Lifting my dress

lifting my dress

One day, at the end of the afternoon, when I leave school, I pass in a shady street called “the bower” when two boys join me. Unceremoniously they grab me and lie on the ground, lifting my dress they spend their hands in my pants. I managed to get up and save myself. Although surprised and not enjoying what the two boys did to me, it made me a funny impression these hands on my cock. The next day I am very embarrassed, even ashamed, crossing them but I have to face their sly smiles.

Finding myself too young my father does not want to let me out although I insist to go find my girlfriends and especially to go to the cinema with my girlfriends. I can not rely on my mother who is more like a “giant clam frog” so I run away from home. In the cinema, intermission, I find Gérard a young man of my age and in a dark corner we embrace and kiss, he runs his hand under my clothes to caress my breasts and my cock, I stroked his cock on his pants .

Already aware of the attraction I exercise with males I collect a lot of flirtations with boys of my age who are not very bold just kissing me and rub a little against me.

On a coach trip I start a relationship with Albert a little older than me, in a quiet corner we kiss. We continue to see us, I let him do when he runs his hand under my clothes to pet, I love the sensations that give me his hands caress my breasts and especially my cock. He insists on having an intimate relationship that I end up accepting. Lying in the grass legs apart he gets on me and pulls his penis pants. When he tries to introduce me into my privacy after discarding my panties I change my mind and I push him away. Despite his insistence I refuse penetration, end of our relationship.

In the village I’m at a good school and I think that’s why girls my age did not stay long wise, they follow the example of adults far from serious (his).

In front of me Jacqueline a married woman with several children tells who wants to hear that she loves cock and can not do without it, he still needs a lot of cock. While her husband spends his free time to suck himself in the bar next door she does not deprive, I see men entering her house including a very hot sex question that leaves his tail of his pants as soon as he knocked on the door and even before it opens.

The house next to mine left Maryse, mother of Patricia a girlfriend, regardless of her husband and not seeking discretion has slept for several years with Jacques a man of twenty years his youngest. Patricia a girl of my age has for a long time sex with boys and her fun is to poke the buddies of other girls, as she spreads her thighs easily she comes easily to his ends.

At the bar, at the corner of the street, Charlotte the boss had a long time with Gerard a man who lives in the neighboring village. Then she had other lovers before finally running away with Charles the husband of the mother of my best friend Marie Josée. In this bar the couple has three daughters who since very young have sex with many boys without hiding. Then the first two Michèle and Denise got married, divorced and got married with other men destroying married couples in the process. The third Edith, younger than me, but not wiser accumulates the adventures then hijacked a married man with two children who practices the profession of carpenter, they lived together for a period and then when he had finished renovating the bar she dropped it.

Jacqueline another girl from a nearby village, a little older than me, had a long relationship with Daniel Madeleine’s brother another of my girlfriends. In front of us Daniel was groping her hands under the clothes, not to mention other indecent attitudes. It’s just if he did not jump in our presence, sometimes they made love behind a bush that only separated us

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