Sex at my wedding

Sex at my wedding

My wedding was supposed to take place in less than a month and I still did not have a dress! To make matters worse, I wanted it perfect and tailor-made. I had appealed to Lionel, an outstanding tailor and, to be quite honest, very attractive.

We chose fabric and style together and he still had to take my measurements. I found him sexy in his dark suits and his glasses. I must admit that I was anxiously waiting for the day he should come home to look at me from every angle.

Not that I am particularly unfaithful or little attached to my fiance, on the contrary, I am very in love. But, having a lustful nature that my future husband knows well, I kept in a corner of my head the fact that Lionel was the last man who had made me fantasize and that it was better to raise this fantasy before pronouncing my vows of loyalty! However, I was not sure how to attract him.

Without thinking seriously about acting out, I still wanted to tease my tailor, just to see if I was doing as much effect as him on me. The day of her visit, I received her in a small towel tied around the bust with sexy red lingerie underneath and shoes with heels, so that it measures closer to my body as it would be under my wedding dress.
He entered, settled on the couch. I jumped into the water: I untied the towel and I found myself in undress in front of him. He looked at me, a little surprised, and decided not to say anything and do his job. He then began to take my measurements in silence, blushing a little. His shy and reserved attitude excited me even more.

He found himself behind me and I felt his breath short. With my little red thong, he had a bird’s eye view of my ass and could not ignore it. I did a little on purpose arching and it was so close that my buttocks touched his crotch.

I felt the swelling of her sex under her pants and the result was electrifying. I felt myself wet in my little square of fabric that held me as an undergarment.

At my touch, I felt his body stiffen with desire and surprise. I moved my buttocks to rub his cock tight. He let me do it and had a very slight sigh of pleasure. I thought I could not go back too far, and I did not want to! His desire had lit the wick. Always back, I put his hand on her sex. It was my turn to measure the volumes of my accomplice! He looked very well endowed and my hand, greedy, gauged this tail erected for a moment through the garment.

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