watch her work

I knew Sandra had a toy in the drawer of her nightstand, but I thought she was only using it when we were together. Mentally, I imagined my wife giving herself pleasure during my absence. My salacious thoughts woke up my libido and I started to excite myself!
“When are they going to send you the first samples?” I asked him.
“In fact, the first batch arrived this afternoon,” Sandra replied. “I was waiting for you to come in. You want to see?”

Dry mouth, I nodded. I loosened my tie and sat in my favorite chair while my wife disappeared into the kitchen. She came back almost immediately, carrying a cardboard box. It was still sealed and I realized that she had kept me surprised. Sandra knelt at my feet and started tearing the package. She was excited as a child unpacking her Christmas present.

I watched her tear the seals off the box with a long, painted nail. I lowered my eyes on her to watch her work, and I took advantage of course to admire her swollen throat in the notch of her dress that deviated at the discretion of his movements.

With a shout of joy, my wife eradicated a small box of cardboard. I could see the picture on the top, a big vibrator, the size indicated on the box specified that the toy should measure about 30 centimeters. Suddenly, I became skeptical and wondered if she could try such a huge machine, since the diameter seemed to be related to the length!
She did not waste time opening the box and pulling out the object of her lust. It looked long and massive with a bulbous head in the shape of an acorn. She swiveled the base and the thing vibrated in the void.

“Ooh … but that seems very interesting to me!” she giggled as her fingers slid up and down around the plastic rod, imitating a naughty gesture.
I forced myself to smile as I watched her manipulate the instrument of torture. I could feel my cock harden in my pants thinking of the feeling that I would feel if his fingers came to pay me the same attention.
“I’ll have to put myself at ease to properly appreciate this big boy,” she said with a polite smile. “And judging by the bump in the front of your pants, Robert, I do not think you’re against it, are you?”
She was right. My cock was now semi-erect and quite uncomfortable in my pants. My whole body yearned for some relaxation!

Getting up, she opened her dress completely to reveal her body a little heavy, her hips full and her big breasts. Her carefully cut pussy was visible under a thin panties. Of course, I knew my wife’s body by heart, but the excitement of the moment made her look fresh and fresh.
“Why do not you try this thing on your nipples, baby?” I asked in a voice that sounded like a croak.

Sandra smiled as she played with the various speeds of the vibrator and gently placed the end on her left breast. Supporting her big breast with one hand, she stroked the nipple, bypassing the nipple before applying the tip of the object directly on it. The effect was amazing.

It was as if the vibration electrified his whole body. She closed her pretty eyes, her head leaned back as she gently caressed her nipple with the toy. A brief moment, she stopped her caress to suck his fingers to moisten the turgid nipple. She repeated the same procedure on her right breast until she was moaning and her nipples were red and swollen.
It was then that we heard the garden door open and the voice of the neighbor Jeanne call:
“Hello, is there anyone, Sandra?”
Surprise nailed us. It was too late to do anything before Jeanne entered the living room. She had a hiccup when she discovered the scene. Sandra’s cheeks flushed, kneeling on the floor in panties, knees apart, a visible spot of moisture on the front of her panties. The vibrator in his hand vibrated his own life.

“Oh shit, sorry!” exclaimed Jeanne, putting her hand in front of her mouth. “I did not have .. I .. just ..! But hey, do not stop for me! Looks like we’re having fun here!”
Jeanne had a big smile. I looked at Sandra who winked at me and then just shrugged. It seemed she was happy with a larger audience!

Jeanne settled on the floor in front of my feet. I was a little disturbed by his proximity. My erection became painful and I was sure she could see the bump of my pants. I did not know his reaction.

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