Half-naked women

The young woman has quickly passed his hands under her skirt and pulls on the thin protection of his privacy, Tommy now knows that it is accessible, at his mercy, he must decide it makes him hard but faithful husband he waits that his friend joins his wife and embraces him, now nothing keeps him from doing the same, the two couples reformed kissing full mouth, hands go to the exploration of the bodies making up skirt and dress and lower the pants , groans fuse, Candice and Cécile surrender to caresses more and more precise while they masturbate two beautiful yards
The thick carpet receives the two half-naked women side by side, knees bent and open, ready to protrude, pelvis arched so that men can eat easily cats dripping, the stage of jealousy is outdated, Tommy and Jeannot give the best of themselves in order to make enjoy the woman of the other first, this game Tommy is the best because his fingers do not remain inactive, the little ring of Cecile softens despite his reluctance of fear that her husband realizes this supreme caress hitherto reserved for the couple … it is she who gives the first signs of a revealing orgasm
– Jeannot! Jeannot? forgive me but i’m jooooooouuuuuuuiiiiiiirrrrrrr! ….. hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa you do me good Tommy! again and again !!
Her too busy husband does not react to the call for help from his wife, so the lover takes advantage of his superiority to get in position and sting with a single stroke of the woman in rapture, the enjoyment does not stop not, Cécile slams her happiness and pisses abundantly pussy on tommy purses that redouble ardor
Beside Candice just starting to react, real pleasure or simulation? because his gaze does not leave the illegitimate couple who gives their heart joy, knees bent on the chest she draws her and her in her unexpected lover who suddenly hangs between the legs welcoming … he discharges long powerful jets sperm which revives the pleasure voluntarily suffocated Cecile, the next moment the two bodies seem to struggle, in fact the woman tries to repel the man who seeks his anus to sodomize, but in vain … new complaint, pain this time muzzled so as not to upset her husband when the stiff member slowly sinks in between her buttocks … a short moment of adaptation and the thrusts resume more beautiful
– Jeannot? what are you waiting for? your wife does not stop to enjoy with my boyfriend and I stay on my hunger!
– Excuse me but I have a breakdown …
– I’m sure it’s your wife’s fault, Tommy? stop kissing Cecile, we are in the harbor, I want to cum too!
– Shit shit! let me go, I’m in full effort! so Jeannot are powerless?
– You make too much noise it disturbs me, what does it do for you to bellow so darling?
– He’s bugging me!
– WHAT ???
– I fucked her and now I sodomize her to unload a second time
– Stop !! stop!
– Do not steer yourself so Jeannot, look rather this
Tommy thrusts and throws Cecile on him, she finds herself in front of her husband thighs and pussy gaping still deeply impaled on the tail of Tommy, he swallowed twice his saliva before he can speak
– Whore what a view, my wife with a stranger’s dick in her ass and her pussy still evacuating cum, I’ll never forget this picture of your crotch
“Do not you notice anything, Jeannot? there remains a hole of free, what would you say to join me?
– He is right honey, take me both, just fuck your little wife ….
At these words flabby tail swells and lengthens visibly, Candice, good player lets her lover get up from between her thighs and go to see more closely Tommy who slowly slides the tail in the distended anus to encourage him to fuck his wife has two, after hesitating he sinks two fingers into the vagina as to test the remaining place ..
– Good God it’s funny … I feel your cock move in my wife, fucking I band like a donkey!
– Join me … let’s fuck him
cock in hand he lies down on the adulterous couple to penetrate the vulva deformed, three times he misses the entrance more or less obstructed and especially very slippery, Jeannot begins to get angry again when his member is snapped up a blow by the matrix, Cecilia breathes a long sigh and grabs her husband by the neck in thanks and especially relieved to be able to continue to be sodomized by the neighbor with impunity … the two men quickly find the right rate to make scream the young woman at most, the melancholy look, Candice fingering her pussy to maintain her excitement in case she would blow herself up in a few minutes …

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