Sex in the forest

Sex in the forest

With the return of good weather, Benoît asked me to join him in the forest! It was pretty amazing but with the return of some rays of sun, it was rather pleasant …
As soon as he saw me, he immediately took me to a corner away from prying eyes he had already spotted.

He tenderly undressed me, as if he finally savored the possibility of being able to admire me from top to bottom without being choked by the anxiety of a car.

I put my little blue boxer, ideal for a field trip. He gave me tender kisses on the ass, before removing it completely. I found myself totally naked! I hoped internally that no one would see us, I knew that the forest was quite busy, and it could have been very embarrassing to come face to face with a small old couple or a runner.

He was really scared of nothing! He laid a towel on the floor and deposited me on it.
He contemplated my beautiful pussy for a few minutes before plunging his head into it first. I knew that my natural smell must be relatively well developed.

It was getting very hot, and I did not have time to take a shower that very morning.

He sniffed the place with almost obscene fervor.

It seemed to please him, this little pig! He spread my lips to look and then slipped his little tongue in the grooves of my slot. It was so good! I could not hold small moans escaping from my mouth at the risk of being surprised by passersby. With his powerful hands, he clung firmly to my thighs, as if he was afraid that the eager movements of his tongue would make him rock on one side or the other. A blow to the right, a blow to the left, he did like most guys, like my husband for example, he took good care to clean my pussy in full on all sides. Fortunately I had shaved well! I knew it made him completely crazy to see my pussy so offered, completely shameless.

No longer, he stood in front of me and just dropped a very eloquent: “You know what? I wanted to fuck you! It should not be repeated to me many times.

Benoît had an erotic power crazy about my little person. I caught his cock after opening his trellis shorts. He really thought to hide with his accoutrement? Even though I already knew Benoît’s dick, I still had the pleasant feeling of rediscovering it every time. Luisante, proud, solid, beardless.

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