beautiful blond hair

Every day the same story. I take the RER to Paris to go to work. Regularly I mate and fantasy on the guys who pass by my side. In general, once in the train I sleep, finally, I rest rather. Sometimes, I’m too busy with my erection by drooling on this or that situation.

I put my bag on my pants when that’s the case. While I have only 16/4 but hey, I prefer to avoid that it is noticeable. My jeans could reveal my excitement to idiots. I fantasize because I know far from standards and surely never such things could happen to me. I am 1m82 95kg. I have a rather thick build so I’m not particularly big. Hairy bear style. I am 26 years old, brown eyes, a beard.

Short brown hair and glasses. I do not consider myself exceptional but not ugly either. And despite that, as I said, I usually just fantasize, dream of what could happen to me in various situations. Until finally, one day one of his fantasies come true.
He was as tall as me, as white as me. About twenty. Beautiful blue eyes and beautiful blond hair. He was a little archetype of this kind of twink that could make me drool sometimes.

He had settled at my side on the train, several bags with him, putting his last on his knees. I remember having stared at her a lot while trying not to get noticed too much. From time to time he turned his head towards me then smiled and I turned my head to do so I saw nothing. He put his hand on my thigh without saying anything, caressing her gently. I let him do it.

Nobody could see anything with his bags. He continued his caresses, coming to pass his hand at the level of my crotch and sliding between my thighs. I did not react any more, biting my lip, leaving it both embarrassed and subdued. He took my left hand, laying it on his tight jeans. I could perfectly feel his hump. I shuddered with excitement. He leaned over to ask me in a whisper where I was coming down. It was the return trip, I was going home. I give him the name of the station and he looks at me with a most vicious smile.

” – Perfect. Me too. There is a toilet right next to the train station. You will follow me there and I will give you what you are looking forward to without saying it. ”

The way he whispered his words, his look. I felt like nirvana. He had a dominant air that made me terribly docile. He did not even need to ask if I preferred being active or passive. He had immediately awakened the subject in me. He continued to stroke me to the train station. To go out I had to hide my erection by keeping my bag in front of me.

He did the same with one of his bags. Leaving the train. Going to the bathroom, we came back at the same time. Unlike Paris, here few people were likely to see us enter. He put his bags down and closed the door. He came to put his hand on my neck and kissed me while squeezing it. He wanted me to understand who was leading. He came back to his face to my neck, blowing in.

“You seem well submissive. We’ll have fun … on our knees. ”

And to accompany his words he squeezed my neck while pressing down. I found myself on my knees in record time. He made me want like never before so I came to bring my face to his pants to kiss him. He then pulled my hair back and looked at me with a deeply degrading look.

“Stay in your slutty place. I tell you what to do. Next time you’ll pay him. ”

I nodded under the dominant nature he gave off. He looked at me like an inferior being and I liked it. This angelic blonde hid a dark and vicious side that did not displease me.

“- Since you seem so eager to suck me. Take off my shoes and socks and lick my feet dragged. ”

I swallow. I would not have thought of falling on this kind of guy but it only increases my excitement. I lower my face to the ground, coming to remove a shoe and a sock. Fortunately, they were clean. I was not too plugged dirt. I come to kiss this feet, licking the top and coming licking their toes. He moans and seems to take some pleasure.

I just suck his toes, he moaned a little more, stroking his member erected in his pants. He takes out his phone from one of his pockets, unlocking it and taking a picture of the scene. I tremble a little while looking at him, he returns his phone to show me.

” – Do not worry. You’ll just end up on Snap for my subscribers. Continue your taff with the other foot and come free my tail. ”

He was spreading the servant and I could not find anything to say.

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