bitch? I say nothing so much, I am ashamed of death, I dare not even raise my head.

Do you like it or not? otherwise we stop I look up at him, filled with tears me-yes I like So why are you crying?
m-I do not know the fear, the shame …

s-listen to my princess, what happens tonight will stay between us I promise you, I just ask you to be to me as a woman with her husband and everything will be fine ok? m-yes sahin I promise you
and he rolls me a shovel of sick and I totally surrender to him
me-baby I’m yours, from today I want to be your wife, your princess, your slut, your dog whatever you want will you be all this at once my dear
on these words he gets me up and takes me to his room, the finger always inside my ass …

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